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Name Pack
Lux Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 1 mos.)
685 SP

Character Information

Voiced by Alicia Vikander
Weight: 52 Lbs
Height: 2.6 ft
Length: 3.5 ft
Like her family, she is mostly dark, with deep chocolate legs and an even deeper chocolate face. This color carries out to the edges of her ears, the tip of her tail, and through her undercoat. The rest of her fur is threaded with different variations of brown, from milk chocolate to almost cream, with the lightest colors lining her withers stomach and lower half of her flank. A soft brown bleeds from her flanks to fade into darkness at her hocks. A set of amber jewels sit in darkness, a stark contrast to the chocolate mask that is her face.

Personality She is a soft wolf in many senses. Physical confrontations are not her favorite, which brings her to harbor a mastery of words in order to solve any issues. She is not very outspoken resulting in an almost shy appearance. However, that can not be trusted. When in the right setting her filter tends to break. Any being near her could be seen as an item of amusement. This does not carry over to any who are stationed above her. She very strongly believes that the hierarchy is there for a reason, so it must be strictly followed.


Height Build
Average Lean
Southern Canada
Father Mother
Eiric Rania


{Igbo Black} Together they will conquer the world.
{Abaeze}♂ {Lapis}♀
Other Relationships
{Kaete}♀: Young and sweet with a bright future
{Stormfront}♀: Rather straightforward and intimidating, but you had helped Igbo when he was in need
{Shade} ♂: I don't know you well, but you offered me warmth when I was a stranger
{Nima}♀: You took me in even though you do not know me. I look forward to following you.
{Ares}♂: What a snotty little brat.
{Altair}♂: Another snotty brat... rather pompous too
{Alexis}♀: You seem to be made of deceit and lies. Get a clue.
{Kiel}♂: Nima's lover..?
{Belarus}♂, {Maia}♀, {Idemoni}♀†, {Wintermute}♂: We share a home
{Bucky}♂: You dig dens for pregnant wolves, that must be good
{Holly}♀: Our children are about the same age, and you seemed kind enough
{Tahti}♀: How was the life of a mute?
{Castor}♂: You were a part of the Brotherhood, right?
Heard Of
{Elliot}♂ {Daniel}♂ {Bali}♂ {Rota}♂ {Marzena}♀ {Theodore}♂
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet