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Name Pack
Mintaka Evergreen Wolves II. Kin
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 3 mos.)
510 SP

Character Information

Nicknames:"Child of the Stars," from her Momma, Alina.
Voice:Kristen Dunst (Jumanji and Interview with a Vampire) - kid
Name Pronunciation:MIN-ta-ka
Second-born, Mintaka is a big girl, but certainly not as big as little brother Aster or older sister, Sorrel. She’s also a bit more on the chunky side, never quite shedding all of her puppy fat. Her dark and light wolfy coat will become much more ginger as she ages, though the slightly darker mask she is born with will stay with her as she ages into adulthood. Her eyes, though puppy blue at birth, will quickly change to the lovely amber color of her mother and grandmother.
Mintaka is a quiet and intense girl. Even as a child, she never says much and seems to frown a lot. She has a youthful bossiness to her that she never quite outgrows, though this seems to fall flatter as she ages. Mintaka strives to be a leader, but struggles with her words and finding the right thing to say at the right time. Naturally, as she grows larger, her stern and quiet nature will become less of an oddity and more of an asset.
Mintaka was born Sunday, October 29, 2017 to {Alina} and {Orion}, her siblings {Sorrel}, {Aster}, and {Azalea}.
  • {Sorrel} ~ Grey and brown jelly bean. To emotional. Unsure.
  • {Azalea} ~ Black blob. Not edible. Ok. Unsure.
  • {Aster} ~ Grey bean. Eh. Unsure.
  • {Alina} ~ Mother! Best woofer. Left. Hurt.
  • {Orion} ~ Not mother ship. Doesn’t like at the moment. Neutral. Sleeping.
  • {Auberon} ~ BEST FRIEND FOREVER. Entertaining. Adores. Enjoys Company. Lovely Tail. Great Play Buddy. Has a little crush on, but doesn't know/ won't admit it.
  • {Adhara} ~ Auberon's sister. Likes. Good Play Buddy.
  • {Rathbone} ~ Da. Neutral.
  • {Leas} ~ Not mother. Confused. Unsure.
ic horizon history
Three Weeks- Mintaka attempts to bring Azalea outside with her, but the shy, black pup never makes it out because Mama Alina drags her back into the den, then Mama Alina grabs Mintaka and cuts the fun short.
Three Weeks, One Day- Mintaka attempts to escape again, but is dragged back down into the hole. There, she learns some sounds and what a few things are.
Two Months (estimated)- Mintaka's family moves to the caverns. There, She meets Auberon, Adhara, and Da (Rathbone). She becomes friends with Auberon right away, and later Adhara. Mintaka is still a bit wary of Da.
Feelings and Thoughts
- Hurt - Confused - Angry - Grumpy - Lonely


Height Build
Large Stocky
Evergreen Forest
Father Mother
{Orion} Vedi-Spree (Dead) {Alina} Vedi-Spree

{Sorrel} Vedi-Spree
{Aster} Vedi-Spree
{Azalea} Vedi-Spree

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet