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Name Pack
Laura Dunn Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 2 mos.)
1600 SP

Character Information

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Height: 20 inches
Weight: 50 pounds
Length: 4.3 feet
Laura is small in every aspect of the word. She boasts none of the curves or wide hips that most females do, but is instead lean and angular in her build. Her fur is all the colors of the forest floor in autumn. Tans, browns, greys, and blacks adorn her pelt, with the darkest colors along her topline and the lighter ones along her bottom. Her muzzle and the upper portion of her throat, bathed in a creamy white, are the brightest parts of her entire body. Her eyes are pale, daisy yellow, and her muzzle is lined with small scars from where scavenging birds and other mammals have chased her away from their kills.
Note — Following her brother's murder, Laura unintentionally starved herself out of grief. She is currently recovering her strength, but remains slightly underweight. (see thread)
MBTI: INFJ — The Advocate
Alignment: Lawful Good
Under revision. An old soul. Laura carries herself with the sort of dignity and grace expected of one perhaps twice her age. She is reluctant to partake in the playful antics of other yearlings, finding that she prefers the often sophisticated and mature conversation which adults provide.

Blessed with a strong moral center, she has little tolerance for unfairness. Though she is slow to anger and even slower to incite violence, she will not hesitate to rebuke wolves whose morals or actions do not readily align with her own. Despite her young age, she is a fairly good judge of character, and can be unnecessarily harsh on those who do not share her values.

For all her maturity and insight, however, Laura is still absurdly shy and introverted, not to mention inexperienced when it comes to many survival skills. She understands the theory behind several practices, including hunting and healing, but has yet to gather the experience necessary to excel in any area of expertise. Despite her various shortcomings, she is an eager learner, and willing to give her loyalty and friendship to those she admires and loves.
Note — Following her brother's murder, she has grown exceedingly anxious, to a point where she often struggles to converse with strangers. Her tendency to overthink has left her critical of her own behavior and doubtful of herself and her abilities. (see thread)
Positive Terms
{Sunfall} — adoptive brotherI'd be in a bad place without you. Thank you.
{Saski} — sister-in-law, friendWe might not talk much, but you're important to me.
{Marcellus} — friend, mentorLike a father. I miss you and your guidance.
{Dawnfrost} — adoptive nieceYou're so much like your daddy! Adorable.
{Sebastian} — adoptive nephewSo young and brave! I adore you.
{Eyja} — friendMotherly and warm. I like being around you.
{Adrian} — former packmateI hope you're okay, wherever you are. I miss you.
{Chaos} — former leaderYou cared so much about us. I hope you're safe.
It's Complicated
{Jeremy} † — brotherI'm sorry. I wish you were still here.
{Holly} — former packmateI thought we were friends.
{Valentina} † — acquaintanceI wish we could have talked, if only one more time.
Neutral Terms
{Natasha} — acquaintanceWhen I'm with you, I believe in myself.
{Marzena} — acquaintanceYou seem noble, hospitable, and kind.
{Seeker} — acquaintanceYou're helpful and decent. A good guy.
{Rufus} — acquaintanceCheerful and nice! I like being around you.
{Orion} † — acquaintanceYou're strong and admirable, I can tell.
Negative Terms
{Klass} — enemy, fearsWhy? Friends don't hurt friends.
{Kamaal} — wary ofYou attacked the Union. I don't really trust you.
Knowledge Of
Emerald UnionpackFormer pack. Good and bad associations.
Firewing BrotherhoodpackWe used to be at odds. Not anymore.
Evergreen WolvespackRufus' pack. Kind. They were allies of the Union.
Hillside SanctuarypackWhere Sunfall and his family live.
Silu TribepackLocated on the beach. Where Marce lived.
Stormborn AlliancepackJay's pack. Location unknown.
The KingdompackLed by Elliot. In the east. Eyja said to avoid.
{Elliot} — individualSupposedly a rapist... whatever that means.
Some of my characters may use offensive language, behave overtly sexually, and/or incite violence. Please keep in mind that their actions are not indicative of the author’s personal choices or morals. Thank you! — Jill


Height Build
Petite Thin
Father Mother
Somewhere Someone

{Jeremy} † — brother, littermate

Died HY3 · Full Autumn · Firefly Woods
Other Family
{Sunfall} — adoptive brother
{Saski} — adoptive sister-in-law
{Finn} — adoptive nephew
{Dawnfrost} — adoptive niece
{Sebastian} — adoptive nephew
Return to Innocence — Enigma
The Curse — Agnes Obel
Futile Devices — Sufjan Stevens
This Will End — The Oh Hellos
Crystals — Of Monsters and Men
American Beauty — Thomas Newman
Outside — Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
Medicinal Knowledge
Bracted vervain — Helps with sleep, anxiety, and depression.
Yarrow — Good for a variety of uses. Flushes wounds, stops bleeding.
Lavender — Antiseptic, sleep aid.
Peppermint — Soothes muscles. Relieves vomiting.
Holds an affinity for nature. Enjoys watching insects and collecting flowers.
Especially fascinated by spiders and spiderwebs, but would rather not be close to either.
Dislikes open spaces without trees.
Has yet to realize she suffers from claustrophobia and agoraphobia.
After spending time with {Marcellus}, and after learning that her brother was a healer in his pack, she finds appeal in pursuing a role as a medic.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet