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Loki Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
(3 yrs, 9 mos.)
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Character Information

[Appearance] Base Coat: Jet Black Height: 24 in Weight: 79 lbs Length: 5.0 ft Markings/Shadings: None Eye Color: Emerald Green Body Build: Average and Lean

[Personality] *Note*- Loki tends to only show her positive personality traits to those she trusts and loves. +Fair +Just +Motherly +Kind +Intelligent +Merciful +Compassionate +Sympathetic -Cold –Distant –Reserved –Jealous –Manipulative –Skeptical -Seductive Fair, Just, and Merciful- Loki has a good hold on what Justice, Fairness, and Mercy really is. Therefore, if she ever wants to, this girl would be a rather good leader. Motherly- With a craving for pups of her own, Loki finds herself acting less reserved and more motherly toward younger or “less developed” wolves. Kind- This dark beauty may appear to be a cold woman, but once you get to know her, Loki can be a kind character. Intelligent- Loki is just a smart cookie, who prefers to analyze before going into “battle”. What does “Less Developed” mean to Loki?- Loki believes herself to be an intelligent creature. Therefore, if she finds anyone who doesn’t meet her physical or mental standards, she deems them as “Less Developed” wolves. Compassionate and Sympathetic- As said before, Loki at first, comes off as a cold and reserved sort of wolf. However, if she meets a wolf she can relate to, this girl may have more compassion and sympathy for said wolf. Cold- This is the first thing others will note about Loki. Her gaze is rather stern and distant, and her words drip from her tongue with lack of feeling. Therefore, some may think she is a heartless monster, but that is not the case. Distant and Reserved- Loki has always preferred to be alone due to her history. Therefore, she will try to close up her heart and not let others in, which gives her the distant and reserved feel. Jealous- This one is simple. Loki wants what she can’t have. She has always been his way. Most of the time, this she-wolf will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Manipulative- Loki was gifted with a silver-tongue. However, sometimes she doesn’t realize the consequences of manipulating others. Skeptical- Again, Loki likes to analyze others. Therefore, she will want to gain as much info about he or she before even saying a word to him or her. She doesn’t trust easily. Seductive- Loki only seduces males. She had no interest in females. However, Loki only chooses to seduce males if her silver tongue isn’t working, and she sees that said male is weak to physical pleasure.

[History] Loki was born the middle child of three. Her parents were normal Rogues. However, her father and mother were the kind to pick favorites. Obviously, the eldest was her father’s favorite. He wanted a strong heir. It didn’t help that her older sibling was a male. However, Loki’s mother loved her younger daughter more because she looked like her… a dainty, brown furred beauty with blue eyes. As the three siblings grew older, Loki pushed herself to find favor in her parent’s eyes, but neither of them seemed to notice her. Driven with depression and despair, Loki left her family in search to prove her worth. The girl vowed that she would be powerful and would no longer be the subordinate. Loki wanted her name to be known throughout the land. The land she happened to stumble upon was… Horizon.

{Xeno} ~ Chevalier noir du desert, you are the first wolf I've met in this new land. You have caught my eye with your strange behavior. You are mine... and no one else's. {Petunia} ~ Eww. Go find another male to flirt with. Xeno is mine. I suggest you pay head.


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Average Lean
Northern Canada
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