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Name Pack
Nanook Himura Hillside Sanctuary I. Guardian
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(7 yrs, 2 mos.)
1860 SP

Character Information

Like his mother, Nanook carries on him a light colored pelt. Various shades of cream reign supreme with light tans, a touch of brown and the occasional black mixed in. The brute is quite large for his kind, standing around thirty-three inches high and a little over six feet long. The one hundred and five pounds he carries around is by no means bothersome, all of the muscles on his body are well toned and used frequently.

Under his thick neck fluff, hidden between the folds of fur is an absence of hair that has been replaced by a thick scar. The quiet creature doesn't talk about it and isn't questioned often. Again, his thick Northern pelt does well to hide the hideous gash. Other than this mentioned wound, there are slight nics on his bottom jaw that cut upward into his mouth.

Other than his neck blemish that is hardly noticeable, Nanook is a beautiful creature. Graceful in his decent and strikingly charming when he wants to be, in both word and pose. His eyes are a piercing amber that seem to look deep into ones soul.


Upon Entering the Valley

Being brought to death's door does something to the mind that can't be explained, only experienced. Before his rebirth, Nanook was a happy go lucky kind of guy. He loved his mother unconditionally and enjoyed his family like any other pup, but one day that all changed. The happy go lucky pup was taken from this world and replaced with a broken soul. The light in his eyes, gone, replaced with a fierceness that could kill.

To this day it is all a blur to Nanook. All he remembers is snarls, confusion, sadness, fear and blood. It is a haze in his mind's eyes, a defensive mechanism put in place to preserve whatever's left of him. His mind can not fully handle the tragedy bestowed upon him. Instead of being able to consciously recollect the event, the wolf is plagued with horrid dreams that may of may not be brought on by bouts of P.T.S.D,

However, in saying that, Nanook is by no means a shell of his former self, even if he himself feels that way. Deep down, there remains little parts of who he once was. If these parts can ever be found and put back together, only time will tell. For now, Nanook is a ball of angry, pessimistic fluff with the face and heart of a doll.


Upon entering a new land, he met an old one, named {Fern} in Early Autumn. She taught him of meteor showers. This moment never left him and he reminisces on the memory often. The greying one offered him a home in the pack she was creating, without knowing him at all and this kindness was never forgotten.

Early Winter brought a stranger by the name of {Hunter}, who was seeking his sister, Shade. Nanook agreed to help the wolf, but shortly after they were separated and by Late Winter, he was caught in a blizzard. During his trek across the snow covered land, he encountered the sound of a terrifying creature that brought on nightmares of the past, so familiar in feel, but so distant in view. The creature that made this sound sent the wolf reeling back to The Hills, where he had only ever experienced kindness.

When he returned, Nanook found {Fern} once more and stumbled into her pack meeting, where she was trying to appoint a new pack leader. Nanook simply watched without speaking and left just as suddenly as he had appeared, thoughts of joining the Hillside Sanctuary in mind.

Late Winter was eventful for the quiet, anxiety filled wolf. He had met a young pup by the name of {Xander}, who helped him on making the decision to join the Hill Wolves, but one day while wandering through the Sanctuary's territory, his nose caught wind of grave news. {Fern}, had passed.

It wasn't until Late Spring that Nanook finally decided to join the Hill Wolves. He was welcomed by {Argus} and {Grigore}, who he grew fond of quickly, but trouble seemed to be brewing. The Sanctuary was an awfully quiet place...
Before Horizon

His brothers tried to kill him and failed. Now he has to learn how to deal with the trauma that has been dealt onto him, without evening knowing what truly happened to him. His memories... they are a blur, a distant whisper that not even he can hear.

Some days are better than others.


Height Build
Large Average
South of Taiyae
Father Mother
Mayao Dutch Tinker Himura

{Salem} ♂
Dimm ♂

{Senna}♀ - One of my own, I would do anything for her, she is my light and I will protect her from the darkness.

{Adonai}♂ - A wise wolf and a good father figure. I appreciate his help in recreating the Sanctuary.

{Sunfall}♂ - An Emerald Union wolf, full of information. He seems kind and genuine in his nature.


{Sienna}♀ - Another young one, has a fire within her and speaks her mind.

{Caspian} {Ace} {Argus} {Grigore} {Xander} {Fern}
Attack/Chase on Sight

{Elliot} The Rapist King. I would gladly rid The Valley of your presence.

{Briar} & {Dhracia} I do not know your names, but you stole from my pack, my family and I do not wish to see your faces again.

Other Relationships
{Hunter}♂- A wolf in search of his sister. We sought after her and were separated by the blizzard of Year 3. I still wonder, what happened to him...

{Eden}♀- A miserable little thing, but at least I know what to expect of her. There are no false expectations with you and for that I am now oddly comforted by your presence.

{Django}♂- An odd one at the start, but I believe him to be a fair wolf, a wandering soul. I hope he finds the answers that he seeks.

{Flit}♀ - A family member of Grigore's.

{Nala}♀ - One of Grigore's children. A quiet one.


{Klass}♂ - An Emerald Union Wolf, also full of information. He seems kind and genuine in his nature.

{Ink}♂ - An old pack mate that I never had the chance to get to know. I don't believe I know his name?

{Comet}♂ - A friend of Argus', he seems like a pleasant fellow.

{Alessia}♀ - One of Grigore's children. I found her in the Hollow. What were the chances of that?

{Dalus}♂ - A quit and easily frightened young one. I worry for his safety.








Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet