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Name Pack
Meir Evenfall Rogue
Gender Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 5 mos.)
7405 SP

Character Information

I'm only a man with a candle to guide me,
I'm taking a stand to escape what's inside me.
A monster, a monster,
I've turned into a monster,
A monster, a monster,
And it keeps getting stronger.

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Theme Songs
Monster — Imagine Dragons
See Me Fight — Two Steps From Hell ft. Thomas Bergersen, Linea Adamson

By Kori!

By Bird!

By Kam!


4.3 ft. // 50 lbs. // 21 in.

Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf

Meir has blue eyes and ginger fur pretty much all over, the colour doesn't change much for the majority of his body. However, he does have a cream patch around his mouth and his legs fade into a cream colour before changing into black socks. His feet are black and this pigmentation goes up to almost where his ankle is. He also has some black on the tip of his tail, which is only a small amount but it is there nonetheless. It almost looks like his tail has been dipped in some black paint. He is quite short and is slim in build; he doesn't look like the strong type at all. Despite his size, Meir still looks quite masculine in his features. He has always carried himself like a male and had a masculine voice, but he never really decided on being male until HY2 Full Autumn when he changed from Meinir to Meir.


Adventurous | Clever | Selfless | Short Tempered | Calm

Meir is adventurous at times. He enjoys going out and collecting herbs, mostly. As a seasoned healer, Meir is aware of the ways of medicine, and is always happy to help others, whether they be in his pack or not. In sticky situations, ones involving aggressive or tricky wolves, Meir is calm and level headed. He usually remains this way throughout the majority of his life.

The only times that Meir is not calm are when he loses his temper, which can easily be done. It does not happen too often, but when it does, he can become irrational and aggressive. Meir does not enjoy this at all, in fact, the very idea terrifies him, but he has accepted it as part of his life now. Meir identifies as a male, but also understands that some will never see him that way, as much as it does upset him.

Since becoming mates with Talio...

Meir is a little more open than he used to be. Instead of hiding most of his emotions, he shares some with Talio, maybe even with others. Meir is also a little brighter than previously. Most of the wolves he loves leave him, which he knows is not his fault, but Talio brightened his somewhat dampened spirits when he came along.

Since... who knows?
Meir has long believed those he loves leaves him. {Zahrah}, {Romulus}, {Josalyn}, {Halwyn}, {Willa}, and then {Talio}. Meir has started to notice that, perhaps, he loves to much. Spurred on by the words of Talio — that he gives and risks too much — Meir now realises that he can't stop. As much as he now knows he — in Talio's words — would risk his life to safe another's, he cannot stop. That is who he is. Meir wants to help everyone, and even when he tries to push everyone away, he cannot stop loving a select few too much only for them to drift away.


Abandoned by his parents, Meir was taken in with his brother by a wolf named Canwir. He raised him, taught him everything he knew, and then Meir left when he wished to move on. Aran, his brother, stayed for a while, but soon found him.  

After entering Horizon valley, Meir found himself joining a group of wolves that planned to form a pack. They did, calling themselves the Evergreen Wolves. Meir became their Herbalist, happily helping them out. Eventually, he changed from Meinir to Meir, which he was accepted for. Eventually, he grew a close bond with a male called Talio, who eventually became his mate. Finally, Willa, the former Guardian, passed away, and it ushered in a new era for the Evergreen Wolves. With Rufus at their helm as Willa wished, Meir still feels safe and content in his home.

At the end of Late Winter, Rufus told him that Zahrah and Romulus had died. This had a large effect on Meir.

Over time, Meir began to feel unwelcome in the pack, but he kept quiet about it because it was his family, but also for Talio. However, when he returned from a journey for Talio, Talio broke things off with him, leaving Meir, once again, alone. With very little holding him to the Evergreen Wolves even after being there since before they were official, Meir decided to leave. He met Kamaal as he returned, who he decided to go with back to the beach.

Herbs Meir Has Found in the Valley

  • Yarrow; found in Falter Glen
  • Raspberry Leaves, strengthens the uterus, makes delivering pups easier; found in forest area (Told by Josalyn)
  • Prince’s Pine; found in Evergreen Forest
  • Sundew; found in forest area (Told by Josalyn)
  • Salal; found in Everlasting Cavers, Evergreen Forest, and Firefly Woods
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom; found in Firefly Woods
  • Oceanspray; found in Firefly Woods
  • Goldenseal; found in Evergreen Forest, Firefly Woods.
  • Oregon Grapes; found in Verdant Hills
  • Mayweed; found in Everlasting Caverns
  • Lemon Balm; found in Evergreen Forest
  • Crimson Beebalm; found in Evergreen Forest
  • Canker Lettuce; found in Firefly Woods
  • Rosemary; found in Evergreen Forest
  • Stinging Nettle; found in Evergreen Forest
  • Bracted vervain; everywhere
  • Mullein; found in White Geysers
  • Meadow Death; found in Evergreen Forest

Herbs in Stock

After leaving the Evergreens, Meir has no stock.

Other Meir Art!

Human Meir by Jeames
Wolf Meir by Lupa
Meinir: ''DAI! Let's go party!'' Dai: *chokes* by Jeames
Manip by Jeames


Height Build
Petite Thin
Rocky Mountains
Father Mother

{Aran} ♂

No one.
Dearly Beloved
{Aran} ♂ — Brother. Adores completely. Meir does not want to ever be parted from him again.
{Zahrah} ♀ † — Adopted Mother. Meir confided in her as a mother, but she passed away. He misses her dearly and loves her completely.
{Romulus} ♂ † — Adopted Father. Meir confided in him as a father, but he passed away. He misses him dearly and loves him completely for all his quirks. He got him and Talio together and Meir is grateful for that, even with the tragedy it ended in.
{Willa} ♀ † — Also similar to a mother; Guardian. Meir loved Willa dearly, although he never got to express it much. She was their Guardian and accepted him. He misses her.
{Josalyn} ♀ — Friend. Josalyn disappeared and Meir does not know where. He has tried to bury the memories of her deep down as they hurt too much to think about, however brief they were. She helped him through tough times.
{Halwyn} ♂ — Friend. He used to be called "Dai," but he changed his name after forgetting everything. He and Meir were such good friends, even when Dai was depressed. Meir loved him, but he vanished. Meir buries the memories because they hurt him so much.
{Talio} ♂ — Mate. Although Talio split things off, Meir cannot help but still love him dearly. His feelings are confused — he cannot understand if its still the same ones as before — but he understands enough to know that it pains him greatly that Talio, too, left after he said he never would.
{Cypress} ♂ — Best Friend. Meir loves him like a brother and with all his heart. His deepest regret is that Cypress was not there when he left the Evergreen Wolves for him to say goodbye. He also regrets not spending as much time with him as he should have.
Close Relationships
{Kamaal} ♀ — Close Friend. He trusts her to lead their pack and to make the right decision. He also trusts her enough to come to her in his times of need. He cares for her deeply.
{Skuld} ♀ — Friend. He knows she is an Oracle with a troubled past. She's an interesting character and he has a need to protect her and care for her. He wants to get to know her better, though.
Other Relationships
Canwir ♂ — Adoptive Father/Pack Leader

{Talio} ♂ — Ex-Mate
Good terms
{Mari} ♀, {Rufus} ♂, {Willa} ♀ †, {Cypress} ♂, {Rigel} ♂ †, {Halwyn} ♂, {Josalyn} ♀, {Romulus} ♂ †, {Zahrah} ♀ †, {Talio} ♂, {Kiara} ♀, {Alina} ♀, {Charcoal} ♂, {Lee} ♀, {Savannah} ♀, {Kamaal} ♀, {Fred} ♂, {Whiskey} ♂, {Skuld} ♀, {Sparrow} ♀
{Sugar} ♀, {Shade} ♀, {Bedouin} ♂, {Dalus} ♂, {Rhea} ♀, {Keanu} ♂, {Baetes} ♀, {Paopu} ♂, {Solomon} ♂, {Pipin} ♂ †, {Ramses} ♂, {Ophelia} ♀, {Nina} ♀, {Immanuel} ♂ †, {Icarus} ♂, {Fawn} ♀, {Gerendel} ♂ †, {Cree} ♀ †, {Xenon} ♂, {Silver-Belle} ♀ †, {Thunder} ♂, {Kara} ♀, {Brynn} ♂, {Miles} ♂, {Nikolas} ♂, {Evelyn} ♀, {Krystof} ♂, {Vincent} ♂, {Pierre} ♂, {Foxtail} ♂, {Flit} ♀, {Hamlet} ♂, {Haden} ♀, {Talitha} ♀, {Pace} ♀, {Othello} ♂, {Orion} ♂, {Rabbit} ♂, {Red} ♀, {Hellion} ♂, {Poi} ♀, {Alessandro} ♂, {Bravo} ♂, {Finch} ♀, {Conner} ♂, {Geir} ♂, {Leif} ♂, {Chai} ♀, {Renegade} ♂, {Murphy} ♂, {Rio} ♂, {Ylva} ♀, {Sigfrid} ♀, {Shark} ♀, {Lenna} ♀, {Seeker} ♂, {Fray} ♂
Bad terms
{Nephilim} ♂, {Peony} ♀, {Atum} ♂ †, {Genevieve} ♀, {Della} ♀, {Klass} ♂ †
Personality Type
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet