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Name Pack
Machello Nevero Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
60 SP

Character Information

Condition Alignment
  • Winter coat in full shed

THE MANIPULATOR: Lawful Evil — Always methodical, they take what they want within the limits of their own creed. They condemn others not for their actions, but their appearance, religion, birthplace, or social rank.

  • WEIGHT: 112lbs / 51kg
  • HEIGHT: 36in / 91cm
  • LENGTH: 6.2ft / 1.9m
A near identical copy of his brother, Otavio, Machello's body is large and strapping. Sturdy bones serve a frame for his firm musculature, coated in a veneer of thick, ebony fur. Lined with cheeks of velveteen, his strong, handsome features hold an unshakable poise, each contour sculpted to utter perfection. Beneath strong brows rest a pair of impressive blue eyes, hooded with a dusky, roguish allure. Like every Nevero, he was made in the eyes of a god, and carries himself as such. Voiced by Hugh Dancy.

Machello is devoutly religious. Raised as a disciple of the wolf-god Delevero, he is committed to the deity's cause, and strives to serve Him first and foremost. Machello also holds his twin brother in very high esteem, and would likely do anything for him. He doesn't care much for other wolves beyond the superficial; if he has nothing to gain from an individual, Machello won't hesitate to discard them. Considerably quieter than Otavio, the man is often content to follow along with his brother's exploits, but rarely leads any himself. Having a generally tepid disposition—with a sprinkle of dry, lewd humor here and there—Machello possesses a temper that's easy to provoke, and is quick to form grudges against those who test him. Ultimately, he is a wolf of the flesh, relishing most in life's carnal pleasures—and his libido does not discriminate.

Deities Practices Hierarchy

DELEVERO: The Vengeful Overwatcher — Followers of the wolf-god Delevero believe that they were made in his perfect image, and thus sent to earth by Him with the purpose of continuing his legacy. They believe that, one day, He will come down from the sky, and cleanse the world of the imperfect and unfaithful.

Because their goal is to populate the earth with those made in his image, Delevero's disciples often practice selective breeding, allowing only the strong, capable, and beautiful to reproduce. Breeding rights are withheld from all deemed unworthy of them, and insurrection is punished severely.
  • Disciples are divided into two ranks:
    • The Followers
    • The Faithful
  • Followers have breeding rights, and are regarded as perfect beings
  • Faithfuls do not, and are regarded as imperfect beings
  • Pack leaders designate breeding pairs each year; committed mateships are very rare


trigger warning: eugenics, sexual themes

Machello was born in the later weeks of spring alongside a twin brother, Otavio. The boys remained one another's sole siblings for only a couple of hours, when two others came: another brother, Valente, and a sister, {Serafina}. Their parents weren't mates—wolves in Machello's natal pack rarely were—but they were devoted, nonetheless; perhaps exceedingly so.

From the moment their eyes and ears had opened, the Nevero pups were raised to be spry and observant. They were taught about God from early on, and about the world through the lens of his teachings. Needless to say, they were a devout family in the midst of a devout pack, and stood out only in terms of their utter dedication. Machello was quick to catch onto that fact, and developed an air of pride over his lineage, eager to uphold his and Delevero's names since the time he was a young boy. As the products of a designated pair, the pups were deemed worthy of breeding rights early in their lives, and were praised for their beauty and strength from then on. Machello's brother Valente was especially lavished in said praises, being the only pup to match his mother in allure, and—though he was never very keen on it—Machello grew jealous of him. Bitter, he began to treat Valente coldly, and became far more competitive with his younger brother once his salacity began to develop.

Nearing his second winter, Machello experienced his first rut. He was paired with a woman named Catia, and, come spring, she bore him three pups in Delevero's name. His twin, too, yielded a successful union; his sister, though, did not go into heat. Regardless, Machello was proud of his siblings and their undertakings—all but Valente. The youngest boy of the Neveros had earned himself a place in priesthood. It was a position Machello would've coveted, and he despised his brother for having received it. Though he would never be recognized as profoundly attractive in his natal pack, Machello certainly made a name for himself as one of its most virile. Between his first rut and the next, he mated frequently, and with a variety of wolves. He had little regard for who it was he indulged in, provided their appearance and disposition suited his domineering tendencies.

With the coming of their third winter, Serafina began her first excursion away from the springs. When the leader sought missionaries, she was the first to volunteer, and departed on her quest shortly thereafter. The rest remained to experience the next rut. That season, Machello was paired with a new woman, named Salomé, who gave birth to four more of his children that spring. Otavio, too, had found luck in his own union. As had Valente, who sired his first litter that season. A fall from grace, though, was soon upon the youngest brother; accused of sewing seeds of dissent in the minds of his young, the priest was labelled a heretic, though he managed to flee his punishment. In the face of such treason, a hunt for him was launched. With his contempt for Valente seething, Machello volunteered himself alongside Otavio, and the brothers were soon dispatched. Their long search for the traitorous priest—and any other wolves created in God's image—had begun.


Early Summer — Machello enters Horizon by the southeastern shore of Cloudmirror Lake. He's left Otavio just outside of the valley in search of something—or someone—to satisfy him. Luckily, he meets {Ravana}, and their encounter quickly becomes intimate.


Height Build
Large Muscular

Dele Springs
Outside Horizon

Father Mother
Nefreh Sovra
Otavio , {Serafina} , Valente
Catia, Evelina, Saverio, Margaux, Camilla, Ruiha, Ovid, Salomé, {Ravana} WITH CATIA:
Zaira, Davide, Paolina

Amadeo, Ladislao, Raniero, Vincenza
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