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Name Pack
Leas Fitzroy Adunati Rangers III. Ranger
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 3 mos.)
4620 SP

Character Information


Healthy, uninjured


Leas is a deep brown with yellow eyes. She most often has a soft, gentle expression. She is tall and slender, giving her a sleek look.


Friendly - Leas is largely welcoming to strangers and assumes the best of people she meets - unless proven otherwise. She is happy to strike up a conversation with those she doesn't know and is generally a cheerful wolf.

Uncertain - Leas seeks the reassurance of others around her that what she is doing is the correct thing. Leas hates when she doesn't know something, but readily accepts what others tell her. She often comes to flawed conclusions and then gets stuck following that path to its end because she believes what she has been told or deducted for herself.

Anxious - Leas spends a large amount of her time worrying about things. She worries about where she's going, and where she's been. She worries herself through most conversations if the wolf she's talking to says anything that could hint at unhappiness with her. She worries about how to handle a situation.

Protective - After giving birth to pups Leas has found an extremely protective side to herself. She'd do anything to keep her family - mate and pups - safe from harm. The safety and well-being of her children are more important to her than almost anything else and one of a small number of reasons she might threaten or hurt another wolf purposefully. She jealously guards her pups from almost everyone except for her mate.


Leas was born to the south into a small, nomadic pack. She was the only pup in her litter and the influence of only older wolves in her life left her with a serious demeanor. While she might think she knows everything Leas hasn't seen much of the real world. She's only ever seen a pup in passing, and wouldn't know what to do with a little bundle of fur. She strives very hard to seem calm and collected, but new situations often make her feel over her head and fog her better judgement. Leas was traveling with her pack - far head to prove she was capable - when a snow storm blew in, sending her in a loop looking for them with little luck. Their plan had been to travel north, so north Leas went, unsure of where her pack was or what to do.
Early Winter - Leas arrived in the valley in early winter, looking for the family she had been separated from. She met a single wolf, {Lorenzo}, in Skyrise pass before the new year arrived.
Full Winter - In Skyrise pass Leas meets {Nima} who invited Leas to return and join the pack Nima was putting together. She traveled to the Verdant Hills and met {Belarus}, and {Maia}, friends of Nima's and members of The Kingdom. From there her path turned west towards Falter Glen. She encountered an angry young female, {Natasha}, from the Brotherhood and quickly left to make her way to the coast. There Leas went into heat for the first time and met {Pharaoh} of the Adunati Rangers, who offered her a place to stay in Wavehaven gorge. Leas tried not to stray far but in the confusion and unpleasantness of her heat she ventured into Strongwind Range where she met {Rathbone} and mated with him.

Late Winter - She returned to the gorge to wait for Rathbone to come find her. Rathbone arrives with {Empress}. Rath and Leas soon go off on their own and settle into the gorge more. She goes hunting with the Rangers and meets a variety of other wolves, {Efeon}, {Holly}, and {Tahit} "Star". She later meets {Maeve}, {Pierce}, and {Babette}. When Leas visited the shoal, Efeon gives her some fishing lessons. When she is sick one morning {Pierre} suggests that Leas might be pregnant. Rathbone and Leas decide they should go north to find a healer with the Silu Tribe. Leas begins to develop an interest in healing, but knows little about it.They travel north to the cove and meet {Yuna}. Yuna tells Leas a lot of pregnancy and pups. Leas also meets {Pace}, the Tribe leader.

Early Spring - Leas meets Yuna's pups after they are born {Mahalo}, {Arashi}, and {Kalea}. She also encounters an injured wolf named {Merrit}. Leas and Rath debate where to go next - eventually they settle on visiting the Evergreen Wolves. When Leas meets back up with Efeon and his mate {Fawn} to tell them where she is going' she finds their words harsh and mean. Leas and Rath leave for the Evergreens. They make it to the forest and meet {Conner} and {Talio} - members of the Evergreen Wolves. While growing increasingly pregnant she meets another mother, {Achilles}, two of her pups, {Margarita} and {Bacchus}, as well as {Solomon}, another pack member.

Full Spring - Leas calls Rath to the clearing and they dig a den for their future puppies. Rath becomes a vigil and asks Leas to be kin. Late one evening Leas goes into labor and gives birth to four pups. {Adhara} is born first, then {Adler}. A stillborn girl they name Aeneas arrives. Finally {Auberon} is born. The parents are both elated and grief stricken. Leas passes the rest of the season with her pups in the clearing. {Rufus}, {Savannah}, {Maya}, and {Rorret} visit the clearing throughout the month.

Late Spring - Leas takes the pups out into the clearing for the first time. She gradually works up more courage to spend time away from the pups and runs into Achilles in the forest again. She tries to console the other mother and the pair agree their pups should meet to play together. Leas responds to a summon from {Alina} to learn that the majority of the pack has abandoned them. {Murphy} returns to the pack at this time and Leas also meets some of Alina's pups - {Mintaka}, {Sorrel}, and {Azalea}. Leas becomes a herbalist at this time, but feels unprepared and knowledgeable about her healing abilities. The group agrees that Alina should become guardian and that they will work together to remain a pack. Leas decides it is best to move the pups to the caverns as the pack is not large enough to protect the clearing. Soon after moving in a strange storm of ash fall across the valley, causing a play-day for the pups.

Early Summer - Leas settles into the caverns more and spends more time with the remaining members of the pack. The pack meets again after Alina abandons them - and her pups - to go searching for Rufus. Now responsible for seven puppies, Leas dedicates herself to their full time care. Mintaka and Aster make attempts to escape into the forest, sometimes successful, and Leas tries to lay out rules for the many puppies. Dionysus shows himself to be a troublemaker and Leas and the pup clash for the first time when he tries to escape with Mintaka. Leas meets a few wolves such as {Sokol} and {Tesla}.

Full Summer - Leas meets {Kaya}, and generally spends her time caring for the pups. She introduces her own to rabbit meat for the first time, and tries to have some quality time with her mate. Rath takes a short trip to the Tribe, but aside from informing them of the Evergreens predicament, it is uneventful.

Late Summer - Achilles abandons the pack as well, leaving Leas, Rathbone, and Murphy with ten puppies to care for. {Pharaoh} comes to the Evergreens with his mate to help them. Leas seeks out Dionysus now that Achilles is gone but the pair only quarrel more, resulting in the pup fleeing the caverns and pack. {Bacchus} is killed by a coyote, Murphy by a bear, and Sorrel by a scorpion bite. The other puppies begin to learn to hunt, and Leas repairs her relationship with Mintaka to some degree. {Piper} joins the Evergreens as an herbalist and offers to teach Leas again.

Early Autumn - in progress...


Height: 28 in

Weight: 90 lb

Length: 5.8 ft

Species: Eastern timber wolf

Entered the valley: Early Winter, HY3


- Early Winter HY3 to Late Summer HY4

Leas' moodboard - created by Sam


Height Build
Large Lean
To the south
Father Mother
Casper Leat


{Rathbone} †
{Adhara}, {Adler}, Aeneas †, & {Auberon}
{Sorrel}, {Mintaka}, {Azalea}, {Aster} (Adopted)
{Caspar}, {Eadgar}, and Murphy †
Other Relationships
{Farra} - cousin
Her parents are adoptable, PM if interested
{Piper} - the best friend/packmate a girl could ask for
{Margarita} - a good girl, Leas just wants to protect you
{Pharaoh} - came to help the EW when they most needed it
{Murphy} † - did more for the pack than most
{Tesla} - confusing, but helpful
{Bacchus} † - she failed the boy and feels terrible
{Fawn} - rude and mean
{Dionysus} - the worst puppy
{Achilles} - abandoned the pack, ruined her own children
{Kaya} - dangerous and threatening
Theme Song
You Don't Know What Love Is - The White Stripes
Herb Knowledge
Raspberry - good for pregnant wolves
Peppermint - good for pregnant wolves
Willow - good for pregnant wolves
Rosemary - chewed up on wounds, eat to calm
Lemonbalm - calms stomachs, makes wolves alert
Spirit Symbol