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Name Pack
Marzena Firewing Brotherhood I. Leader
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 0 mos.)
6400 SP

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Levitate - Imagine Dragons
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5.3 ft. // 87 lbs. // 25 in.

Mongollon Mountain Wolf

Marzena is black on the top of her body, and right on her underside is white. About halfway down her body, the two colours merge together to form a grey colour. Apart from the patch on her underside, Marzena doesn’t really have much more white. The only other place is on her face. It runs around her muzzle, but it also leaves a patch down the centre on the top. She has bits of white around her eyes and on her cheeks, too.   


Loving | Passionate | Maternal | Peaceful | Friendly

Marzena, sometimes referred to as “Marz,” has always been a kind hearted soul. She steers away from fighting and complicated ways of sorting things out, instead trying to fix things with words and actions. Marzena tends to always see the good in others, rather than the bad things and their faults. She believes that everyone, even the worst wolves, have good things about them.

Marzena loves pups. She was always a pup sitter, but had never managed to get her own. She has always wanted her own, but either way, her love for them will never die. She’s dedicated to those that she trusts, and perhaps she trusts too easily. She knows some things about healing, and her understanding in the topic is increasing.

Since becoming America’s mate and joining the Brotherhood...
Marzena has become a little less trusting, but her traits still remain. She does not only see the good in others, sometimes seeing the bad, and knows that some wolves do not wish to be helped. She is dedicated to her mate and pack, and extremely excited to finally become a mother.

Since America left her...
Marzena gained a much stronger bond with {Valentina} in her mate's absence, which soon became a good friendship. Val is now Marzena's closest friend and she is loyal to her, both as her subordinate and her friend. After being promoted to Second-In-Command to Valentina, Marzena felt so honoured. She had never thought about leaving the Brotherhood before, but she knew then that she could never leave, no matter what. Together with Valentina, Marzena wishes to build the Brotherhood back up to be strong again.

Since Valentina died...
Marzena felt an unwavering loyalty to the female and the Firewing Brotherhood, but with Valentina gone, Marzena knew that she had to step up. She now has a sense of responsibility, and a stronger sense of wolves that are reliable and those that are not. However, Marzena has not lost her kind streak and she remains a peaceful leader — quite similar to how she believed Valentina was, unless otherwise provoked — unless the occasion calls for her to be something other that. Kind and loving to her Brothers, Marzena would stop at nothing to protect them and keep them safe, but she also wishes to — as Valentina so wanted — expand the Brotherhood and restore it to its former glory with loyal Brothers.

Since becoming the Leader...
Marzena is still compassionate, but since her role of Leader, she's had to kill. That troubles her deeply, and so does the continued absence of her son and daughter: Theodore and Emmalynn. She understands that she cannot make the pack prioritise her children over their safety, and as their Leader, she has to focus on that. As a mother, though, she cares deeply for them and worries for where they are — deep down, she wishes that she can find them. With almost no one to confide in, Marzena keeps her feelings to herself. The memories of America are now a sour memory that taunt her sometimes, making her feel disgusted and hurt.


Marzena’s mother died in childbirth, but she was adopted by a female who had also had pups that spring. However, this female’s litter had mostly died, except for one male, named Tytus. Marzena and her sisters (Irenka, Celina, and Kazia) all adopted Tytus as a blood brother and the four became almost inseparable.

Marzena had a loving life growing up and nothing too big happened to her. She had a wonderful life and grew up to be the pup sitter of her pack. Eventually, she decided to leave so that she could find another pack that might need her help. She wanted to make herself useful and help everyone that she could.

Marzena met America early on in her journey in Horizon, and the pair travelled together. Eventually, they became mates once they were settled into the Brotherhood, and there, they decided to have pups. In Early Spring, Marzena finally gave birth to her three children: {Clint}, {Stark}, and {Natasha}. Not too long after, {Chai} came to her with two abandoned pups, {Theodore} and {Emmalynn}. Marzena took them in and raised them as her own, with her own.

During a period of time when {Valentina} was away, the care of the Brotherhood was left in Marzena's hands. She looked after the pack, and not long after Valentina's return, the Leader gave Marzena the rank of Second-In-Command. A few days after gaining the title, Marzena's mate, {America}, returned, but their reunion did not go well. Eventually, Valentina and Marzena decided that he would not be able to return to the Brotherhood's lands, as he was a danger to her pups.

Eventually, Marzena gained the courage to tell her children the truth about their origins in Early Summer, HY3. They took it well enough, but Natasha needed a bit of a hug to help her through it. To do this, Marzena opened up about her past and everything else, all of which she has told no one else. Opening up helped her a lot, as well as helping Natasha.

America returned once again. He had the intentions of taking his family with him, but Marzena refused to go. She told her mate to go, but as he started to work his way back in, he made one more good decision. Valentina told him to never return, and if he should return, she promised to take care of him accordingly. Marzena opened up with her Leader about what he had done.

Valentina reunited Marzena and Tytus. Tytus joined the Brotherhood, which Marzena was grateful for. Tytus told Marzena what had happened to her siblings. She found out about her nieces and nephews, as well as the fates of them all. She has a brother to confide in now. Her pups also have an uncle. Marzena wanted to tell her children, but a pack meeting took place before she got a chance, and in that meeting, Hunter killed himself.

After some time, Jeremy was murdered by the wolves of the Emerald Union pack (Klass, specifically). Valentina went to find his murderer, but soon after returning, she was attacked by a bear and died on the outskirts of their territory. Marzena felt the need to take up the mantel as Leader for her. Valentina's death was the end of an era for the Firewing Brotherhood, but also the end of a wonderful friendship for Marzena.

As Valentina's leadership of the Brotherhood passed, Marzena took the mantle herself. She only wishes to make good on Valentina's legacy.

Things continued to stay rocky for the Firewing Brotherhood, and Marzena tried to deal with everything as best she could. Her Brother, {Eyja} was raped by her own brother, {Gunnar}, and Marzena struggled with the burden of killing the male. While she knew she had to, she still dislikes the idea. With {Yakov} now in the pack, Marzena confided in him much like she'd always done in Valentina. With her children aging by the day, Natasha and Stark both ran off for a short while — Natasha even had a falling out with Marzena. She took in {Eden}, a previous member of the Brotherhood, because she was pregnant. Although the female didn't want to keep her pups, Marzena wanted to do everything she could to help.


Marzena's mental notes and brain things about the Firewing Brotherhood.

  • Filling roles in the Council is important, but she doesn't want to do it without care. She wants to make sure the pack is in good hands.
  • Has plans to expand into the grove she found in the glen — she believes it is a result of the cyclone. It has been discovered to have plentiful deer.
  • Plans to keep the Summit alive and, hopefully, use it for more than just a gathering once a year. She wishes to gather it in times of need too, so that the Summit's members can make important decisions.
  • Plans to gain more Brothers over time and, gradually, rebuild the Firewing Brotherhood to a strong pack.
  • {Yakov} — Could possibly make a good Lead Warrior in time.
  • {Clint} — Hopeful for his future, so long as he continues as he is. Currently the only Brother she'd trust to uphold the Brotherhood while/when she's gone.
  • {Natasha} — Needs to learn to control her temper and not start fights. Needs to stop feeling like she has to prove herself.
  • {Stark} — Like Natasha, he needs to learn to control his temper. Has also admitted to feeling troubling feelings, which Marzena wants to help him through.



Height Build
Average Stocky
North of Horizon
Father Mother
Marek ♂ †
Anka ♀ †

Irenka ♀

Celina ♀ †

Kazia ♀

{Tytus} ♂ — Adopted Brother

{America} ♂ — Ex
First Litter; HY3:

{Clint} ♂

{Stark} ♂

{Natasha} ♀

Adoptive Litter; HY3:

{Theodore} ♂

{Emmalynn} ♀ †

Dearly Beloved
{Valentina} ♀ † — Best Friend. Marzena misses her dearly and wants to ensure that she follows in Valentina's footsteps to preserve the Brotherhood.
{Clint} ♂ — Son. Marzena loves Clint, even if he's quiet and is slightly distant. He is her son and she will always love him. She has big hopes for her son.
{Stark} ♂ — Son. Marzena loves Stark and wants to help him with whatever troubles he's going through. He's opened up to her and she wants to help, and she certainly loves him dearly.
{Natasha} ♀ — Daughter. Marzena loves Natasha, even though she is fiery and their morals often cross paths. Marzena is almost constantly trying to teach Natasha what she thinks is right, but struggles. However, she still loves her daughter dearly.
{Theodore} ♂ — Son. Marzena loves Theodore, but he's been gone for so long that she's worried where he might be. Seeker went on a wild goose chase for him and she's worried it's driven him up the wall. She hopes that they're both okay, and she loves her son.
{Emmalynn} ♀ † — Daughter. Marzena loves Emmalynn, but she is also hurt that she was pushed away by her before the girl left. She is unaware that she is deceased, but she does have her worries. She still loves her daughter greatly, no matter what she might've thought.
Close Relationships
{Yakov} ♂ — Friend. Marzena knows she can trust him and has gathered that he is a devout Brother. She has confided in him and sees him quite like she did Valentina. Finds him slightly alluring and is forming a close bond with him.
Other Relationships
Amaris ♀ — Adopted Mother †
Hera ♀ — Niece
Juno ♀ — Niece
Cerberus ♂ — Nephew
Good terms
{Valentina} ♀ †, {Rhian} ♀, {Dust} ♂, {Chai} ♀, {Stark} ♂, {Clint} ♂, {Natasha} ♀, {Theodore} ♂, {Emmalynn} ♀, {Cricket} ♀, {Orion} ♂, {Seeker} ♂, {Lenna} ♀, {Tytus} ♂, {Eyja} ♀, {Castor} ♂, {Korsteel} ♂, {Bree} ♀, {Atlas} ♂, {Bucky} ♂, {Jeremy} ♂ †, {Yakov} ♂, {Poet} ♂, {Rune} ♂, {Bianca} ♀, {Finni} ♀, {Nanna} ♀
{Halwyn} ♂, {Peony} ♀, {Pierre} ♂, {Sage} ♀, {Rabbit} ♂, {Rufus} ♂, {Mari} ♀, {Kilig} ♀, {Mair} ♀, {Three-Leg} ♂, {Olivia} ♀, {Libby} ♀, {Calliope} ♀, {Melody} ♀, {Finch} ♀, {Oliver} ♂, {Mac} ♂ †, {Carrot} ♀, {Mako} ♂, {Randy} ♂, {Genevieve} ♀, {Nikolas} ♂, {Bane} ♂, {Cressydia} ♀, {Novak} ♂, {Pip} ♀, {Kaete} ♀, {Beauregard} ♂, {Kabir} ♂, {Yuna} ♀, {Tidus} ♂, {Veerle} ♀ †, {Talio} ♂, {Awinita} ♀, {Valerian} ♂, {Thrush} ♀, {Stormfront} ♀, {Sonya} ♀, {Loren} ♂, {Merrit} ♀, {Zelda} ♀, {Ross} ♂, {Eden} ♀, {Nemesis} ♀, {Xanthos} ♂, {Cameron} ♀, {Sokol} ♂, {Argonaut} ♂
Bad terms
{Eris} ♀, {Aiysha} ♀, {America} ♂, {Hunter} ♂ †, {Gunnar} ♂ †
Leaf, Full Autumn HY2.
Hoof, Late Spring HY4.
Personality Type
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet