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Lucian Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Character Information

“You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.”
— Loki, The Avengers

Appearance | REFERENCE

Tall, broad and strong, the poisoner is not a wolf one's eyes will easily miss. The most dominant—and in specific lighting only—colour of his pelt is undoubtedly black. These hues provide an excellent veil during the dark hours, and if it wasn't for his intense olive gaze, perhaps he would be able to completely dissolve into midnight shadows.


Lucian falls perfectly in the middle of two alignments: chaotic neutral and lawful evil. The chaotic side of his personality deems him a spirited individualist, thriving most in situations where disorder is the natural state of things, whereas the lawful aspects woven into his blood are a strong sense of loyalty to the pack that controls him and a desire to serve with no regard for what crimes one must commit to do so. Though the two alignments are rather different, they both affect the mental wiring of Lucian's brain depending on the situation he finds himself in.

For the most part, the dark man is courageous, stubborn and determined. There is little that can deter him from a goal if he's set his eyes on it, and once he has, he is a wolf capable of doing anything to achieve it. What he wants, he'll get, one way or another.

His interest in poisons began when Dolores, the woman that brought him up, taught him of what herbs are and their various effects on living beings. When she passed away, Lucian felt it was necessary to further his education. The mob-like pack that took him in saw potential in his skills, and after perfecting them amongst their own future hitmen, they sent him out into the world in order to do their bidding as a trained assassin specializing in poisoning his victims.


Ever since he could remember, Lucian’s entire existence had been molded into that of a thief and assassin. Life, to him, revolved around death from the very beginning — starting from the loss of his elderly mother to the first time he took a life simply to sustain his own. Perhaps others would claim it as vile, as twisted. Lucian merely called it survival.

Despite it, remaining strong in solitary was a challenge for even the most prepared. If it had not been for the pack that took him in, perhaps that year’s winter would have been the young boy’s last. As it turned out, their ways matched his own, and after a brief period of adjusting himself to their customs, Lucian became one of the family’s many trained assassins.

Everything after that was nothing more than a blur. He owed his life to the pack and fulfilling their wishes was the key to living in comfort, no matter what it was. Thanks to the mob, Lucian had more than he could’ve ever wished for. His newest task was no different from the rest.

Arielle, adoptive daughter of the bosses, had escaped. The foolish girl had somehow managed to slip from the syndicate’s grip, however her freedom would be short-lived, as her parents commanded it. Lucian intended to eat his fill, gather the information he needed and set out during sunrise at the latest.

He will do whatever it takes to return Arielle back to her family.


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Large Muscular
Outside of Horizon [Roamer's Keep]
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