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Name Pack
Milo Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 6 mos.)
100 SP

Character Information

/The face of a killer is not a pretty one... As a timber wolf, Milo's coat includes a mixture of dark browns and grays. His underbelly, bottom half of his legs and the underside of his tail are an ashy cream. His back holds a dark gray with dark brown highlights mixed in. The male has a dark, almost black, marking on his shoulder blades extending to a third of his two front legs. Milo's face wears a mask like marking around his eyes which matches his underbelly. There is a silhouette to said mask that reaches to his cheeks in a fluent split off. The mask comes to an end as it thins out on the top of his muzzle to his nose. His ears hold the same ashy cream with a few dark gray highlights. The male is definitely the image of a dark, and handsome wolf. Sadly, he had missed out on the tall part. While he isn't as tiny as his sister, he is not considered a big wolf. In fact he's almost bellow average, clocking in at 27 inches (height), 5.5 feet (length) and 92.4 lbs (weight). /With a deadly smile.../ The male is loyal, intuitive and outgoing. Seemingly completely normal. When in reality, he's so much more than meets the eye. A secretive wolf with a sadistic heart and cruel mind is one all should fear. /And an urge to kill./ Milo was raised to the south of Horizon along with a single sister. The two were nearly inseparable from birth and well into their first few months of life. However, Milo had a dark secret unknown by even his closest companion. A gifted healer-in-training, the young male experimented in-unethical- ways, starting with a pack mate. The young male slipped a few pieces of oleander into they're food, curious of the effects. Milo, after discovering the deadly effects, rapidly proceeded to plant the oleander in other strategic places, including on the mother he had always thought never loved him. Within months, he had managed to murder three of his pack mates. His father, mad with grief, descended into a pit of depression. He wildly accused the pack healer, his son's mentor, of letting his mate die, banishing the aging she-wolf. Furious, Milo confronted him about leaving the she-wolf to die, accidentally revealing his own involvement in the recent deaths. Shocked and heart-broken, Milo's father was pushed over the edge and would die only weeks later from grief, saying nothing to Wakely or any other. By that time, Milo had long disappeared into the wilderness, arriving in Horizon valley were he continues his "experiments" secretly, putting on a friendly and innocent facade. (Under construction)


Height Build
Average Lean
South of Horizon. His personal hell, and his second home.
Father Mother
Atlas Aleu


He couldn't care less.
None, and rightfully so.
Other Relationships
Wolves he cares about : -{Wakely}-I hate that you left me. I love you so much, but you're going to have to pay for the pain you have caused me. Wolves he couldn't care less about : -None at the moment- Wolved he hates : -None at the moment- Wolves he wants to get rid of : -{Wakely}- Wolves he's gotten rid of : -Aleu (The mother that never loved him. She deserved to die painfully)- -???(A wolf he didn't care about)- -???(A wolf he didn't care about)-
Spirit Symbol
None yet