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Name Pack
Los Rogue
Sex Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 4 mos.)
110 SP

Character Information

Los is an Arctic Wolf from somewhere far Northwest.


Los has an incredibly soft, thick coat of almost pure white fur which allows him to blend in with his favourite environment and stay warm in even the coldest of weather or the worst of blizzards. Weight: 104lbs; Height: 31in; Length: 5.9ft


Los never knew his parents or his pack and if he had, he cannot remember anything about either. Los has been traveling alone almost his whole life. Only for the first year of his life did he travel with someone he thinks was part if his old pack or a sibling; or at least that's what he hopes. He never listened enough to learn this wolf's name, one of many things he now regrets, so now he simply refers to him as 'his old travel companion' although he's trying to think of a new, shorter name for him. Being from the far Northwest, Los has been used to the snow and has rarely not been surrounded by it for more than a few weeks before heading further North to be around snow again.


Los has a kind, warm personality once you get past his timid, introverted shell. Since he never knew his parents, he was never properly raised so there are a lot of basic things that Los has never learned which can result in some, interesting conversations. As a result of never settling down in a single place for more the a week at most or having a pack, Los doesn't fully understand the values of pack life or being able to call somewhere 'home'. Los has an almost unnatural love for the cold and the snow which could be seen as strange or weird to others.


  • Dislikes temperatures that exceed 30°C/86°F claiming that it's, "unbearably hot"
  • Has a fear of thunder and anything that sounds like it
  • He has nightmares which can trigger a severe panic attack
  • If he gets stressed out or has an attack, he will try to hum a lullaby to calm himself down: Link to Lullaby
  • His old travel companion used to call him 'Moose', something that he still ponders about almost daily
  • The reason his companion left was because of an 'incident' that involved a tree, a fish, and a moose, of all things
  • One of his life goals is to find a place that is too cold for him; this has yet to happen
  • He secretly worries about not finding a place where he can call home
  • Speaks very limited Russian. Very, very limited
  • He walks with a limp in his front right leg caused by a minor sprain that wasn't properly treated and constant use made the sprain far worse

Past Locations

Crystal Shore; Starlight Peaks; Heckled Holt;

Current Location

Rolling Prairies


Height Build
Large Lean
Far Northwest of Starlight Peaks
Father Mother
A wolf Only a memory buried under snow


Obviously none
Other Relationships
  • {Altair Penumbra}: He isn't sure what to think of Altair since they met under bad circumstances but he hopes they meet again. Los doesn't know his name.
  • {Epidemic}:
  • {Felix Silvano}: Nice, has a fun sense of humor. A very interesting character to say the least.
  • {Maya Kess}:
  • {Paloma del Sol}: First Encounter; He likes to think of her as a friend and hopes their paths will meet once again.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet