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Name Pack
Montauk Danzai Rogue
Sex Status
Male Starving
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 3 mos.)
0 SP

Character Information

A man of tall stature and healthy composition, Montauk clearly originates from a robust family with a fairly normal and uneventful upbringing. His fur is thick and shades of agouti: tawny, black, grey, and cream, with dashes of orange throughout his pelt that might remind one of a landscape steeped in the vibrancy of autumn. His eyes are bright honeycomb, sharp and attentive. Model.

Update: as of Late Autumn HY4, Montauk is considered "starving". The situation isn't critical and he can easily recover, but he is thinner than usual.

Montauk is a dumbass.

Externally: arrogant, fun, good-natured, confident, independent. Weak for pretty ladies.
Internally: tender, possessive, doesn't trust himself to make good decisions and instead falls back on his peers (while writing their decisions off as His Decision); actually feigns independence and is deeply social, desperate for validation.

Alpha's son. Shirked his responsibilities to hit on pretty girls. Once struck a bad deal with a neighboring pack leader, letting him take food from the cache in exchange for what Montauk thought to be beneficial herbs for the pack's medics, only to later find out he had been given poisons. As punishment for his foolish deal, Montauk was cast away from his pack by his Alpha father.

Will be developed further once I play him more.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
Spirit Symbol
None yet