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Name Pack
Mahalo Nami Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 6 mos.)
1585 SP

Character Information


Healthy and uninjured


Tall and lightly muscled, her coat may look pure black from a distance but in the light catches a steely blue-grey undertone. Her coat texture tends to a certain silkiness, and a unusual feature that not everybody may notice is her eyes are mismatched. They’re both blue, but she has one of her mother’s lighter and one of her father’s darker.


Mahalo sees the world with rose-tinted glasses, even when things aren't rosy. She finds the positive in any situation and cling to it. She hates when others want to talk about things that are sad or difficult and will quickly grow bored or despondent if forced to be part of such conversations. Mahalo is practically fearless, stemming from her strong believe in the world being a good and positive place.
She is very playful, loving to run, explore, fish, hunt, and otherwise generally enjoy herself. She has her father's wanderlust and wants to get out and see new things though guilt from her family has kept her close to home so far. She can be headstrong but often bends when that is the easier course to take. Her playfulness can turn to flirtiness though she is just beginning to discover her enjoyment of that.


Early Spring - Mahalo was born to {Yuna} and {Tidus} of the Silu Tribe. She was the first of four pups. Her sisters {Arashi} and {Kalea} arrive after her, while a male pup was stillborn. Unknown to her, {Efeon} and {Fawn} attended the birth. While still too small to know, she also met {Pace}, {Leas}, and {Eerik}.
Full Spring - She meets {Carl} and is mistaken for his little sister. Yuna and {Calliope} take the girls for their first interaction with the ocean and Mahalo regards being dunked in the water neutrally. Mahalo also meets a new tribe-member, {Jote}. She is introduced to a guest on the beach, {Dante}. Yuna takes the girls to the tidal pools to teach them how to swim.
Late Spring - The family abandons the den and the girls move outside full time. {Nomad} comes to visit and Mahalo brags about her swimming abilities. The family goes swimming with Nomad. Mahalo runs into {Chai}, and also meets two of Pace's daughters, {Gull}, and {Splash}. A volcano erupts to the south and causes worry on the beach, but Mahalo enjoys the large group of wolves who gather - she meets {Renegade} and {Momo}.
Early Summer - in progress...

(Adult) Stats

Height: 28 in

Weight: 94 lbs

Length: 5.7 ft

Entered the valley: Early Spring, HY4


Loves being groomed
Good swimmer


Height Build
Large Average
Hidden Cove
Father Mother
{Tidus} {Yuna}

{Arashi} and {Kalea}

Other Relationships
Uncle {Sunfall}
Cousin {Finn}
Cousin {Dawnfrost}
Cousin {Sebastian}
{Calliope} - always been there
{Dante} - playful, good to steal from
{Nomad} - swimming buddy
{Chai} - seems safe
{Jote} - playful friend
{Gull}, {Splash}, {Momo} - pup friends
{Eve} - swimming buddy
{Rowan} - wrestling friend
{Pace} - dark furred lady
{Ash} - grumpy boy
{Fox} - weird and quiet

Theme Song
Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
Spirit Symbol