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Maya Kess Rogue
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Female Healthy
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Young adult
(3 yrs, 4 mos.)
1635 SP

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65lbs, 22 inches, 4.7 ft.
Before Horizon:
Amaya was born to a single mother - smack dab in the middle of the woods. Kept safe and protected by a series of caves her mother made home, Amaya grew up fearing little(except maybe those creepy crawlies who also made their homes in the caves she grew up in - Nothing should have more than four legs, alright!?) It wasn't the most perfect life, what with absent fathers and all that, but her mother doted on the kids. She kept them all as happy and healthy as she could.

As she aged, Maya grew restless - eager to get out and explore the world beyond her cushy little home. She knew it'd be hard to leave her mother and siblings behind, but living under her mothers roof wasn't cutting it anymore. She wanted to be out under the stars, experiencing all the things the vast world had to offer her.

At around her two year mark, Maya made the decision to finally leave. It'd been known to her mother for several months that Maya wanted to journey, but goodbyes are never easy are they? Maya left at daybreak one sunny morning, heading towards what she hoped were new adventures.

Coming Soon.

Maya would call herself ordinary looking, at the very least. Short in the leg and hovering very close to the thin side of the healthily lean line, Maya takes after her mother in the psyical aspect. An equal mix of dark greys and black create the coat she wears. Striking yellow eyes sit quite nicely above the jet black of her muzzle.


* Curious to the moon and back. Maya never lets anything go unexplored. Every new thing is a new adventure waiting to happen and she sure as heck isn't letting anything slip through her paws.

* Docile and laid back - There's barely a mean bone in her body and she doesn't have much of a temper. The few things that tick her off will usually have her fuming quietly for hours. Living with older siblings and 3 others her age gave her an enormous amount of patience - most things roll right off her back.

* Probably a little bit too naive and trusting. Her rather sheltered life didn't leave a lot of room for learning some people just can't be trusted or believed.

* Loyal. Maya believes loyalty to friends and family to be one of the most important things out there. She tends to stick adamantly by the sides of any who gain her trust. Vice versa, Maya holds those she trusts in high regard and expects the same type of loyalty. Maya doesn't take betrayals of her trust very well.

Art!: Large art by Kay.
Pixel by Rainy.


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Small Lean
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Unknown Roslyn
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