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Name Pack
Maaike Morris Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 1 mos.)
4210 SP

Character Information

Pronounced: "My-ka"

Voiced by: Ginnifer Goodwin

Theme song: Pompeii, Bastille.
How am I gonna be an optimist about this?


Eastern Timber Wolf. 29 inches, 102 pounds
Maaike's base colour varies from cream to tan on her legs and underside, with a black saddle from tailtip to ears, dark guard hairs and streaks down her cheeks. Her eyes remain a warm, teak-brown. Fully grown she has taken on her father's formidable build, above average in height and quite muscular for a female, broad across her shoulders and hips and barrel-chested. Not quite a traditional beauty, that's for sure.
So far her only scar is a small circular one just above her nose, from where Tita bit her while they were playing.

Did You Know?

Looks over her own shoulder a great deal. Strong sense of hearing and smell, average eyesight. Enjoys heights and impressive views. Is afraid of water since falling into Thunder Creek as a puppy. Likes storms, clouds, and watching the sky. Fondness for pouncing on piles of autumn leaves or into snowdrifts - or she used to. Favourite food is rodents like mice and voles.


Bad news upon bad news has led Maaike to becoming more and more closed-off, and she seems to now to readily trust only those she knew before her first year. Newcomers might be able to wiggle their way in with persistence, but not with any sort of ease. Grimmer, more stoic, and it's near impossible to pry any conversation about feelings or emotions out of her. She's a bit of a lost soul now, and having accepted that Titania is gone for good isn't having any sort of positive effect.
She is less friendly these days, and the thoughtless rudeness that she carried as a child may now be more in evidence to some. She believes she needs to act more like a grown-up, so playing and games will only take her in the wrong direction. Maaike remains loyal, but to an extent that can be detrimental to her own self-worth. Her protective nature has only grown stronger, emphasized by a sense of justice and desire not to allow others to be wronged, but she is less hesitant now to take action, starting to in fact favour action over words.

Maaike has grown closest to her (unknowingly adoptive) sister, Titania. Despite their drastically different personalities, there is nobody in the world she loves like Tita.

Maaike loves her brothers dearly as well, but has been more distant from them lately due to her lifestyle of travel. She feels closer to Demetrius, being closer to him in personality. There is a growing distance between herself and Oberon, who she feels somewhat wary of due to his confidence and sometimes short manner. She was badly hurt when Maeve distanced herself after she got injured but has some hope they can repair their relationship now they are yearlings.
A slow resentment had begun to build towards the father she was once quite close to in puppyhood. She feels as though Rhydian hasn't been there for the family, and although at first she allowed him off the hook due to his grief, she had begun to believe that he ought to be able to fix some of the problems developing between her siblings.
She still considers Titania the closest of her family, even though she has not been as open with her lately as she once was.


Born to Rhydian and Veerle of the Stormborn Alliance. Her parents adopted three more pups when they were all very young and Maaike believes them her blood relations.
Veerle consumed a poisonous plant and died after a lengthy struggle with depression when Maaike was five months old.
Heartbroken over her mother's death, Maaike temporarily left home and struck out with Tita and a new friend, Abrielle. They stayed several weeks in the Skyrise Mountains, often to be found in the vicinity of the Moonglade hot springs.

When they came home to check in with their family before exploring further in the valley, Tita and Maaike discovered that their missing sister Maeve had been sighted on the coast and traveled there to 'rescue' her. The entire family showed up and Maaike and Tita retreated from the gathering, feeling it would be better to try and speak to Maeve alone, which Tita managed to do.
Back at home again things started to deteriorate when Maaike and Tita argued over Akeito. Shortly after Maaike learned that Veerle had lied about leaving the pack - she'd done it because she felt her pups didn't love her and because Maaike got injured in the creek.
Maaike forced herself to grow up fast after the discovery about her mother and the fight with Tita. She believed she needed to be a better sister and do a better job of protecting Tita. She tried this out as she, Tita,Maeve, Tita's friend Lemming, and Akeito traveled to Cloudmirror Lake. After a few weeks she and Tita rescued a dead body from a river, despite Maaike's fear of water. They agreed to try and find somebody who knew the deceased male and tell them where the girls had buried him, and split up to find locals, with Tita heading into the north mountains.
Maaike never saw her again.
She and Maeve accepted the reality something catastrophic had driven Tita from the valley. Maaike halfheartedly teamed up with another yearling, Scott, to investiage, but she knew they would never find Tita. She and Lemming recently parted ways after Lemming made a friend of another yearling (seemed to be a dearth of them in the north mountains) called Insolito, and Maaike and Maeve awaited the arrival of packmate Jingo to the mountains.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Falcon Rise, Strongwind Range
Father Mother
{Rhydian} † {Veerle} †

{Demetrius} (Adoptive)
{Titania} (Adoptive, Missing)
{Oberon} (Adoptive, Missing)

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