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Name Pack
Laura Dunn Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 3 mos.)
3195 SP

Character Information

After losing so many loved ones, Laura left Horizon Valley.
She is likely in the company of {Murdok}, {Adrian}, and {Kaete}.


Small in every aspect of the word, Laura boasts none of the wide hips or flattering curves associated with most females. By comparison, her build is far more angular and lean. What she lacks in voluptuousness, however, she compensates for with dexterity and agility. Her coat resembles the forest floor in autumn: a variegated blend of blacks, greys, coppers, and tans. The darkest colors pepper her topline while the lighter ones adorn her undersides. Her muzzle and throat, bathed in creamy white, are the brightest parts of her entire body. Two daisy-yellow eyes peer out from above a muzzle pocked with scars, with the latter being attributed to scavenging birds and mammals which have chased her away from their kills.


Empathetic, soft-spoken, and compassionate, Laura is a peaceable creature. Though typically timid and reserved in social situations, she is morally stout, and may grow assertive where fairness and tolerance are concerned. She prides herself on being a good judge of character and may be unnecessarily harsh on wolves whose values and morals do not align with her own. To some, she may appear an old soul. This description would be accurate, for although she is young, she has experienced many trials in her life. These have left her weary of spirit, but for those who have earned her trust and respect, she provides much love and generosity.

For all her maturity and insight, Laura is not without insecurities. Many center around her own perceived shortcomings: her shyness, her naiveté, inability to function in stressful situations, and poor reception of negativity. To compensate, she strives to become a skilled medic, as life in all forms is sacred in her eyes. This ideology is most readily illustrated in her eccentricities, such as her compulsion to thank her prey for its sacrifice, and her subscription to belief in souls and an afterlife. She is most willing to practice this personal faith in solitude, but may be persuaded to reveal such private matters to those closest to her.


Sickly at birth, Laura’s childhood was one of care but limitations. Her parents, though young and inexperienced, knew in order to protect her, boundaries were to be enforced. Thus, the early months of her life were spent strictly inside the den, her only connection to the outside world being her brother, Jeremy. Stronger and more independent than his sister, Jeremy undertook the responsibility of learning, securing, and administering herbal remedies to Laura. For shouldering the burden of his sister’s welfare at a tender age, he grew bitter, but the siblings nonetheless remained close.

When Jeremy left home at the age of eight months, seeking recognition for his medicinal prowess in a pack, a healthier Laura followed him. For awhile, the pair aided one another in survival, gleaning hunting skills in tandem from each other or charitable passersby. Their self-appointed journey to new lands began in wonder and freedom, but as siblings are wont to do, Jeremy and Laura eventually began to argue. A sudden, unforeseen outburst by Jeremy saw Laura fleeing from his side. Deeply upset by her brother, she wandered on her own for some time, soon entering Horizon Valley in Full Spring HY3, at the age of 10 months. Please refer to her threadlog for a comprehensive list of events in her life afterward.


Height Build
Petite Thin
Virgin Vale
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Jon Dunn Maurya
{Jeremy} — brother, littermate
Other Family
{Sunfall} — adoptive brother
{Saski} — adoptive sister-in-law
{Dawnfrost} — adoptive niece
{Sebastian} — adoptive nephew
{Finn} — adoptive nephew
{Murdok} — ???? ?? ??? ???!! ??
{Eyja} — Warm and motherly.
{Adrian} — A steadfast friend.
{Natasha} — Inspired, impressed by.
{Effie} — Admires a great deal.
{Marcellus} — Mentor, father figure.
{Valentina}, {Cygnus}, {Stark}, {Marzena}, {Calypso}, {Rota}, {Seeker}, {Rufus}, {Orion}, {Yuna}, {Jay}, {Chaos}, {Atta}
{Klass}, {Holly}, {Kamaal}
Known Medicine
Bracted vervain — Helps with sleep, anxiety, and depression.
Yarrow — Good for a variety of uses. Flushes wounds, stops bleeding.
Lavender — Antiseptic, sleep aid. Calming properties.
Peppermint — Soothes muscles. Relieves vomiting.
Spirit Symbol