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Name Pack
Marcus Wight Rogue
Sex Status
Male Ill
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 2 mos.)
385 SP

Character Information

Due to a severe respiratory infection, Marcus's lungs are permanently damaged, causing shortness of breath, frequent coughing, premature fatigue, and intense fits of respiratory distress when performing rigorous physical activities; these fits in particular can be fatal.
Early Summer HY5: Starlight Peaks — Reunited with Spice. Residing at her cliff.
Draped in alabaster tresses, Marcus has the likeness of a geist. He once boasted a frame of sizable stature, carried on limbs of cultivated musculature, and large, heavy paws. A wide, handsome face topped his figure, crowned by a pair of poised ears, which gave way to a thick, well-kept ruff. The wolf's muzzle is marred from tooth and claw, earned from training and skirmish alike. Once, seasons ago, he wore this visage proudly—but things have since fallen into disarray.

Now, Marcus's cheeks and belly have sunken in. His fur, previously thick and lush, falls over his figure in wispy locks. His eyes, once clear and glossy as morning dew, hide behind hooded lids. The man's voice is soft and gravelly from coughing with the hint of an accent from his homeland. An earthen musk tinged with the smell of nettle clings to his pelt. Despite the mere shell he inhabits, Marcus has begun to accept himself for the man he now is.
— Reserved. Not one to speak often or freely. Keeps to himself.
— Disciplined. Level-headed, obedient. A well-trained soldier.
— Loyal. Devoted. Adherent to his masters.
— Lonely. Yearns for the company of others. Wants to be loved.
— Traumatized. Witnessed slaughter. Has nightmares. Copes quietly.
— Self-deprecative. Feels profoundly unworthy. Pushes himself beyond his limits.

Marcus and his three siblings were born in a small mountain basin during the midst of spring. They were mothered by a duchess of their natal pack, and had been sired by a viscount. His and his siblings' lives were rooted deeply in politics and appearances, especially as children of the gentry. Despite this, Marcus and his only sister would often shirk their duties to instead rendezvous together at a nearby riverside. Near their first birthday, these outings ceased, and the two went down their separate paths to adulthood, with Marcus destined for knighthood.

Marcus's training came to a conclusion once his second summer arrived. Before he was officially knighted, the young man had to hunt and down a bull elk with the help of two other trainees. Marcus found himself relieved to get away from home, and the tense atmosphere permeating his family as of late. The trio left the next morning.

During their excursion, they encountered a small familial pack north of their own. Marcus met Sigra, who invited his group to stay in her family's territory. Sigra and her family offered to help the trio track and kill an elk, which they readily accepted. They rested for a day, began the hunt, and had killed a bull elk by the next evening. While the others ate and celebrated, Sigra and Marcus rendezvoused alone. She was smitten with him, and Marcus requited her feelings, thus promising to return once he was knighted. He and his fellow trainees left for their natal pack the next morning, bringing the elk's antler as proof.

When they returned home several days later, they found the aftermath of a massacre. What seemed like their entire natal pack had been slaughtered. Marcus fled before the trio could regroup, desperate to find Sigra—but when he finally returned to her home, she and her family were gone. He waited for several days until a band of wolves came from the south, fur stained with blood. By their smell, he recognized them as the wolves who killed his family. A fight ensued, but, being highly outnumbered, he escaped. Marcus wandered further north in search of Sigra, but was never able to track her down. At the end of his third winter, he stumbled into the northern mountains of Horizon.


Height Build
Large Average
Outside of Horizon
Father Mother
Deceased Deceased
Deceased , Deceased , Deceased
Jean, Spice None yet
AcquaintancesWary Of
Geth, {Nettle}None yet
Known Herbs
Boneset, Bracted Vervain, Stinging Nettle
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet