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Name Pack
Lestat Aderly Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 11 mos.)
65 SP

Character Information

• A P P E A R A N C E •

Physical Features • Lestat is quite tall and possesses a well muscled build, however a thin layer of extra weight takes away his chance to have a well chiseled appearance. Tall, stocky, and strikingly blue-eyed, the male cuts quite a handsome appearance. A few scars litter his frame here and there, though most are either concealed beneath a dense coat or melt in with the ashen colour of his fur.

Coloration and Eyes• Lestat is practically completely dark. Browns and blacks mesh as one to make up his lush coat. Like all Aderly's, singular white marks rest above and below his eyes, clashing against his darker colours and making his bright blue gaze that much more alluring.

• P E R S O N A •

Loyal • Decisive • Orderly • Mature • Logical • Blunt • Adamant • Detail oriented • Neutral • Inexpressive

Overall, Lestat is a good creature. He will not harm unless harm comes his way or poses a danger to those he deems important. He believes that everybody, no matter what position they possess, are to be given one single chance. Whether they cherish it and eventually prove worthy of his friendship or discard it and present themselves untrustworthy, depends solely on their own whims. Either way, his decision is final. Lestat is known to be adamant with his choices, be it his judge of character or an answer to a yes or no question, he will not change his choice no matter the attempts to sway him otherwise. He is dedicated to those who have earned his loyalty, doing his best to keep them content and somewhat happy. His isn’t the best at expressing himself, and those close to him know this. He doesn’t quite care if you are offended by his lack of jokes or smiling - once you are close to him, you will learn how he “expresses” himself. Lestat also has no issue speaking his mind and verbalizing his frankness.


Lestat was born to a frail thing, following him was another boy and a girl; Damien and Valley would be there chosen names. Names given to them, not by their mother. The reason being was she abandoned them, but in a place they would be cared for. It was obvious that if she kept them, she would soon starve, and in the end all three of her babies would perish.

The trio of siblings would grow up in a place known as The Haven, raised and well groomed for their futures, the grew up brilliantly. Their genes were sharp enough to clearly label them as siblings by a single glance, but their personalities differed by quite a bit.

Lestat grew up a bit more inexpressive than his hot-tempered brother and free-spirited sister. But they seemed to complement one another well enough. As they grew, they decided their fates. Both Lestat and his younger brother becoming protectors. A thing that they saw in two different lights, lights that would ultimately tear them away from one another.

A raid had happened, a fatal attack upon The Haven. Seeing protection in two desperate forms, Damien and Lestat took two separate paths. Damien was sharp to jump the gun, to plunge into attack. Risking his life to steal another’s.

Lestat, however, knew it was all for not. The battle was pointless. He knew if he fought like his brother, he may kill one wolf. Maybe two. Perhaps he could have died while trying. He was logical, realistic - but he didn’t flee in terror. Lestat trying his best to evacuate his remaining bits of pack. Anyone. Anywhere. He avoided battle to scour the territory and attempt to save whatever life was left... but so many had already been lost.

After the fight, Damien and Lestat’s relationship crumbled. Les’s brother not agreeing with his choice of evacuation over battle. But he stuck to his logistics - some members survived because of both of their acts. However Damien saw it as cowardice. They split their ways and never saw one another again. Their sister still missing but not found among the bodies.

Lestat did his best to say farewell to the few he did find. The Haven was no longer home to him.

As he traveled, he found a woman during a hunt. Vera, was her name. They bonded quite well and she didn’t seem to mind his lack of jokes or general chipperness. Sharing their lives, Lestat explained the attack and Vera explained her pack had suffered their death in a fire. It was no one but them. They stuck together for weeks, forming a connection Lestat could nearly call love. But horror struck when Vera became injured while hunting. Her body curled up and quivering, shuttling down, practically - as Lestat fled for help.

A near pack assisted him, bringing her to be cared for. While waiting for her to come to, the wolves revealed Vera was one of their own. They assumed she was lost, maybe even kidnapped. She had a mate. She had children, young barely capable children.she had a pack that she told him had died in a fire.

When Vera woke up, he simply approached her. Silence was all that came from him, a stern, cold quietness that felt heavy and unwanted by all. Vera cried, she pleaded. She begged for forgiveness, confessing love to Lestat, asking for a second chance, saying she would do anything for him. But he left. Not a word uttered.

The woman he thought he loved was going to abandon her blood family and pack, to join him. Lestat hated and nearly hated himself for caring for her at one point in time.

Pushing forward, he traveled alone and entered Horizon.

Dun dun duunnn....


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
East of Horizon
Father Mother


Other Relationships
Vera • Up for adoption!
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet