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Name Pack
Los Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 8 mos.)
110 SP

Character Information


Los has an incredibly soft, thick coat of almost pure white fur which allows him to blend in with his favourite environment and stay warm in even the coldest weather or the worst of blizzards. Weight: 103lbs; Height: 31in; Length: 5.9ft


Los cannot remember if he had a chance to met his family or if something happen when he was too young to remember. He only remembers traveling with a wolf until he became a year old then was sent away to travel alone. After a little over a year, he finally found the Valley. There are times where he can remember a fuzzy memory from his past but they're always too fuzzy for him to remember clearly. He was taught Russian as his naive language and learned English while he traveled; mainly from the wolf he traveled with and from others he encountered before reaching the Valley.


INFJ. He's nice and kind to anyone he meets until they prove otherwise. Socializing isn't one of his strong points and there are times he can seem distant or nervous. Due to not having a pack, that he knows of at least, he doesn't know how to act within groups and avoids packs at all costs; even though he couldn't be more curious about them. He has a hard time expressing his emotions to others and would rather they think everything is fine even it's really not. He often changes his opinions and mood as if they weren't entirely his own.


  • His name is actually spelt Лось but because not everyone has a Cyrillic keyboard, and because the cases would become confusing really fast, it's spelt in Latin letters, Los
  • He walks with a limp in his front right leg because he 'fell' off a cliff during an earthquake, HY5, and continued to walk and run on it despite the pain. He is constantly finding new ways to cause more damage to this leg
  • He occasionally has nightmares that often trigger hallucinations upon waking. The cause of these is still unknown
  • Is now traveling with a new companion, Hywel, for the first time in over a year<>

Explored Locations

Crystal Shore; Eastern Wasteland; Falter Glen; Heckled Holt; Rolling Prairies; Starlight Peaks; Verdant Hills; Western Plains;

Den Location

Crystal Shore


    Winter Snow - Fox Amoore


Height Build
Large Average
Far Northwest of Starlight Peaks
Father Mother
Had one at some point Possibly in some Northern place


Not important
Other Relationships
  • {Damien Aderly}: Even though their meeting was short, it was enjoyable. Going to see his new pack by the falls is on Los' to do list.
  • {Daniel Hayle}: Very kind but also very nervous. If Los had to guess, something happen in his past. Part of Damien's new pack.
  • {Darienne Jäger}: Once you get past her hard shell, she's quite nice and caring, even if she won't admit it. Her loyalty is uncanning.
  • {Epidemic}: She's very kind and playful. She's a wolf he wouldn't mind meeting again one day.
  • {Hywel Kreios}: A very kind, young wolf that Los is happy to call a companion. Los wants to help him find his family even though it's an impossible task.
  • {Paloma del Sol}: First Encounter; He likes to think of her as a friend and hopes their paths will meet once again.
  • {Ruby}: She's had a rough past that has made her slow to trust but she's very kind and caring once her trust is gained. She calls him Ghost.
  • Spirit Symbol Emblems
    None yet