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Name Pack
Naga Hellmaw Empire III. Unproven
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 7 mos.)
395 SP

Character Information


Timber, with more faded coloration than her mother. Has a particularly plush, thick coat. Her eyes are her most striking feature: Orange-gold, and with peculiarly shaped malformed pupils that give her a sort of snake-like appearance.


That Daniels ambition pulses in her blood. Impulsive and dauntless, she yields her words as both weapon and shield. Quick to bite out a reply and even quicker to accept a challenge. She sees her sister Kopec as the biggest threat to her superiority and consistently seeks ways to outdo her, yet respects her the most out of the siblings (though she would never say so).

At her core, however, Naga is a sensitive girl. Words seem to be taken to heart rather easily and she has trouble taking jokes as they are meant to be without overthinking them. When wounded by these words, she tends to lash out in defense rather than confronting her feelings in these immature stages of her life.

Blindly optimistic and hopeful, she tends not to think too much of potentially negative outcomes, instead choosing to have faith in those around her and in the outcomes that she expects. When those views are challenged, she can become quite defensive and refuse to assimilate the information into her perfectly structured mental house. Naga expects the best out of the world and its inhabitants, and fumes heavily when others fail these high expectations. Pessimists and cynics will find her to be critical and judgemental of their ways.

Plagued by her disability, she also tends to be a creature of the night. Bright light exacerbates the headaches/double vision and forces her to slightly squint almost constantly (eternal mild angry face). These same inconveniences are often used as an excuse for when she is moody or lazy and to garner sympathy or attention.

Health Issues

Has a malformation of the pupil (Iris Coloboma) causing blurred double-vision, light sensitivity, and frequent headaches.


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Hellmaw Caverns
Father Mother
{Kiel} {Nima}

{Tychus} and {Kopec}
{Amelia} - adopted sister/niece
{Elliot} - half brother

Other Relationships
{Igbo} - pack family
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet