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Name Pack
Maurdie Schmidt Evergreen Wolves II. Adviser
Sex Status
Female Dead
Age Skill Points
(8 yrs, 2 mos.)
115 SP

Character Information


Small and stocky, Maurdie does little to draw the eye. Nothing striking stands out in regards to her appearance. She wears the most average timber coat and her eyes are a simple amber. Age has not been incredibly kind and although she is still a capable wolf, Maurdie's body betrays her; frame becoming increasingly thin and frail with age.


Optimistic (with underlying pessimistic tendencies), oblivious, forgetful, sweetheart, "grandma friend", family-oriented, quiet, reserved, simple, straightforward, lenient, low expectations, pacifist, awkward, will never talk about her past, eats when anxious.


See Rathbone's history for more information

Maurdie was raised by a family of rogues who had never been all that good at hunting. Her brother had always been ambitious, whereas she just wanted a simple life. She watched what her brother did in silence, telling herself it was all for the best. Somehow. For years, she managed to stay in the background. Staying quiet, minding her own business.

But she hated life. She was depressed, a unfortunate family trait. When Rathbone was born, she hoped to help her mother raise him right, but Edghar had gotten to him first. Rathbone had always taken a liking to her, though. Their personalities had enough similarities to help them bond naturally.

Maurdie remained optimistic when the pack collapsed. She thought the invading pack was a godsend. And then she had to watch her family fall apart: Rathbone's father got sick and died, their mother killed herself, Rathbone fled in despair, Edghar left in a fury, and then it was just her. She hopes to find her siblings, bring them back together as a family, and be as best and happy as they could be.


Height Build
Small Stocky
Father Mother
Borill ✞ Celinda ✞


Spirit Symbol
None yet