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Name Pack
Monte Mafasa Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 4 mos.)
430 SP

Character Information

mahn-tee • ESTP


Confident • Impulsive • Charming • Broody • Protective • Capricious • Clever • Indifferent • Bold • Flirtatious

Monte is a suave and relaxed kind of guy with a penchant for sauntering, adventure, and irony. He is a wolf with a gleam in his eye and verve in his step. While it isn’t easy to ruffle his feathers, he is still a force to be reckoned with under the right circumstances. Any problems or feelings Monte may experience are typically held tight to his chest and rarely divulged, except to a select few.

An unattached bachelor, Monte is more or less content to go where the wind blows him. Now into his fourth year of life, however, the life of a drifter is beginning to lose its allure. His boredom often presents itself in the form of impulsivity, though he is generally too much of a survivalist these days to get himself into too deep of trouble. When trouble does arise, however, his charming, confident demeanor, determination, and substantial form are usually enough to get him out of most situations.


Height: 32 inches • Weight: 109 lbs. • Length: 6.0 feet

Monte is a large male with rich reddish colored fur. His face and back are layered with darker browns and blacks, while his underside fades into more creamy tones. His face is punctuated by bright golden eyes and a dark black nose.

Monte cuts a handsome figure; his frame is large and muscular, while not overly bulky. He was much ganglier in his youth, often looking a bit too lanky, but over the years as he has matured Monte has filled out quite nicely. Objectively, he's fairly good looking guy--and he definitely knows it.


Monte was born with three siblings into a relatively successful pack several weeks journey to the West of Horizon. He and his siblings were well looked after by their parents, and had a comfortable place within the pack until they were approximately six months old, when their parents were killed.

Monte and his siblings were raised by another family within the pack. Despite his adoptive family's good intentions, after the death of his parents Monte's rebellious and indifferent nature was exacerbated. As Monte grew into a yearling he railed against the urgings of the pack to settle down, take responsibility, and be a leader like his parents, eventually resulting in he and his brother leaving the pack to live life as loners.

His brother eventually found himself a new family and pack to join, however still unwilling to settle down, Monte could not be convinced. Determined to live life on his own terms, he is now roaming Horizon and going wherever the wind takes him.

Horizon Year 3:


By Drew <3


Height Build
Large Muscular
East of Horizon
Father Mother
Deceased Deceased
Spirit Symbol