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Name Pack
Lorenzo Silvano Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 3 mos.)
1520 SP

Character Information

Lorenzo Silvano

Current Status — 1.15.18
Healthy aside from joint aches and stiffness, and steadily worsening eyesight. He is almost completely blind in his right eye. Presently, his best sense is his sense of smell.

Special note — During an (off-screen) fight with a mountain cat, Lorenzo sustained lacerations across his shoulders and puncture wounds to the right side of his neck. Scars from these injuries will remain noticeable, even after his fur has grown back into place.

A hulking, massive creature, Lorenzo has always been large and powerful. Belonging to a line of rugged, mountain-born warriors and hunters, he has grown comfortable in his body, and he carries himself in such a way to make this fact known to any who encounter him. Given that he’s led the posh, decadent life of a wolf in authority, he’s maintained his sturdy, athletic figure well into his later years, and he shows few signs of slowing down.

His pelt is best described as pale grey timber. Charcoal guard hairs adorn his spine, condensing behind his shoulders into a V-shaped array—a trait commonly witnessed in those bearing the Silvano surname. The rims of his ears and the tip of his tail are this same dark shade. He possesses two pale, grey-green eyes, though the pupil of the right one has grown cloudy following a battle best forgotten. Vision in this eye has begun to deteriorate, leaving him loathe to be approached from the right. The aforementioned struggle also claimed his lower left fang.

Once enslaved by a lust for conquest and power, Lorenzo has mellowed out with age. Hardship has taught him that life holds far better goals for which to endeavor: among them, luxury, security, and companionship. This isn’t to say that his ambition has diminished. Quite the opposite—he’s grown determined to ensure that the life he intends to begin anew in Horizon Valley is the best beginning of his life he’s experienced yet. Time hasn’t squandered his self-serving tendencies, merely redirected them.

A gentleman, he embraces wholeheartedly the idea of common courtesy and etiquette. This belief is mirrored in his speech and actions, both of which are always laced with dignity, politeness, and a learned, subtle confidence. Though he may appear formal and stiff upon first impression, in familiar company, he can be rather warm and amicable. He openly welcomes opportunities to congregate with those of a like mind, and can grow disgruntled if he is forced to endure solitude for too long a time.

Should circumstances turn unfavorable for him, however, he is quick to sever ties, regardless of how well-intentioned and advantageous they might have been previously. His agreeable nature is, has been, and likely will continue to be a facade to some extent. He can be arguably remorseless when his own well-being is at stake, possessing little compassion or tolerance for those who do not meet the high standards to which he holds both himself and his peers. On the rare occasion, he may also forgo diplomacy for the sake of satiating his curiosity, a stigma which has haunted him since his youth, but he’s skilled enough in conversation often to persuade others to forgive what few social blunders he commits.

Positive — {Morwen} is steadily gaining his trust, and in turn, he has pledged to rid her of her tormentor. {Tunglid} has proven to be a steadfast confidant. Misses the company of {Titania} and {Maaike}, both of whom remind him of his late daughters.

Neutral — Wonders on occasion how {Abrielle}, {Leas}, and {Norna} are faring. Finds his curiosity piqued by {Nima}, and would welcome the opportunity to speak with her again. Has mixed feelings toward his former mate, {Kaya}, and is unaware of her presence in the valley.

Negative — Will do what is in his power to ensure the murder of {Gareth} for his transgressions. {Zara} has fallen out of his favor by disappearing. His niece, {Bianca}, wronged him in her youth, and for this reason, he does not care to repair their broken relationship.

Was exiled from his former pack, which he led as its Sovereign prior to being run from its territory, the White Forest. The only two children he fathered drowned in a river before they reached one year of age, and he separated from his mate shortly after the tragedy. Has come into contact with humans, and despises them. His human play-by is Ian McShane as he appears in John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. (extra clip)

thank you, spry and fenshae, for the artwork


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Vincent Silvano † Lucia Silvano †
Adelaide † — sister, littermate
{Kaya} ♀ — estranged
None currently
Lorraine † — daughter
Joan † — daughter
Family Tree
Bloodline — White Sea
Caesar — The Oh Hellos
Empire — Of Monsters and Men
Without You — Junip
Eidolon Alpha — Rishloo
The Devil’s Tears — Angus & Julia Stone
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet