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Name Pack
Margarita Ambrosia Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 5 mos.)
270 SP

Character Information

Condition Alignment
  • 14 - 27 weeks old
    • Period of rapid growth
      • Will gain ~1.3 lbs per week over the next 3 months

THE HERETIC: Chaotic Good — They make their own way, with little regard for what is expected or desired of them. Though they have only good intentions, their morals and methods may clash with those belonging to an institution of law and order.

  • WEIGHT: A bit rotund
  • HEIGHT: Not as tall as she'd like to be
  • LENGTH: No longer pocket-sized
Rita, much like her siblings, resembles the likeness of her mother—save her eyes, and her stature. A full coat of pristine white only further bulks the girl's thick frame, from the coarse locks over her strong neck and shoulders, to the thinner hairs covering her sturdy legs. A halo of downy fluff frames her pointed face, the curve of her brow set with a pair of sharp, almond eyes; they're colored a piercing yellow. Voiced by Madeleine Peters as Scootaloo.

Loud, outspoken. Probably up to no good.


Early Spring — With the aid of {Alina} and {Orion}, {Achilles} gives birth to {Margarita} alongside {Bacchus}, {Dionysus}, and a stillborn. The pups' father is absent in their lives from the very beginning, but this fact doesn't bother the trio much.

Full Spring — Rita encounters {Josalyn}, who is yelling at the mouth of the caverns for her brother. With the pup miming her calls, {Lee} and {Solomon} are quick to join the procession. All the while, they're shadowed by Josalyn's companion, who acted like he was allergic to Margarita.

Early Summer — In the caverns, Margarita finds {Leas} pondering over herbs. In an attempt to thwart the girl's curiosity, and use up some of her energy, the young woman challenges Rita to a race.


Height Build
Average Stocky

Everlasting Caverns

Father Mother
Unknown Mumu
Deceased , Bayus , Dion
Lees, Not-Lick, So Man None yet
None yet
{America}, {Josalyn}, {Lee}
Knows Of
{Alina}, Wion
Wary Of
None yet
Reference Sheet
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet