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Name Pack
Laura Dunn Rogue IV. Brother
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 7 mos.)
3195 SP

Character Information


Small in every aspect of the word, Laura boasts none of the wide hips or flattering curves associated with most females. By comparison, her build is far more angular and lean. What she lacks in voluptuousness, however, she compensates for with dexterity and agility. Her coat resembles the forest floor in autumn—a variegated blend of blacks, greys, coppers, and tans. The darkest colors pepper her topline while the lighter ones adorn her undersides. Her muzzle and throat, bathed in creamy white, are the brightest parts of her entire body. Two daisy-yellow eyes peer out from above a muzzle pocked with scars, with the latter being attributed to scavenging birds and mammals which have chased her away from their kills.


Gentle and even-tempered, Laura is a peaceable creature. Some would call her an old soul, and the label would be appropriate, given the maturity, respect, and insight with which she interacts with the world. That being said, she lacks confidence in herself, and thus her ideas and thoughts are rarely showcased. Not one to speak her mind freely, instead she tends to look to others for guidance. She seldom asserts herself, especially in perilous or negative situations. Some may see in her the capacity to be bullied, coerced, or cheated.

She shines most brightly in situations where morality is concerned. A firm adherent to ideas of justice and fairness, she may seem inflexible and close-minded to those who are not dedicated to a philosophy of their own. Her values are precious to her. Should she encounter wolves whose morals do not align with hers, her timidity may be overcome by a judgmental manner of thought. It would not be beyond her to rebuke openly those she considers evil or cowardly.

For all her recognition of universal truths, Laura is less skilled in the mundane, everyday processes required for survival. Despite this shortcoming, she is an eager learner. Healing is an art she is especially fascinated with, and in it she recognizes the chance at self-improvement. Hunting and sparring are not as straightforward to her as the former. Regardless, she would readily partake in both to ensure the survival of those she loves.

Those belonging to her inner circle may describe her as eccentric. She subscribes to beliefs that many wolves may not, such as that of souls and an afterlife, even if these beliefs are not rooted in any particular doctrine. Secretly spiritual, she feels compelled to thank her prey for its sacrifice upon completion of a hunt, but may be too shy to execute these personal compulsions before those who are unfamiliar. A quintessential introvert, she may also withdraw into herself for days at a time, using the resultant lack of interaction to recharge in order to consort more comfortably with the world upon her return to it.


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Height Build
Petite Thin
Virgin Vale
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Jon Dunn
{Jeremy} — brother, littermate
Other Family
{Sunfall} — adoptive brother
{Saski} — adoptive sister-in-law
{Dawnfrost} — adoptive niece
{Sebastian} — adoptive nephew
{Finn} — adoptive nephew
{Marcellus} — Mentor, father figure.
{Eyja} — Warm and motherly.
{Adrian} — I’m glad you’re okay.
{Natasha}, {Valentina}, {Cygnus}, {Stark}, {Marzena}, {Seeker}, {Rufus}, {Orion}, {Yuna}, {Jay}, {Chaos}, {Atta}, {Murdok}
{Klass}, {Holly}, {Kamaal}
Return to Innocence — Enigma
King — Lauren Aquilina
The Curse — Agnes Obel
Futile Devices — Sufjan Stevens
This Will End — The Oh Hellos
Crystals — Of Monsters and Men
American Beauty — Thomas Newman
Notos — The Oh Hellos
Outside — Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet