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Name Pack
Misha Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 9 mos.)
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Character Information

An almost monochrome coat has some undertones of violet and bands of reddish fur here and there. Most of his coat is gray-toned, though he has a large patch of black on his back and muzzle. His eyes are a yellow-green.

-Often sees shadows from the corner of his vision
-Carries around three seashells, representing his two sisters and mother. He will leave these in whichever place he happens to be sleeping, otherwise he hallucinates too badly to sleep.
-He has similar beliefs to Vaska, due to their upbringing, but he is far less superstitious and more prone to rationalizing what happens to him
-He realizes his hallucinations are abnormal to others and will not speak on it. He believes he can see the poor souls of those who died on land

Friendly, Idealistic, Spiritual, Easy-going, Delusional, Hallucinates, Positive, Restless, Very inexperienced, Selfish and greedy, Disloyal, Family-oriented, Sentimental

Speech and other stuff
-Simple words
-Will often make use of metaphors to explain things
-Avoids speaking about hallucinations
-Slow, plodding speech, unless under distress by hallucinations
-Very friendly and welcoming
-Very polite
-Openly shares spiritual beliefs and stories
-Enjoys telling long stories
-Does not speak formally at all
-Does not often speak badly of others
-Uses idioms
-Apologizes readily
-May sometimes push his beliefs on others
-Easily distracted in conversation


Height Build
Small Lean
A beach far away
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol
None yet