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Name Pack
Mair Rees Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 8 mos.)
860 SP

Character Information


  • Mairwen Annalena Rees
  • Mair
  • 20 in
  • 50 lbs

  • Personality

    Mairwen Annalena Rees is a sweet and caring soul, helpful and protective. Around strangers she can be quiet and withdrawn, because the world is cruel, and she wants to be careful. But friends have her full loyalty and utmost devotion. Playful when she wants to be, it can come in sudden unexpected bursts, depending on who she's with. She knows a lot about herbs and is proud of her knowledge. She goes by the name Mair, since it's shorter, and easier; she was the only one in her family who had been given three names instead of two, and she doesn't understand why. So she doesn't like using her full name. She wants to be like her family. She wants to be normal.

    But she isn't exactly normal. Not the brightest wolf, but she makes up for it with her broad knowledge on herbs. Mair has created a slight dislike to males over the last couple of months, finding them highly irritable at times.

    Curiosity killed the cat, right? Mair can be considered a bit of a daredevil. She tries to be polite even wheen she's agitated, but can now and then have a big mouth with the most innocent of smiles. When she's curious about something, she wants to know more. Does she hear rumors, she wants to check it out and find out the truth for herself. Not always the best idea, but she has gotten out of trouble okay, so far.
    She's a small wolf, and not very strong, but her stubborness and boldness makes up for that. And her good looks, too. She sure looks cute. She isn't very cute, though. Not in her ways.


    She was born in a large pack of 30+ wolves, all wolves being healers or knowing at least something about healing or certain herbs. It was a little bit overwhelming, especially even more since Mairwen was the only girl out of a litter of five. She only had brothers.
    She was part of the first and last litter of her parents. She still has no idea whether or not her parents planned on a second litter or not, but she remembered her mother being upset for a long long time. Maybe they were unable to have more. Maybe having four sons was too much for her. Mairwen wasn't sure.

    Mairwen left at the age of four years old, and now at the age of four years and six months, she has entered Horizon. Only to vanish again not long after. But she has finally come back again.

    Other stuffs

    Heard of
    {Nike}, {Kivuli}, {Alaric}, {Marzena}, {Xenon}, {Beauregard} (as Alexander), {Catrine}, {Ryd}, {Rabanastre}, {Rorret}, {Zelda}{Scabbia}, {Uther}, {Kanin}
    Good terms
    Bad terms
    x{Nelli}, {Madeline}


    Height Build
    Petite Average
    Father Mother
    Dilwyn Rees Aerona

    Dyl ♂
    Elis ♂
    Elyan ♂
    Ewein ♂

    N/A, might never have one because males are stupid
    N/A, but she really wants them because pups are cute
    Visited areas
    Eastern Wasteland
    Adder Creek
    Verdant Hills
    Falter Glen
    Shadowed Dell
    Firefly Woods
    Evergreen Forest
    Strongwind Range
    Sundown Coast
    Spirit Symbol Emblems
    None yet