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Name Pack
Mange Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
160 SP

Character Information

Two Steps From Hell - El Dorado
Two Steps From Hell - Five Finger Fillet

Voiced by Fran Drescher
- Tyra Unnr
- Timber wolf
- Born Mid Spring
- 23 in, 60 lbs
- Asexual, as far as we know.
Strong willed, selfish, hungry for power, cautious, and a shadow in the night. This girl is a wolf raised in the desert, strong, like a weed. Hard to get rid of her, and barely scared of anything. Accepts almost any challenge, but is not foolish. Is not picky with food, but very picky with wolves. Doesn't trust easily due to the events in her past, and only trusts those closest to her, like family. A very feral wolf, who gave up on speaking long ago, and only addresses strangers with body language. She will only speak when necessary, and her responses might either be one words or hurried, short sentences.
Can come off as grumpy, and a bit of a bitch, but is quite mellowed down around those she cares about. She never lets anyone else into her inner circle, unless they have a connection with her, whether family she grew up with, or those who manage to intrigue her.
She refuses to step down to others, and often says she hates pack life, but her hunger for power is strong, and she wants at least one or two wolves to rule over, to lead. But maybe she just likes to boss around others.
One who's close to her, however, will know she's not as insufferable at times, as she seems.
Born in a small pack of small wolves living in the desert, Mange was raised as Tyra Unnr. As oldest of her litter, she already was pretty much superior over her younger sister and two younger brothers. Or so that's what she believed. Her pack was not exactly a pack, more a group of wolves that banded together to survive. There was no real structure, and fights often happened. By outsiders, this group of rogues was easily described as coyotes or jackals. Too attached from the actual social life a wolf's life was supposed to be.
They scavenged, hunted small prey, argued and fought with each other. Over food, over sleeping places, over anything they saw as important. Tyra and everyone else had basically been raised to look only after themselves, and to claim basically whatever they saw fit as theirs. But Tyra went too far, and wanted more than just a sleeping spot or some food.
She believed she could make the group an actual pack. Bigger, greater. And she sought out a fight with the group's main dominant male, Ranash. But he had a lot more experience, and Tyra had only been a yearling, back then. Young and foolish, she hungered for power, and probably more than she deserved or could handle.
Afraid to be kicked out by Ranash, most of the wolves stood behind him, and they chased off Tyra, who was exiled. Living out there without a group to support you was a death sentence. They believed she would suffer and die. But while foolish at such a young age, Tyra was not dumb, and managed to survive. They thought it would kill her, but she only grew stronger, and smarter. More used to the dry climate than any of the others would ever be. Because Tyra realized packs were lazy. They were weak; they supported one another, believed others would save their ass. Well, Tyra knew better.
Small in size and lean in build, with a very dull brown coat with mixtures of creams and whites, Tyra – or also well known as Mange – is a real desert wolf. Born and raised in a desert, she knows how to survive in such a dry place. She is very bland in coloration, and doesn't look very interesting. The only striking thing about her are her yellow eyes; pale in the shadows, but bright in sunlight. She often holds either indifferent or grumpy expression, depending on her mood. There is a small nip out of her ear, a tiny wound she received from her fight with her former ''leader''.
- Favorite food is snakes. She's not afraid to attack them, and knows how to get around their fangs.
- Received the nickname Mange over time, as more and more pack mates started to call her that. The name stuck, and eventually when her original name was stripped from her, she started going by Mange. Only her family and former pack know her by the name Tyra.
- Doesn't have mange, but never grew much fur on her legs, hence her nickname.
- Prefers body language over words. Often speaks in grunts, barks, howls and whines. But will talk when necessary.
- Used to desert life, will only venture out to other places if her desert home becomes dangerous.
- Cannot hunt big prey, they're too big for her.
- Despises strangers, especially males. Doesn't like pups.
- Acts very feral, can be aggressive in certain situations.
- Has an obsession with cacti. Often will try to get to the liquid inside.
- Great heat tolerance, and high pain tolerance. But she's not immortal, and she knows this.
- Seems to enjoy pain, likes a scuffle as long as it doesn't become too dangerous.
- Hates her brothers, tolerates her sister. Her sister is hers.
- Sometimes calls her sister ''Spunk'', or just ''sister''.
- Shows love by nipping, shows hate by biting.
- Tends to claim objects or wolves as hers whenever she sees fit.


Height Build
Small Lean
Father Mother
Ronastr Unnr
Alria Unnr

{Hestia} Unnr
Savian Unnr
Ronas Unnr

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Other Relationships
Ranash (Ancient Baron) - Former pack leader. Old useless shit who thinks he's better than anyone else.
{Hestia} (Spunk/sister) - Sister, only one I trust. Mine.
Ronastr (Sand Eater) - Father, weak.
Alria (Little Mouse) - Mother, coward.
Savian (Dust) - Brother, fuck you.
Ronas (Flecks) - Brother, fuck you.
Visited areas
Nicknames she either received or calls herself

- Mange (her old pack)
- Desert Queen (herself)
- Rat (some strangers)
Claimed so far (in her opinion)
{Hestia} - Mine forever
Spirit Symbol