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Name Pack
Maaike Morris Stormborn Alliance III. Apprentice
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 11 mos.)
2135 SP

Character Information

Pronounced: "My-ka"

Voiced by: Ginnifer Goodwin

Theme song: Best Day Of My Life


Eastern Timber Wolf. 29 inches, 102 pounds
Maaike's base colour varies from cream to tan on her legs and underside, with a black saddle from tailtip to ears, dark guard hairs and streaks down her cheeks. Her eyes remain a warm, teak-brown. Fully grown she has taken on her father's formidable build, above average in height and quite muscular for a female, broad across her shoulders and hips and barrel-chested. Not quite a traditional beauty, that's for sure.

Did You Know?

Strong sense of hearing and smell, average eyesight. Loves heights and impressive views. Is afraid of water since falling into Thunder Creek as a puppy. Loves storms, clouds, and watching the sky. Fondness for pouncing on piles of autumn leaves or into snowdrifts. Favourite food is rodents like mice and voles.


Maaike has retained several of the key personality traits she displayed as a very young puppy. She is still friendly and excitable, can be thoughtlessly rude, is sometimes lazy, and is still protective. She still has a good grip on the world, and she understands how things work, which results in at times a maturity beyond her years when a situation doesn't call for fun and games.

"New" is the same word as "Excitement" to Maaike, and nothing brings more excitement than exploring, finding a new adventure, or a new playmate.

Maaike has grown closest to her (unknowingly adoptive) sister, Titania. Despite their drastically different personalities, there is nobody in the world she loves like Tita.

She loves her two brothers Dem and Obe as well, though probably feels closer to Deme, being closest to him in personality. She was badly hurt when her sister Maeve began to distance herself from her, and rarely speaks of her anymore. She loves her father dearly, but she feels unconnected to him since the death of her mother. Tita remains the one she relies on most in her family.


Born to Rhydian and Veerle of the Stormborn Alliance. Her parents adopted three more pups when they were all very young and Maaike believes them her blood relations.
Veerle consumed a poisonous plant and died after a lengthy struggle with depression when Maaike was five months old.
Heartbroken over her mother's death, Maaike temporarily left home and struck out with Tita and a new friend, Abrielle. They stayed several weeks in the Skyrise Mountains, often to be found in the vicinity of the Moonglade hot springs.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Falcon Rise, Horizon
Father Mother
{Rhydian} {Veerle} †

{Demetrius} (Adoptive)
{Titania} (Adoptive)
{Oberon} (Adoptive)

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet