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Name Pack
Malkeen Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 2 mos.)
515 SP

Character Information

Malkeen is completely average in size and build. His coat is mostly a plain white, with a slight dusting of darker hairs in the middle of his back, but the marking that really stands out is the black that takes up the top of his head and sides of his face in a sort of helmet-like marking, leaving the rest white (muzzle, around eyes, and ears). Equally as noticeable, his eyes are a vibrant turquoise hue.

(Yeah so um his personality has become almost the opposite from what it was at first, lolz.) He does have a happy, fun-loving, playful, adventurous side, but lately that doesn't come out very often anymore. After a long time of wandering and feeling alone, he became a little more jaded and bitter. He still tries to be nice to everyone, and can act friendly enough (though somewhat nervous) in groups especially, but when alone or in one-on-one conversations where he feels like he can open up, he tends to start moping about all his problems. He can be smarter than he seems, but somewhere along the way he picked up some paranoid tendencies, finding it difficult to trust others. Usually he blames everything on himself more than on others though, and recently has come to believe that he is cursed with bad luck and might spread it to others who get near him as well. He came to realize that it's difficult for him to connect with others and have what he considers to be true friendships, and he now doesn't want to settle down in one place for too long unless he actually does find wolves that he can feel close to.

He had a fairly normal upbringing himself, though his family had gone through some tragedy before he was born. His father, Fridrick, had previously had another mate and another litter, a year before Malkeen's birth, but one of those pups went missing and was never seen again -- a girl named Eyja, and her mother later died of an illness. Fridrick somehow got through it all and found a new mate, Niala, and soon Malkeen and his siblings were born. Malkeen also had two half-brothers from the other litter, who survived, but left to go their own ways when they were about a year old, around the same time Malkeen was born, so he doesn't remember them much. But his father told him all kinds of stories about them, their mother, and even what Eyja was like for her few weeks of life before she vanished and (they presume) died. Malkeen always wondered about them, and whether there was any chance he could ever meet his half-siblings, as unlikely as it may be (especially for Eyja 'cause she's totally dead right?).
As much as Malkeen loved his family, and as much as he didn't want to grow up, his need to go adventuring grew too great and he eventually left the small pack he was born in. He roamed for about a year, making friends along the way but never staying in one place for too long, before coming to Horizon...

Recent Happenings:
- Malkeen had decided to stay at the Emerald Labyrinth for a while, with the newly forming Emerald Union pack, because he thought that he was ready to settle down somewhere instead of being a lonely wanderer. However, even though he had some nice chats with a few wolves like {Marcellus}, {Laura}, and more recently {Saski}, and attended a couple of meetings to contribute ideas to the pack, Malkeen still felt distant from everyone, and realized that he was still lonely.
- Strange happenings like getting sprayed by a skunk, and several wolves disappearing, started to lead him to believe that he was cursed. When the Union threw what was supposed to be a fun party, and Malkeen still couldn't be happy, he decided that pack life might just not be for him. He didn't want to just be another face in the crowd, he wanted something more meaningful that he couldn't find here.
- And so, after more than an entire season of feeling trapped in the Labyrinth, he finally left, to become a wanderer again, with no idea where he's going next or whether he'll ever find what he's looking for... Meanwhile, unknown to him, he is not only a brother but an uncle to wolves elsewhere in the valley, his nephew and nieces over half a year old now without him knowing of their existence.
(Last updated in the middle of autumn)


Height Build
Average Average
Outside Horizon
Father Mother
Fridrick Niala

{Eyja} (half-sister), some others that i didn’t bother to think of names for yet

Other Relationships
(he doesn't know about them but)
{Castor} (nephew), {Asha} (niece),
{Bree} (niece)
Wolves Met
{Sparrow} - Helpful mountain lady.
{Valentina} - Other helpful lady.
{Adrian} - Invited me to the Union. Seems nice enough, but where'd he go?
{Pace} - Chill leader of the Tribe.
{Chaos} - Leader of Union, didn't get to talk to him much, he keeps vanishing.
{Beauregard} - Lying jerk, according to Sunfall. "Beauregarbage".
{Caspian} - What ever happened to that dude?
{Marcellus} - Nice guy, wise healer.
{Holly} - Pretty cool girl, makes a good leader when Chaos is gone.
{Laura} - Nice, shy-ish girl. Where'd she go?
{Atta} - Only seen at meetings.
{Klass} - Don't know very well. Seems veeery close to Holly.
{Saski} - Another nice, shy-ish girl. Sympathetic, but doesn't need me.
{Sunfall} - Golden Boy. He stole Saski. He's nice but.. *dislikes anyway*
{Tahti} (Star) - She can't talk. Only met at party.
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet