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Name Pack
Margarita Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 10 mos.)
860 SP

Character Information

FULL WINTER HY5: Evergreen Forest — Healthy, uninjured; finally recovered from exhaustion and starvation. Still learning basic skills. Has become especially fond of {Absinthe}.


Needs revisioning. Rita, much like her siblings, resembles the likeness of her mother—save her eyes, and her stature. A full coat of pristine white only further bulks the girl's husky frame, from the coarse locks over her strong neck and shoulders, to the thinner hairs covering her sturdy legs. Her guard hairs have grown in darker than the rest of her, draping the length of her spine from shoulders to rump in gray and black ticking. A halo of downy fluff frames her pointed face, the curve of her brow set with a pair of sharp, almond eyes, colored a piercing yellow. Voiced by Ashly Burch.


Needs revisioning. Margarita was, simply put, a happy pup. Anywhere and everywhere, the girl seemed able to find light in the world, be it in the form of friends, games, or just plain old fun—but things have changed drastically since her family fell apart. A bundle of nerves, Rita fears abandonment above all, and will cling desperately to those she comes even remotely close to. Emotion is quick to take over the girl, should they be stripped from her. She tends to handle tragedy with action, as opposed to sulking—though it's usually driven by impulse, and can very easily become self-destructive. Nonetheless, she labors to find the silver lining in most situations, always holding out for hope, no matter how grim things look.

Herb Qualities
Dandelion Yellow or orange flowers. Purpose unknown.
Rosemary Tough plant with needles and tiny, purple flowers. Has a strong smell. Purpose unknown.
Vervain Short, green plants with white flowers. Purpose unknown.
Stinging Nettle Big plants with broad leaves. Burns the tongue when eaten. Purpose unknown.
Red Berries Poisonous. Stay away.
Mushrooms Poisonous. Stay away.


EARLY SPRING HY4: Evergreen Forest — With the aid of {Alina} and {Orion}, {Achilles} gives birth to Margarita alongside {Bacchus}, {Dionysus}, and a stillborn. The pups' father is absent in their lives from the very beginning, but this fact doesn't bother the trio much. Margarita finds a best friend in {Cypress} early into her life, and another in {Solomon}.

FULL SPRING HY4: Evergreen Forest — Rita encounters {Josalyn}, who is yelling at the mouth of the caverns for her brother. With the pup miming her calls, {Lee} and {Solomon} are quick to join the procession. All the while, they're shadowed by Josalyn's companion, who acted like he was allergic to puppies.

EARLY SUMMER HY4: Evergreen Forest — Margarita finds {Leas} pondering over herbs in the medicine room. In an attempt to thwart the girl's curiosity, and use up some of her energy, the young woman challenges Rita to a race.

FULL SUMMER HY4: Evergreen Forest — In the caverns, Leas summons all of the puppies to cover some ground rules. There, Margarita meets {Auberon}, another of the Evergreen's puppies.

LATE SUMMER HY4: Evergreen Forest — In the tail end of summer, Achilles disappears. Shortly thereafter, Dionysus runs away. Left all alone, and with no answers, Margarita goes searching for her family, only to find the body of her last remaining brother. She doesn't stay distraught for long, though, and is quick to set off in search of Dionysus or Achilles. In the White Geysers, she meets {Marceline}, who agrees to help her search for her brother.

EARLY AUTUMN HY4: Evergreen Forest — After weeks of searching, Margarita is finally reunited with Dionysus, and, as emotions run high, she confronts him about why he left. Quickly, emotions escalate, and the encounter ends when Dionysus flees. Margarita and Mintaka trail after him, leaving Marceline in the dust.

FULL AUTUMN HY4: Rolling Prairies — After making it across the river, Dionysus collapses from exhaustion. Margarita and Mintaka bicker over how to pick up the pieces. Finally, Mintaka agrees to retrieve water while Margarita watches over her brother. Before she can return, though, Dionysus passes away.

LATE AUTUMN HY4: Evergreen Forest — Back home again, Margarita struggles to reintegrate with the Evergreen Wolves after her traumatic experiences.

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Height Build
Average Stocky
Everlasting Caverns
Father Mother
Unknown Disappeared
Deceased , Deceased , Deceased
Absinthe, {Cypress}, {Solomon} Mintaka
AcquaintancesWary Of
{Auberon}Lees, {Scotch}, {Sokol}
{Adhara}, {Adler}, {America}, {Aster}, {Azalea}, {Josalyn}, {Lee}, Lucienne, {Marceline}, {Rathbone}
Knows Of
None yet
{Alina}, {Orion}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet