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Name Pack
Margarita Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 2 mos.)
860 SP

Character Information

Late Spring HY5: Cloudmirror Lake — Healthy, uninjured. Tentatively settled near Wormwood Grove. Grappling with suicidal thoughts. Mourning the death of {Absinthe}.
Rita has grown into her body quite well. She resembles the likeness of her lost mother—save the color of her eyes, and her larger stature. A full coat of pristine white only further bulks the girl's husky frame, from the coarse locks over her strong neck and shoulders, to the thinner pelage covering her sturdy legs. Her guard hairs have grown in darker than the rest of her, hugging her back with a strip of black ticking. A halo of downy fluff frames her pointed face, the curve of her brow set with a pair of sharp, almond eyes, colored a piercing yellow. The expression she often wears is one of stoic indifference. Voiced by Ashly Burch.
— Aloof. Cold, withdrawn. Does not open to others easily.
— Irritable. Has a temper that is easily provoked.
— Emotional. Prone to outbursts under great amounts of stress.
— Possessive. Covetous of the few to whom she gives her love.
— Rash. Does not care much for the consequences her actions may have.
— Sly. Clever, crafty. Enjoys toying with others.
— Selfless. Has little concern for her own life and well-being.
— Traumatized. Endured many tragedies at a young age. Struggles to cope.
Margarita was born in a cavern to a single mother alongside two brothers, and a stillborn. Her father was absent from her life from day one, and thus she never came to miss his presence. Her mother cared well for she and her brothers during the first several months of their life, but before long, she disappeared without trace or explanation. Her children, shaken to their core, were left orphaned and distraught.

More to come.


Height Build
Average Stocky
Everlasting Caverns
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
Unknown Left
Deceased , Deceased , Deceased
Early Spring HY4
Cypress, {Solomon} {Auberon}, Lees, Mintaka, Scotch
AcquaintancesWary Of
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet