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Marcus Wight Rogue
Sex Status
Male Ill
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(4 yrs, 0 mos.)
315 SP

Character Information

EARLY AUTUMN HY4: Starlight Peaks — Ill, uninjured; recovering from a respiratory infection. Feeling defeated after a search for Spice that yielded no results.

SPECIES: Rocky Mountain wolf
WEIGHT: 92 lbs.
HEIGHT: 33 in.
LENGTH: 6 ft.
Draped in alabaster tresses, Marcus is one of winter's geists. He once boasted a frame of sizable stature, carried on limbs of cultivated musculature, and large, heavy paws. A wide, handsome face topped his figure, crowned by a pair of poised ears, which gave way to a thick, well-kept ruff. Across the wolf's muzzle are marrings of tooth and claw, earned from training and skirmish alike. Once, seasons ago, he may have worn this visage proudly—but things have since fallen into disarray. Now, Marcus's cheeks and belly have sunken in. His fur remains messy and unkempt, twisted into cowlicks and tangles after days of neglect. His eyes, once clear and glossy as morning dew, hide behind hooded lids, and curtains of pallid lash. His scars, he now despises. Marcus is merely a shell of the man he once was, and he knows that full well. Voiced by Tom Hardy.

Brief Description Progress
While training for his knighthood, Marcus sustained several minor injuries, typically during spars—though some he earned during scuffles between pack members. Most, he wears across his muzzle, though he has no shortage on his forelegs, and in the fur of his neck. Fully Recovered — The marks on his neck and legs are no longer visible; the lacerations on his muzzle have faded considerably.
After the destruction of his family, Marcus was assaulted by a patrol of hostile wolves. He attempted to fight, but was outnumbered, and ultimately fled—though not before sustaining several wounds. Fully Recovered — The injuries to his legs and sides have either faded, or are concealed; the scars on his face from this encounter, though, remain evident.
When Marcus entered Horizon, he had barely eaten for weeks, and was near death from emaciation. Recovering — Slowly, he is gaining weight, and building strength.
Due to his weakened state, Marcus developed a respiratory infection after entering Horizon, and spending several nights in the rain. Recovering — With Spice's help, his symptoms are subsiding, slowly but surely.

ALIGNMENT: Lawful NeutralThe Acolyte
MBTI: To be determined.
Marcus is, simply put, a meek man. Where there was once the temperament of a soldier, honed in the grounds of strength, efficiency, and pride, remains only unquestioning obedience. With his body emaciated, Marcus has little physical ability to provide; with his home and his lineage destroyed, he has nothing to take pride in. Nonetheless, he labors to provide all he can to those he serves—but his weaknesses limit him extensively. His experiences have ravaged his wellbeing, giving him a far more reserved disposition, as well as a rather fragile ego, and a self-deprecative streak to boot. Hungry for a purpose, Marcus is quick to put himself at the behest of those he wishes to serve, or owes a debt; he is fiercely loyal to those he dedicates himself to, and is not one to cut ties on a whim.


Marcus and his three siblings were born in a small mountain basin during the midst of spring. They were mothered by Diana Arundell Touchet, a Duchess of their natal pack, and had been sired by the Viscount Bartholomeu Touchet. Life for the Touchet pups was rooted deeply in politics and appearances, especially as children of the gentry. From the day their eyes and ears had opened, Marcus and his siblings—a sister and two brothers—were expected to act as prim and proper as their progenitors. Despite this, Marcus and his sister, {Babette}, would often shirk their duties to instead rendezvous together at a nearby riverside. The two frequently found themselves in trouble due to these outings.

Approaching his first birthday, Marcus began training to become a Knight. Around the same time, his siblings took to their own noble paths, each being driven further from the others by their obligations. This especially damaged the relationship between Marcus and Babette, leaving their more exploratory streaks dashed, and a bitterness towards their parents. When presented with an opportunity to serve as his sister's guard, Marcus promptly swore himself to the position, and stood vigil for Babette when he wasn't receiving instruction or honing his physical strengths. In the many seasons that he spent cultivating knighthood, a dispute occurred between the Touchet pups' mother and father, and tensions began to fester between the two.

Marcus's training came to a conclusion once his second summer arrived. Before receiving his knighthood, the young man had to undertake a rite of passage: his mentor tasked him with leaving the pack's territory, tracking down a bull elk, killing it, and returning with its head. Despite the arduous challenge, Marcus found himself relieved to get away from home, and the tense atmosphere permeating his family affairs—including his mother and father's contempt for one another, and Babette's nearing union with their parents' chosen suitor. The morning after his assignment had been provided, Marcus took to the surrounding woods to begin his mission.

During his excursion, Marcus encountered a small familial pack north of his own. There, he met Sigra, who invited him to stay in her family's territory. She then introduced him to the rest of her family: a mother, father, a brother, and four pups, born earlier that spring. When Marcus told them of his rite, Sigra, her father, and her brother agreed to help him take down his quarry. He was given a couple of days to rest from his journey, and, when the time came, the procession began tracking a local herd of elk. The trail led them into a valley northeast of the forest; it was there that they found and killed their bull.

Exhausted by the hunt, the group chose to spend the night sleeping around the carcass, and carry the remains home after dawn came. Sigra and Marcus went off together sometime that same evening, sharing in an intimate rendezvous during which the young man ignorantly promised to return once his rite was complete, and he'd attained his knighthood. The four worked together to carry the elk's remains back to Sigra's mother the following morning, and, once he'd been provided one more night of rest, Marcus began his trek back home with a bull elk's head in his possession.

He arrived home several days later. Marcus had done so excitedly, proud of the boon he'd acquired through comradery, and eager to return to his mate in due time—only to find the aftermath of a massacre. While he'd been away, what seemed the entirety of Marcus's pack had been slaughtered, and left to rot. Dazed and devastated, the young man fled north to find Sigra and her family. The trip took a number of days, and, when he'd arrived once more in her territory, the she-wolf was nowhere to be found. He searched the surrounding woodland for her, only finding signs of departure; he was led to believe that the pack, and Sigra, had left without him. Anguished, and stunned by all that had occurred, Marcus took to his mate's den, lamenting as he wasted the days away there.

Time passed in a blur for the young man. He knew not how long it had been once the woods began to stir with wolves again. Haggard, Marcus pulled himself from his dwellings to meet them, only to discover that they were not his mate's family, but members of the same empire that murdered his brothers and sister. A skirmish ensued, and, too outnumbered to defend his honor, the young man narrowly escaped. He was left with no other option but to follow what was left of Sigra's trail.

Before he knew it, months had passed, and his mate's trail had long since been lost. With his body atrophied, and his woes enveloping him, Marcus came to a stop in the barren alpine. With the last of his energy, he dug himself a den, whose confines he would remain in for winter's duration, leaving only to scavenge on occasion. Terrors began to plague his sleep; he spent many of his nights staring blankly at the walls, fearful of closing his eyes for what scenes might have been behind them.

Again, time blurred together, and when spring came so unexpectedly, Marcus grew restless. He knew not where the sudden conviction came from; he simply knew that he couldn't waste away any longer. Finally, the starving wolf dragged himself from his den, and, knowing death was in pursuit, began his aimless trek south.

LATE SPRING HY4: Starlight Peaks — Emaciated, Marcus enters Horizon from the north, and forges his way to the Grand Rapids. There, he collapses, and resigns to his fate—only to be found and saved by two she-wolves. Over the course of a few days, Marcus is nursed into well-enough health to accompany Spice and Jean home for further recovery.

EARLY SUMMER HY4: Starlight Peaks — Marcus is awoken in the middle of the night by a painful coughing fit. Finding trouble breathing, he and Jean call for Spice. The herbalist determines that he has developed a respiratory infection.

LATE SUMMER HY4: Starlight Peaks — At some point during the summer, Spice disappears without a trace. Marcus and Jean leave Horizon to search for her.

EARLY AUTUMN HY4: Starlight Peaks — After a fruitless chase, the pair enters Horizon again, and returns to their missing friend's den.


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