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Name Pack
Lee Raight Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
2730 SP

Character Information

considerate. judgemental. unambitious. methodological.
opportunistic. lawful. mellow. cautious.
watchful. steadfast. greedy. epicure.

5.8 feet. 30 inches. 74 pounds.

Lee is large for a female and heavily built. She’ll never be slender or lithe; her very bones enforce the stockiness of her stature. Her coat and eyes take after her mother’s: a typical timber, with less typical pale green eyes. Her coat has a tendency to lighten in color in warmer seasons. She maintains her natural bulk by taking after her father’s eating and lazing habits.

Eventual adult weight ~97 lbs.


She was born to perfect parents in the Evergreen Forest, as a member of the Evergreen Wolves. At the moment she lives in the Everlasting Caverns with her family, and is always there.

{Rufus} is the best Bawoo, and {Mari} is the best Ma. {Conner} is a party pooper and {Savannah} is probably a little too impish, but siblings can't be perfect.


art credits to jade, jill, hal, and sierra!


Height Build
Large Stocky
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Rufus} {Mari}


Spirit Symbol