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Name Pack
Mikazaru Noah Mason Johnson Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 8 mos.)
2330 SP

Character Information

Adrian von Ziegler - Evening Breeze

Art by Bird

Voiced by Peter Hollens
- Mikazaru Noah Mason Johnson
- Timber wolf
- Born Mid Spring
- 24 in, 85 lbs
- Bisexual, prefers males
WARNING: This character is an overreacted version of me, read at own risk!

This guy is very bland in coloring; he's got a black coat, with some small silver streaks here and there all over his body. The silver is mostly visible during spring and summer. During winter it disappears under a thick black coat. Mikazaru's eyes are amber colored, and he's a small and thin wolf. There's nothing special about him, and he doesn't see himself as special, either. He's a normal, lame wolf. Yours truly.
  • Kind and polite to wolves older, or strangers. Shows respect and will be serious when needed.
  • Shy and not much of a talker, mostly talks when he feels he needs to or when he's being asked questions.
  • Doesn't like too much attention, but doesn't like to be ignored when he actually wants to say something.
  • Sharing is caring; he would share food and shelter with everyone.
  • Sees good in everyone, unless they physically hurt others.
  • Will always show respect even when he's being yelled at or made fun of.
  • Very emotional at times, it's easy to make him cry. He's trying to become stronger and less of a crybaby.
  • Shy around strangers, but pretty much a goof around friends.
  • Depressed; often frustrated with himself. Often disappointed in himself. However, still determined to get done what needs to be done; this because he wants others to be proud of him. Sometimes asks for praise from the wrong kind of wolf... He just wants to be liked, okay?
  • Loyal to a fault. When around wolves ''higher'' than him, he will do anything for them if asked. Selfless in a pack or around strangers, can be selfish at times when with very close friends.
  • Often talks to himself when alone.
  • Sometimes talks to other animals. Often feels bad after killing prey.
  • He's a stress-eater; he eats whenever he's stressed. He would even chew on stones or sticks to calm his hunger and his nerves.
  • Also a big eater; will share his food with others, but his own share is gone in mere seconds. And, he keeps eating. If food was available to him 24/7, he would keep on eating until he became sick, and vomit it back up.
  • Curses a lot when around friends or wolves he can be open with.
  • Bisexual, prefers males, but when in a relationship appears almost asexual; not easy for him to show his emotions, not very loving or cuddly even though he wants to be. Feels awkward especially when being intimate.
  • Likes hot places, hates cold places. Can go pretty long without water, whines when he goes one day without food.
  • Can get annoyed easily and often yells about how he's gonna kill someone who's wronged one of his friends but once a fight happens he gets all scared and doesn't go through with it. He's a coward.
  • When stressed he often cannot sleep, but without stress he's a very deep sleeper; even thunder can't wake him.
  • He likes dark places, light often hurts his eyes.
  • Can be a bit whiny at times but only around friends other other close relationships he has.
  • Feels better after doing small good deeds for others, even if they don't really thank him. He just wants to believe he has helped and done a good thing.
  • Feels awkward around pups but still treats them like adults, and with respect. Just never knows what to say to them. Tries to avoid them when he can.
  • Tries to avoid other social encounters when he can because fucking shy.
  • Makes terrible, cringe-worthy jokes.
  • Hates speaking in public. It makes him shit bricks.
  • He's actually not dumb at all but he's often just too lazy to really think logically.
  • Lazy boy.
  • Unmotivated most of the time when given a task, but when he gives himself a task he's fucking motivated. Like, what? How even?
  • Things he could have been doing way earlier are often put off until the very end because of laziness or because he's not motivated. But, he does always reach his deadlines.
  • Likes to think up stories but doesn't like telling them because it makes him feel awkward and his stories are not fun, okay? He's creative but he believes he's not.
  • He knows he's a goober, and he's a proud goober.
  • When doing something he can get sucked into his work soooo much he basically doesn't hear anyone until they're yelling right in his ears. Mikazaru gets sucked into his own little dimension. Not his own little world, no, his own dimension. Good luck getting him out of there.
  • He easily gets peeved when yelled at.
  • He probably has the weirdest pet peeves.
  • His least favorite destination is a coast because ew, sand in your coat and nose and ears and eyes!
  • He prefers green, a lot of foresty stuff.
Human form


Height Build
Small Thin
Father Mother
Makelan Johnson Adeline

Litter mates
Stillborn ♀

Younger siblings:
Yoshimu Jacob Aiden ♂
Katja Jenny Emily ♀

Younger siblings:
Ava Yuki Bella ♀ (unknown)
Sam Brandon Ryu ♂ (unknown)
Stillborn ♂ (unknown)
Vicky Charlotte Ada ♀ (unknown)

Younger siblings:
Zoey Grace Jayla ♀ (unknown)
Stillborn ♂ (unknown)
Stillborn ♂ (unknown)
James Elijah Kenzo ♂ (unknown)

Don't really need one. I'm not good enough, anyway.
Please no
Other Relationships
{Skuld} - Friend
{Oliver} - Best friend
Visited areas
Eastern Wasteland
Adder Creek
Verdant Hills
Evergreen Forest
Everlasting Caverns
Firefly Woods
Sundown Coast
Western Plains
Strongwind Range
Thunder Creek
Falcon Rise
Hidden Cove
Personality type
    Advocate; INFJ-T

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet