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Murphy Evergreen Wolves II. Vigil
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Male Healthy
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(6 yrs, 7 mos.)
905 SP

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Voiced by John H. Benjamin as Sterling Archer
Murphy usually talks with a great amount of mirth in his tone. He's often sarcastic, but well-meaning.

If you asked Murphy about what he looked like, he’d tell you he was gorgeous from nose to tail. A perfect specimen of manly manliness, with a beautiful pelt stretched over rippling muscle to boot. Murphy stands at 30 inches tall and clocks in at 98 lbs with 5.6 feet of pure awesome.

Truth is, though, while he is definitely in excellent shape muscle-wise, Murphy isn’t unique in markings or stature. He does, however, have some serious scars. On his right shoulder is a patch of glassy skin that fur does not grow on. This scar is a result of him surviving being struck by lightning when he was younger. His second scar is a deep, disfiguring rip on the inner thigh of his left leg. He obtained this scar during a fight with {Lenka}. Lenka also gave him another scar in his right armpit. The damage to his leg, though, has left him with a permanent limp, as some of the muscle was removed.

Beyond his battle wounds, Murphy is an unassuming male with a mottled coat, though his cool blue eyes tend to stand out. He holds himself in a casual pose most of the time, as Murphy is a rather happy-go-lucky kinda guy.

Tidbit: He’s bisexual! But he doesn’t know the word for it. He just thinks everyone is hot and doesn’t think too much of it. He favors females, but if a male ever came onto him, he would probably go with it.

Murphy has changed a lot over his lifetime. He used to be the biggest flirt in the universe, but as he gets older and experiences more things, he’s kind of calmed down with that. He is quite charming all the same, rarely afraid to toss a compliment in someone’s direction. He likes to think of himself as a smooth talker, and he isn’t entirely wrong. Once in a while he is at a loss for words, but for the most part Murphy is witty and quick with the jokes.

He’s not a fan of being serious all the time. Murphy always has a joke to crack, but once in a blue moon he knows better than to say it. Sometimes it’s just not the right time, ya know? A real sweetheart, Murphy will go in over his head to help someone out. His aforementioned scars from Lenka were due to the fact that the male was attacking a lone female that had done nothing to provoke him. Murphy can’t fight. Not well, at least. But he can’t stand by and let someone get hurt, so he throws himself into the fray. Lenka nearly killed him, in fact, but that didn’t stop him from rushing to the defense of {Genevieve}!

Murphy is a lover, not a fighter. He’ll tell it like it is but he never likes to start fights. He is an honest, loyal, cuddly male that just wants his one true love and a gaggle of puppies. Unfortunately for Murphy, that’s often easier said than done. His sensitive heart has been broken many times, and he still hasn’t stopped trying.

{Rufus}: Swell guy. Super fluffy. Good for cuddling. Murphy considers him a very good friend.

{Atlas}: Man, he’s handsome. Wait, what?

{Siberia}: Murphy misses her. He’ll always be checking the borders to see if she comes back. He loves her dearly.

{Cypress}: A good friend. Always there to comfort. Murphy wishes more wolves were like Cypress.

Murphy belonged to a pack where arranged mates were the norm. He grew up with his sweetheart, Lily, but when the day came for them to become ‘official’, she confessed that she never really loved him. Her reasoning was that Murphy couldn’t stand up and fight for her when she needed him; but that was a bit of a stretch. Lily had written a check with her mouth that her ass could not cash, and if Murphy hadn’t talked the angry parties down, she could have gotten killed. There is more than one way to save a life, but Lily wanted someone with brawn and brute. Murphy could never be that.

The fight was bad. There were tears from both sides, but in the end, Murphy ran from the pack den, right out into a storm. He was struck by lightning and somehow survived, but at the cost of his memories. Lily took this as a blessing and never told him the whole story of who he was, and Murphy, feeling that something was definitely off, wound up leaving and finding his way to Horizon.

HY3: Murphy met and fell for a beautiful girl named {Siberia}. They took a trip to a beach together, and eventually decided to become mates. They mated together one cold night, and Murphy eagerly waited for the day he would meet his kids. But then Siberia disappeared. Heartbroken and aware that he had been gone for a very long time, he trudged back to the Evergreens.

HY2: Murphy gallivanted around as a rogue for a while before stumbling upon a wolf named Lenka brutally mauling a poor female that belonged to the Stormborn Alliance. Badly injured from the fight, he dragged himself along her trail, determined to make sure she was okay. Murphy followed her scent all the way to the Evergreen Wolves territory where he collapsed. The next thing he remembers is being nursed back to health and meeting the gloriously fluffy Rufus. It wasn’t a long time before he joined the pack.


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