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Name Pack
Margarita Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 0 mos.)
860 SP

Character Information

EARLY SPRING HY5: Evergreen Forest — Healthy, uninjured. Exiled from the Evergreen Wolves. Travelling with {Absinthe}. Suffering the effects of emotional trauma.


Rita, much like her siblings, resembles the likeness of her mother—save her eyes, and her larger stature. A full coat of pristine white only further bulks the girl's husky frame, from the coarse locks over her strong neck and shoulders, to the thinner pelage covering her sturdy legs. Her guard hairs have grown in darker than the rest of her, hugging her back with a strip of black ticking. A halo of downy fluff frames her pointed face, the curve of her brow set with a pair of sharp, almond eyes, colored a piercing yellow. The fur under them is often dark, denoting a lack of sleep. Voiced by Ashly Burch.


"Margarita. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, only she was touched by tragedy and sadness. They were the same, these two children. Orphans of a cruel world."

— Absinthe, in "endorphin orphan morphing"

Once a happy, carefree girl, Margarita has changed drastically since the early days of her childhood. Tragedies beyond her fathom have left her the sole wolf in what was once a family of five, along with severe emotional trauma that she constantly grapples with. Her disposition, once one of mischief and levity, is now flat, depressive, and cold; she rarely opens up to others for fear of losing them, instead treating them with irritation, or even contempt, to keep potential relationships at bay. Most of the time, Rita handles her pain quietly, but is prone to outbursts when enduring enough distress, especially when it comes to wrongs not yet redressed. The only wolf she expresses affection towards is {Absinthe}. When one is near, the other is never far.


Height Build
Average Stocky
Everlasting Caverns
Father Mother
Unknown Left
Deceased , Deceased , Deceased
Absinthe, {Cypress}, {Solomon} {Auberon}, Lees, Mintaka
AcquaintancesWary Of
{Jacqueline}{Scotch}, {Sokol}
{Adhara}, {Adler}, {America}, {Aster}, {Azalea}, {Josalyn}, {Lee}, {Marceline}, {Rathbone}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet