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Name Pack
Makoa Koena Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
330 SP

Character Information

Makoa has been quite different since meeting his children. He has mellowed out around them very noticeably. He has become less reckless, knowing he needs to be there for his children, and he can't if he's dead. He's sweet, caring, and very, very protective of his whole family. He's less easily provoked over small things, though will do anything for his family.

Disobedient || Cautious || Untrusting || Heart of Gold || Asocial || Loyal || Enigmatic || Curious || Easily Provoked || Actively Assertive || Idiotically brave

Disobedient :-: Makoa can be known as "disobedient" simply because after his past with Tua, he does his best to observe and analyze the outcome before partaking in given orders.

Cautious :-/+: Koa does his best to be observant and cautious. Having the idea in his head, that anyone can turn against him and/or use him for their own gain. He tries to be on his toes around all he meets.

Untrusting :-: It's incredibly hard (sometimes impossible) to gain the trust of this male. You get one chance, and one chance only. After you ruin his trust, you're out of his life for good.

Heart of Gold :+: This male was gifted with his father's heart of gold. A noble, honest, caring, and incredibly loving male over all is sheltered away in the beast of a hunter. This part of him is more than partner/father ready. Yet, it's locked away. And it doesn't look like there's any signs it'll be coming out any time soon.

Asocial :-: Koa often does his best to avoid others. Keeping to himself, often being quiet or even hostile towards others at times. He does better alone, he believes others aren't interested in him genuinely anyway.

Loyal :+: You will never find a canine more loyal than Koa, it may be hard to reach this level of trust and devotion, but once he pledges himself to you, you need not worry about his actions. He will be faithful in all aspects.

Enigmatic :-: Koa is naturally enigmatic, being a mystery to all. He keeps to himself due to the fact that others don't have a genuine interest, and if they are interested, he doesn't see them as worthy to know who he really is or was.

Curious :+: Koa is curious of others. He was separated from other young as a child and wishes to see the beauty of the world through another's eyes. He wishes to see the wonder they hold within them.

Easily Provoked :-: There are things that set off Koa easily; such as others challenging him, claiming he's a liar/unloyal, speaking ill of his family, saying he made the wrong choices, and simply doing him wrong. He will not hesitate to show his aggression and deal with those against him.

Actively Assertive :-/+: If something happens that is clearly in the wrong, such as abusing power or simply mistreating a female or young canine - Koa will being physically active and put a stop to the foul treatment. He wont think twice about such a thing. He cant stand mistreatment, especially after seeing his mother and Tua.

Idiotically Brave :-/+: Makoa is idiotically brave, if there's a threat he will stop it from harming those he cares about. Or at least the ones he's devoted to. It may result in his harm or even death, but if the others are okay, he will not hesitate for a moment.

Makoa stands around 35 inches at his shoulder - he's taller and muscular but quite compact. He's not overly bulky nor stringy and thin. He never tends to have much height on others, but there are times he's the tallest one. His coat is quite common and nothing special. Mostly tans and browns with the ends of his hairs being ashy black. It creates a blotchy faded black blanket over his coat. Makoa is accented with extremely pale blue eyes, so light in color they almost appear to be light grey or even white. But they're blue, nonetheless.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Koena Cove, Far south
Father Mother
Huka Kala


{Kara} • My Paradise

{Sigurd} • My Ocean

{Vitalis} • My Sunset

Other Relationships
Tua • Adoptive father
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet