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Name Pack
Lee Raight Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 10 mos.)
2730 SP

Character Information

considerate. judgemental. unambitious. methodological.
opportunistic. lawful. mellow. cautious.
watchful. steadfast. greedy. epicure.

5.8 feet. 30 inches. 74 pounds.

Lee is large for a female and heavily built. She’ll never be slender or lithe; her very bones enforce the stockiness of her stature. Her coat and eyes take after her mother’s: a typical timber, with less typical pale green eyes. Her coat has a tendency to lighten in color in warmer seasons. She maintains her natural bulk by taking after her father’s eating and lazing habits.

Eventual adult weight ~97 lbs.


She was born to perfect parents in the Evergreen Forest, as a member of the Evergreen Wolves. At the moment she lives in the Everlasting Caverns with her family, and is always there.

{Rufus} is the best Bawoo, and {Mari} is the best Ma. {Conner} is a party pooper and {Savannah} is probably a little too impish, but siblings can't be perfect.


art credits to jade, jill, hal, and sierra!


Height Build
Large Stocky
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Rufus} {Mari}


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet