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Name Pack
Moira Dalais Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 5 mos.)
345 SP

Character Information


Eastern Timber Wolf · 94 lbs · 5.8 ft long · 29 in tall

As far as appearance goes, Moira is everything a wolf should be. She is pure-blooded Eastern Timber Wolf and now a woman grown. Good genes gave her a healthy start in life. As a pup she flourished and grew quickly, allowing her to reach her full potential in shape and size by the time she was two. In the likeness of her father, she is tall and muscular, built solid atop a large skeletal frame. Her mother passed along more delicate features to ensure that she still maintains the sharp defining features of a female. She is curvy yet appropriately lithe, well-balanced on her feet and graceful when she carries herself. Despite her size, she depends more on speed and agility rather than physical strength.

Moira displays the same classic timber coloration and patterning known to her mother, yet the black accenting of her markings seems to be a trait borrowed from her nearly all-black father. A pale tan base coat is mottled with wild designs of black, silver, brown and gray. These colors form a sort of blanket that extends along the very length of her body, predominantly on her back, and make up the mask that lines her brow. Her undersides are a mix of white and cream that contrast nicely with the darker shades of her pelt. Baby blue is the color of her eyes; they glisten like ocean water to form a focal point against the shadowed contours and patterns of her face.


Self-Confident · Bold · Amiable · Reckless · Loyal

Well-mannered, friendly, eager to take charge. She's — first and foremost — a lady; with an untamed wildness about her that could make her either a worthwhile companion or a bitter enemy. She's been known to form strong opinions and even stronger bonds. It is hard to shake her from an idea that she has wholeheartedly cleaved to, and when her moral values are threatened, she is easy to anger and quick to plunge into danger.


hy3 · late fall

A fresh face in Horizon, Moira wanders the Eastern Wasteland in search of food. While fighting her hunger-induced nausea, she comes across a charming male named Francisco {Beauregard} who seems willing to help her. Together, the wolves embark on a desert hunt, where they manage to flush out a fox chasing its own meal. Beauregard risks a bold maneuver; and while sustaining minor injury, incapacitates the fox. When Moira jumps in to help, she and Beauregard initiate a crude game of Tug-of-War with their still-live prey — ultimately killing it and ripping apart the carcass. The wolves then settle down to a well-deserved meal amidst laughter and new-found friendship.

Continuing on her journey to reach the safety of the valley, Moira pauses at the junction of Adder Creek to rest and quench her thirst. There, another lone male chances upon her, and following some polite conversation, Moira agrees to allow {Taho} to escort her across the remainder of the Wasteland.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother

None yet
Other Relationships
{Beauregard} · Acquaintance
{Taho} · Friend — Interested
Voice Talent
  Caitriona Balfe as Claire Fraser
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet