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Name Pack
Los Rogue
Sex Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 0 mos.)
110 SP

Character Information


Los' fur is incredibly soft and fluffy and is nearly pure white. Since his fur is so white, he can blend in with snow really well making it almost impossible to see him. As a result of him living in the cold mountains for most of his life, his coat is always really thick, making the warmer seasons torturous for him if he travels away from the mountains. Due to him being a poor hunter, he doesn't eat as much as he should and is underweight because of it. On the front of his left front leg, he has a slightly noticeable scar he received from a lynx attack; summer HY5.
    Weight: 100lbs; Height: 31in; Length: 5.9ft


    Los' first memories are of traveling with a companion wolf (CW) but Los cannot remember his name. He doesn't remember if he was born into a pack or as a rouge. Since he doesn't have any memories of his family, and CW never spoke about them, Los has assumed that something happen to them that forced them to send him away and not that he was abandoned and found by some strange wolf. The thought that he might have been pupnapped has never crossed his mind. He learned Russian as his native language but as a result of traveling to a primarily English speaking land, he primarily speaks English but will, on occasion, speak Russian. After he turned one, CW told him that he was old enough to travel alone and left without saying anything else. From that day on, Los has traveled alone, rarely leaving the mountains. He continued traveling South-ish only because that's the direction they were headed and he was curious to what he would find.
    After slightly longer than a year of traveling alone, Los found Horizon Valley, which he just calls the Valley, during the early winter of HY5. After exploring and meeting many new wolves, Los decided to stay up North in the Starlight Peaks mountains where he made a temporary, makeshift den near a glacial lake, Crystal Shore. Despite meeting many possible companions, he still lives and travels alone. Half because he's too nervous to try to travel or live with another, half because everyone he meet doesn't stay for very long before continuing on their own lives.


INFJ. He's nice and kind to anyone he meets until they prove otherwise. Socializing isn't one of his strong points and there are times he can seem distant or nervous. Due to not having a pack, that he knows of at least, he doesn't know how to act within groups and avoids packs unless absolutely necessary. He has a hard time expressing himself to others and would rather they think everything is fine even if it's really not.


  • His name is actually spelt Лось but because not everyone has a Cyrillic keyboard, and because the cases would become confusing really fast, it's spelt in Latin letters, Los
  • He occasionally walks with a limp in his front right leg because he fell off a small-ish cliff during an earthquake, HY5, and continued to travel with little breaks despite the pain. The limp stands out more after any form of physical activity that would create stress on his leg
  • Despite his overwhelming curiosity about packs, there is a very low chance that he'll ever join one
  • The more tired and exhausted he is, the thicker his accent stands out
  • He has a strong dislike of lynx or any kind of big cat.

Den Location

    Crystal Shore, Near Astred's Grave



Height Build
Large Average
Far Northwest of Starlight Peaks
Father Mother
Had one at some point, right? Possibly in some Northern place


Maybe one day
Other Relationships
    {Astrid Valfreyja}: Los wishes he could have known her before it was too late. He will never forget her even though they never said a word to each other.
    {Damien Aderly}: He's one of the strongest wolves Los has ever met. He feels terrible about everything Damien had to endure.
    {Darienne Jäger}: Once you get past her hard shell, she's quite nice and caring, even if she won't admit it. Her loyalty is uncanning.
    {Epidemic}: She's very kind and playful. Los wouldn't mind crossing paths with her again one day.
    {Nannuk}: A rather interesting wolf. Very playful and energetic with a twist of dark thinking. There's a strange sense of familiarity but Los can't figure out why.
    {Ozias}: A great friend even though they just recently met. Los would do whatever he could do for Ozias; even endure the heat of the mid day desert during the summer.
    {Paloma del Sol}: First Encounter; He likes to think of her as a friend and hopes their paths will cross once again.
    {Remington}: Very kind but also very nervous. Los had met him under a different name but their meeting was very brief so he could have misheard.
    {Ruby}: She's lived a hard life and even though Los hasn't interacted with her much, he trusts her. Whether or not he should, time will tell. She called him Ghost.
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