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Nala Vãduvã Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
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(1 yrs, 7 mos.)
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Lost weight due to hunger
Nala is beautiful - or at least she believes herself to be. A combination of strong, contrasting tans, coppers, blacks and whites leads to her striking appearance. Her fur is plush, as if air-filled, and silky at the ends.

She carries herself lightly, as if trying to hide. Though not insecure, she doesn't take on a confident posture like she used to. Rather, she slinks along in suspicion of other wolves and creatures.

She is lean in body, even more so now. If her fur were not so long, one would be able to easily see her ribs.


Primary Traits
♚ Vain ♚
Secondary Traits
Somewhat impulsive - Over emotional - Deceiving - Emotionally distant - Loyal - Inexperienced - Observant - Somewhat selfish - Highly reactive - Bit of a bully - Pushy
Once friendly and outgoing, Nala has retreated somewhat into her own bubble. The slow progression began with the sudden absence of her mother and was further pushed once she could no longer rely on her siblings or father. In the right group she is still very much a talker and will speak over others if given the chance, but given her distrust it has become harder for her to impulsively speak in the way she used to. Because she had been social before she can still come across as 'genuine' even if she is very distant emotionally from others. Still, her feelings are often very apparent as she is more emotionally turbulent than average. 

She is more likely to deceive others or at least out right lie if telling the truth may bring her harm. Her loyalty is hard to earn under normal circumstances but she has a weakness for those who remind her of her family.

Though still confident in many ways, the lack of hunting ability and approval only from herself has caused her to be less sure of herself and more doubting of her actions and beliefs.

Her usual curiosity has burned away into a hostile questioning of the world and a slight anger in the way things are. She is less accepting of things and is very much tied to the past. As such, personal relationships are often kept detached from her emotionally if she can help it.

She is more likely to have violent outbursts if she believes she's cornered than to run away or try to talk it out.

She actively dislikes seeing those with a happy family life, feeling jealous over it.

She may sometimes joke to extremes, starting with a fairly tame joke and ramping up to actual insults disguised as jokes. She doesn't do this to actually harm, but rather as a way to cope.

Nala speaks in simple language and often doesn't understand flowery and metaphor-laced sentences. She may talk a lot, but it is not always meaningful or important.
Habits + Interests
-She will collect and hoard food if given the chance. She has been known to steal
-She will walk until her paws are raw if stressed in some way
-Often will go to extreme lengths to satisfy her curiosity
-Is naturally curious about almost everything, due to having a very sheltered upbringing
-She wants to find out what happened to her family
-She wants to speak to Nanook when the time is right


Close Relationships
{Grigore}, {Clara}, {Alessia} - You were all very important to me. You were all I had. Now you're gone, and I don't know why you left without me. Are you all happy without me somewhere?
{Inigo} - You were strange, but interesting. Offered me a rabbit and a place to go when I had nothing.
{Finn} - A kid with issues. Still, you were nice, even if I wasn't.
{Maurdie} - I thought you might die, with the condition you were in. I'm happy that I helped you to the Sanctuary.
{Flit} - A happy memory. Gone.
{Argus} - The Sanctuary's previous leader
{Xander} - Another happy memory. Also gone.
{Nanook} - Was a memory. Apparently the leader of the Sanctuary now?
{Greer}, {Caspian}, {Mordecai} - Memories. Hazy.
{Della} - You left. At first I was sad, but now I know you were just selfish.
{Saski} - You don't understand and you're kind of a bitch,
{Grigore} Vaduva
Other Family


Current Location
Eastern Wasteland
Places Visited
Wormwood Grove
Verdant Hills
Riverside Hollow
Skyrise Pass
Eastern Wasteland
Pack Knowledge
Hillside Sanctuary - Leader: Nanook?
Members: Saski, Finn
Horizon History
Her development went quickly. Very early on she learned to rely and trust her mother more than anyone else. She became wary of Tată, not warming up to him as fast as her siblings did. Alessia's attachment to him created a dislike for her. She much preferred to play with Clara as she was not nearly as sensitive as her other sister.

Early on, her family was relocated to the hills, joining the Hillside Sanctuary. She didn't like leaving home behind, but adjusted quickly.

As time passed and the den became too cramped, she began disliking her mother for keeping them there. This lead her to sneak out whenever she could, developing a small bond with Tată. Her respect for Clara and trust in Alessia began to develop as well.

Then, everything changed. Della left late one night and didn't return. Struggling to find a way to cope with this, Nala blamed Tată for angering Della. This left their relationship a bit rocky. She developed a strong distrust for others, excluding her siblings.

Faced with an uncertain future, missing siblings and a rocky relationship with her father, Nala left the valley for some time. She met many that she forgot almost right after meeting them and her suspicion of others has kept her somewhat isolated during her travels. Her usual confidence is wearing away as she continues to fail hunts and no longer has the approval of her family. Her pushy personality, which once was more impulsive and not intending harm to anyone, has become a little more self-serving and malicious, as she has no one she is loyal to.

Spring - Returning to the Horizon valley (due to the volcano), paws raw from travel, Nala met {Inigo}. He offered her food and companionship after months of barely scraping by and being isolated. Summer - She ended up back at the place which she last saw her family - Verdant Hills. During this time she struggled a lot with hunting, even more so than usual. She became kind of sickly looking. She met {Saski}, one she didn't like very much. She also met {Finn}, Saski's (unknown to Nala} son, who she liked a lot more. Fall - ONGOING


Height Build
Average Lean
Wormwood Grove
Father Mother
{Grigore} Vãduvã {Della}


Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet