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Name Pack
Maeve Morris Rogue
Sex Status
Female Ill
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
960 SP

Character Information

As Personality Goes...

Maeve is a lovely statement of breeding that had been done out of love… but then everything went to hell. It was no surprise, really, that the girl was brought up feeling out with her self imposed exile that had started it all.

While she is still an articulate, thoughtful young little girl who seems to get a good grasp of the emotions of others — Maeve is completely out of tune with herself. Assessing how she feels, being able to label it is no longer easy. Closed off, she would prefer to snap and snarl at someone for trying to comfort her without her permission.

She is disdainful for those who may come across immature, or overly silly. She had an expectation on adultness in others. Those who seem to see the world too brightly, she expects something terrible to happen to them. It leaves her… perhaps a bit intolerant.

But when Maeve loves, she is a passionate protector. Attached to those who can cross through her lines, she is a fantastic companion to have. Just watch out for the prickliness that may accompany her.

A Feral Lady

Due to an illness with under-developed lungs at birth, Maeve’s growth was stunted from a small age. It had left her small and dwarfed amongst many of the wolves she may cross through the valley. She is often taken to being ill, at that, her lungs causing a raspy cough almost constantly throughout the ebb and flow of seasons.

She is a relatively typical plains wolf, a bit darker colored than her larger sister. But the browns, golds and tans that make up her coat is a relatively healthy mix. She is not striking, per se, and perhaps with the coarseness of fur makes her look like a scruffy, mismatched coyote in some cases.

Maeve’s voice is also a signature rasp — due to her isolation during some critical vocal and word development periods, Maeve has regressed and often at best can talk with multiple pauses, or in short clipped sentences.

Things To Know About Maeve

*Please note, pieces revealed here are only spoken if Maeve has revealed ICly

Maeve’s isolationism spawned out of a feeling of her mother, {Veerle}’s distance and postpartum depression in having her litter. While originally close with her father, {Rhydian}, at Veerle’s suicide Maeve was left feeling as an outsider. This resulted in Maeve leaving, and disappearing from her family for a significant time.

Currently, Maeve has reconnected with her siblings in small increments — but was not able to re-bridge the broken relationship between her and her father. Unlucky for the girl, she’s just found out that Rhydian has succumbed to illness.

Maeve's Key Knowledge

ALLIANCE | Atlas Stormborn - Leader - Original Home

BROTHERHOOD | Stark's Pack

RANGERS | Bucky - Leader

TRIBE | North beach pack

Covenant | Maaike's Location

GLEN WOLVES | North of Alliance grounds

EVERGREENS | Aster's Location

IMPERIAL FACTION | Runaway's Pack - Far North

Significant Relationships

{Maaike} is currently her sister who is active in her life. After being drifted apart through feeling jealous of Titania’s love for Maaike, without the black bridge to bring them together Maeve is attempting to reach out.

{Jingo} is a wolf who somehow managed to break through many of Maeve’s barriers. Although she is unsure about how she feels about him, there is a significant spike in her mood when he’s around.

{Bucky} was the wolf who rescued her from herself, from dying when she very well could have given up. While she’s currently sore of him disappearing on her after her family all but threw their wrath upon her, she values him.

Other notable wolves

{Demetrius}, {Oberon}


Height Build
Petite Lean
Stormborn Alliance - Falcon Rise, Horizon
Father Mother
{Rhydian} Morris {Veerle}

{Maaike} Morris

{Demetrius} Morris

{Oberon} Morris

{Titana} Morris

Spirit Symbol