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Name Pack
Lorenzo Silvano Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 6 mos.)
1580 SP

Character Information

Heavy stones fear no weather. — Of Monsters and Men, Empire


Lorenzo stands 36 inches tall, weighs 122 pounds, and measures 6.4 feet long.

Under revision. A hulking, massive creature, Lorenzo has always been large and powerful. Belonging to a line of rugged, mountain-born warriors and hunters, he has grown comfortable in his body, and he carries himself in such a way to make this fact known to any who encounter him. Given that he’s led the posh, decadent life of a wolf in authority, he’s maintained his sturdy, athletic figure well into his later years, and he shows few signs of slowing down.

His pelt is best described as pale grey timber. Charcoal guard hairs adorn his spine, condensing behind his shoulders into a V-shaped array—a trait commonly witnessed in those bearing the Silvano surname. The rims of his ears and the tip of his tail are this same dark shade. He possesses two pale, grey-green eyes, though the pupil of the right one has grown cloudy following a battle best forgotten. Vision in this eye has begun to deteriorate, leaving him loathe to be approached from the right. The aforementioned struggle also claimed his lower left fang.

During an off-screen fight with a mountain cat, Lorenzo sustained lacerations across his shoulders and puncture wounds to the right side of his neck. Scars from these injuries will remain noticeable, even after his fur has grown back into place.


His MBTI is ENTP, alignment is Lawful Evil, and temperament is Choleric.

Under revision. Once enslaved by a lust for conquest and power, Lorenzo has mellowed out with age. Hardship has taught him that life holds far better goals for which to endeavor: among them, luxury, security, and companionship. This isn’t to say that his ambition has diminished. Quite the opposite—he’s grown determined to ensure that the life he intends to begin anew in Horizon Valley is the best beginning of his life he’s experienced yet. Time hasn’t squandered his self-serving tendencies, merely redirected them.

A gentleman, he embraces wholeheartedly the idea of common courtesy and etiquette. This belief is mirrored in his speech and actions, both of which are always laced with dignity, politeness, and a learned, subtle confidence. Though he may appear formal and stiff upon first impression, in familiar company, he can be rather warm and amicable. He openly welcomes opportunities to congregate with those of a like mind, and can grow disgruntled if he is forced to endure solitude for too long a time.

Should circumstances turn unfavorable for him, however, he is quick to sever ties, regardless of how well-intentioned and advantageous they might have been previously. His agreeable nature is, has been, and likely will continue to be a facade to some extent. He can be arguably remorseless when his own well-being is at stake, possessing little compassion or tolerance for those who do not meet the high standards to which he holds both himself and his peers. On the rare occasion, he may also forgo diplomacy for the sake of satiating his curiosity, a stigma which has haunted him since his youth, but he’s skilled enough in conversation often to persuade others to forgive what few social blunders he commits.


Lorenzo is born in Full Spring, at High Sanctum, as a Warrior Apprentice, beyond Horizon.

For countless generations, those bearing the Silvano surname were renowned as skilled, mountain-raised hunters and warriors. Wolves born into the bloodline were groomed from an early age to become moguls of the physical realm, excelling in areas of hunting, sparring, and fighting. This was the world, and the legacy, into which Lorenzo was delivered by his mother Lucia, alongside sister Adelaide. His father, Vincent, led the Warriors of the High Sanctum, and all within the realm were pleased with the healthy pups he and his mate bore for their benefit and future.

Upon his birth, Lorenzo was chosen to advance his family’s reputation and lineage, earning the rank of Apprentice Warrior long before his eyes opened. For Adelaide, it was the same. Both pups were taught the importance of competition and perseverance, and rarely were they given meals or luxuries without first undergoing some sort of trial, with each successive test’s difficulty increasing as they matured. Months passed in this way, with these ordeals being the template of their existence, and before long both children developed into respected members of their society.

In his youth, Lorenzo bonded closely with the son of the Sanctum’s alpha pair, Aurelio. Both young males had learned to value strength and independence at an early age, and naturally they spent much of their time together, aiding each other in the betterment of their various skills. Their respective egos, too, seemed to grow augmented by one another’s kindred desires for a strong world and stable, devoted pack.

Lorenzo and Aurelio were a year and half of age when Aurelio’s father, the Sanctum’s leader, grew ill. His physical affliction, in the eyes of the boys, lent itself to a mental and intellectual weakness as well. Lorenzo and Aurelio began to scheme to overthrow the latter’s father, falling prey to the ambitious desires their headstrong youth seemed to cultivate. They were cautious in their endeavors, however, speaking to no one of the plan aside from the occasional young warrior whom they sought to recruit to their cause.

It was when Lorenzo sought his wayward sister, Adelaide, with the hope of earning her blessing that he discovered she’d taken to a rogue male wandering the Sanctum’s outskirts. The loner was called Marcus, and he hailed from the far north, obviously exotic with his pure white pelt and honey-colored eyes. He bore no surname, and for this reason and others, Lorenzo found his impression of the unfamiliar wanderer lacking. Though both males spoke on occasion, and though he did not fault his sister for her attraction to the Arctic wolf, Lorenzo did nothing to foster a relationship with Marcus. His attention remained fixed upon the Sanctum and his and Aurelio’s plan to claim its throne for themselves.

Upon returning to the pack’s stronghold, however, Lorenzo learned that Aurelio’s father had endowed Aurelio with a position of power. Such a display of faith from his aging, infirm father had given Aurelio second thoughts about their plan. He began to confide in Lorenzo his doubts, questioning whether it was acceptable for him to betray their leader for Lorenzo’s newly-singular appetite for power. Frustrated with Aurelio’s lack of resolve, Lorenzo left his side.

Not long after this, Lorenzo was officially banished from the Sanctum. Aurelio had alerted his father to the Silvano boy’s plans before they were realized. Though Lorenzo escaped the Sanctum without a struggle, hatred burned in his heart for this perceived betrayal by his best friend. This newfound animosity provided the foundation for a new plan, one whose purpose was to spite Aurelio and prevent the Sanctum from recruiting new wolves.

Lorenzo settled in the alpine foothills of the Sanctum's mountains, in a place he dubbed White Forest. There, he worked to establish his own pack, one that would intercept travelers heading north before they were able to discover his former pack. With the aid of his charisma, Lorenzo found he had a talent for persuading wolves who shared his fondness for luxury, power, and security to align themselves with him. The White Forest’s ranks grew quickly and steadily, flush with young individuals who were muscle-bound and steel-hearted much like Lorenzo. He named himself the Sovereign, the leader.

The once-warrior’s life continued to climb toward prosperity, until he caught word of a devastating development. His sister, Adelaide, had died in the far north, but not before delivering a litter that had been sired by Marcus. Both pups, Bianca and Nora, had survived the birthing complications that claimed their mother’s life. Determined not to allow his nieces to be raised by a rogue who could not trace his ancestry, Lorenzo ordered that Marcus and the girls be escorted to White Forest immediately.

Bianca and Nora were delivered to Lorenzo healthy, and against Marcus’ wishes, he took them into his pack. Marcus voiced adamant opposition to Lorenzo’s actions time and time again, though he eventually left, but not without promising that he would be back to reclaim his daughters. Perceiving Marcus’ plan as a threat, and unwilling to relinquish what remained of Adelaide to the rogue male, Lorenzo pursued Marcus beyond White Forest and killed him. Those who witnessed the act never spoke of it, and Bianca and Nora were never made privy to the nature of their father’s death.

Both young girls excelled under Lorenzo’s tutelage and guidance. Bianca, the elder sister, had a natural talent for hunting, and took quickly to studying with others belonging to the rank. Nora, instead, inherited Marcus’ wanderlust and was absent for many of White Forest’s internal affairs, much to Lorenzo’s chagrin. He never reprimanded Nora, however, and the collective life of the Sovereign and his pack inevitably settled into a state of calm once again.

Around the time Enzo was nearly three years of age, a wolf named Laurent joined White Forest. The timber-colored initiate seemed a sort of prodigy, excelling in whatever area of expertise Lorenzo tested him. Impressed by the young male’s work ethic, optimism, and skill, Lorenzo crowned him Herald, or his second-in-command. With Laurent at his side to shoulder some of the executive responsibilities of leadership, White Forest entered a state of prosperity it had never experienced before.

Soon after, a wolf by the name of Kaya entered Lorenzo’s life, resembling a godsend much as Laurent had upon his acceptance into White Forest. Lorenzo recognized in Kaya a physical prowess that rivaled that of his own bloodline, and he dubbed her his lead warrior, Champion Defender, before long. Their relationship, while professional, was nevertheless one of the most satisfying in his life.

As Lorenzo entered his fifth year, something strange occurred in the valley immediately south of White Forest. Humans entered the territory with their cattle, and established numerous ranches on the fertile plains below. Not wishing to abandon his central post as Sovereign, Lorenzo ordered Laurent to investigate the new development. The Herald obliged, deeming the humans nothing more than a stinky nuisance upon his return to the pack. The strange creatures’ presence was soon relegated to the back of the wolves’ minds.

Around this time, Lorenzo’s Champion Hunter fell ill and died. Having followed Bianca’s progress as a hunter, he chose to offer her the title, but only after she successfully completed the ordeal that all Champions were required to undergo. She was tasked with bringing down a large prey animal on her own, and Lorenzo assigned Laurent to her as a witness. The Herald, again, obliged willingly, having developed a secret fondness for his Sovereign’s eldest niece in recent months.

Bianca returned the next morning with one of the humans' cattle in tow, and impressed by the exoticism of her catch and her timely completion of the challenge, Lorenzo awarded her the position of Champion. The pack feasted on the livestock that evening.

As the wolves of White Forest developed a taste for the palatable cows, Lorenzo began to order Bianca and her hunters to retrieve more prey from the humans’ ranches. The bovines made for such easy killing, and growing complacent in the ease of their task, the hunters began to concentrate their efforts on the ranches alone.

The humans were quick to retaliate.

They responded by loosing their dogs and bullets upon wolves who strayed into their pastures, and in the course of a single night, many of White Forest’s hunters were killed. Bianca and Laurent relayed news of the carnage to Lorenzo, but the Sovereign had not witnessed for himself the guns and death his subordinates spoke of, and thus refused to repeal his orders. The wolves were to continue hunting the cattle.

Many in Lorenzo’s ranks criticized his decision, but he had his reasons. Having spent many a discreet, passionate night with Kaya, Lorenzo began to contemplate the nature of their interactions. As winter’s chill began to descend upon White Forest, he confirmed his choice to take her as his own. Both Sovereign and Champion Defender recognized that their offspring would be strong, powerful—perfect heirs to the legacy of White Forest. In secrecy, they consummated their relationship.

Against the backdrop of this affair, which commanded much of Lorenzo’s attention, countless wolves following orders to hunt at the ranch continued to die at the fangs of the humans’ dogs and beneath the power of their guns alike. Those who were not killed in the pastures returned to the pack with confounding injuries, the likes of which Lorenzo’s healers could not remedy. Infection spread throughout the pack, claiming the lives of the injured and weak until White Forest shrunk until it was but a husk of its once glorious state.

Suspecting that Kaya might be pregnant, and wishing to ensure the health of his children before his numbers fell further, Lorenzo made the decision to reinstate an ancient law, one which had nearly been lost to wolf history. He forbid other mated pairs in White Forest from bearing offspring. To those upset by his decision, he explained his and Kaya’s children were to be the future of the pack, their salvation, and therefore took precedence over the children of others. White Forest needed no extraneous mouths to feed when those currently belonging to its ranks could hardly be fed, Lorenzo claimed.

Naturally, many in the pack saw this decision as selfishness on Lorenzo’s part. They began to doubt his leadership, and anarchical whispers blazed like fire beneath the snow-covered boughs of the woods.

Still, the cattle hunts continued.

Many wolves contemplated mutiny, but none ever attempted it, perhaps due to a shared fear of the Sovereign’s wrathful vengeance. The first wolf to rise above this collective terror was Bianca. Having never hunted without Laurent at her side, when she returned to White Forest alone, Lorenzo understood instantly. He’d not been ignorant of the amorous bond his niece and second-in-command shared, much as the two younger wolves might have tried to keep it hidden from him. He knew: his orders to hunt upon the humans’ land had taken from him his Herald, and from her—a lover.

Bianca attacked Lorenzo, and in the struggle one of his lower fangs was knocked from his jaw. His right eye, too, suffered damage, and the resulting veil of clouds which covered his pupil would never lift fully. Despite his bruises and injuries, Lorenzo emerged from the battle victorious, and banished his insubordinate niece from White Forest.

He recognized her scent upon the fringes of White Forest for some time, but eventually, hers and Nora’s faded entirely. His Champion of the Hunt had left, and she took her sister with her. His beloved nieces were gone.

Diplomacy within White Forest remained unstable in the months following Bianca’s boldness, but a mutiny was never realized, enabling Lorenzo and Kaya to maintain their positions of authority and bear their children into the world. The Sovereign was blessed with two daughters, Lorraine and Joan, recognizing in them a sort of palliative for his aching soul in the wake of his nieces’ departures.

With every fiber of his being, he cherished his daughters, and in turn they seemed to soften his stiff heart. No longer did he oversee White Forest with an uncompromising rule as in the past. Hunts upon human ground were suspended. And though some opposition continued to fester unseen and unheard in his ranks, Lorenzo was never challenged for his throne, allowing White Forest an attempt to recover.

But a revival would never come to fruition. When his daughters were only a few months old, they wandered beyond the pack’s territory and drowned in a river. Kaya was the one who delivered the news to Lorenzo. Devastated, he found himself unable to lead as effectively as he once had.

The wolves in the pack were upset that Lorenzo had failed to ensure the survival of White Forest’s supposed future, the ones he’d claim would be their salvation—his own daughters. Seeing in their Sovereign’s tragedy an opportunity to usher in a new era for themselves, Lorenzo’s subordinates launched an attack against him. He managed to escape, but not without several injuries, and fled the foothills.

Already into his sixth year, he spent an unquantified time wandering south. In his solitude, his physical and internal wounds healed. He grew startlingly aware of his failures as a leader, as well as his successes, and recalled the importance of independent living that his parents had instilled in him a lifetime past. And he decided, as he came upon an unfamiliar mountain range, that he would seek to establish a new life for himself yet, one informed by the triumphs and downfalls of his experiences. He refused to believe his story had ended with his exit from White Forest.

Lorenzo enters Horizon Valley in Late Autumn HY3, at the age of 6 years, 7 months.

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Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Vincent Silvano † Lucia Silvano †
Adelaide † — sister, littermate
{Kaya} ♀ — estranged
None currently
Lorraine † — daughter
Joan † — daughter
Other Family
{Bianca} † — niece
{Felicity} — grand-niece, unknown
{Forrest} — grand-nephew, unknown
{Morwen} — Resolute, stalwart.
{Tunglid} — Capable, trustworthy.
{Titania} — You remind me of someone.
{Maaike} — Sweet girl. Safe travels.
{Abrielle} — Pleasant company.
{Norna} — Spoke of gods and demons.
{Leas} — Somewhat naive.
{Nima} † — Intriguing, but gone now.
{Igbo} — Do I frighten you?
{Kopec} — This is unfortunate.
{Relic} — Respectful and polite.
{Astred} — To be watched.
{Daesamar} — A freeloader.
{Jarius} † — Useless now.
Uncertain About
{Kaya} — I don’t care for loose ends.
{Zara} — Your departure was unexpected.
{Bianca} † — Too sentimental.
{Gareth} — Damned.
Bloodline — White Sea
Caesar — The Oh Hellos
Empire — Of Monsters and Men
Without You — Junip
Rapture — Hurt
Eidolon Alpha — Rishloo
The Devil’s Tears — Angus & Julia Stone
Human Play-By — Ian McShane
His human play-by is Ian McShane as he appears in John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. (extra clip)
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet