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Name Pack
Natasha Firewing Brotherhood III. Lead Hunter
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(1 yrs, 5 mos.)
6475 SP

Character Information

Voiced By: America Ferrena, How to Train Your Dragon

Versatile | tough | controlling | blunt | outspoken

Theme Song: Bitch

"Puppies totter around their den crying ‘mama’ if they fall over and scrape their paw. I am a fully-fledged member of this pack - I protect the borders, I hunt, and I fight." - Natasha to Stormfront and Sonya, nine months old.
"I’m no lady - I’m a Brother." - Natasha to Carrot, six months old.

Just like fire, burning out the way
If I can light the world up for just one day
Watch this madness, colorful charade
No one can be just like me any way
Just like magic, I'll be flying free
I'mma disappear when they come for me
I kick that ceiling, what you gonna say?
No one can be just like me any way
Just like fire


Southern Rocky Mountain x Mongolian Mountain Wolf - 24 inches, 97 pounds
Natasha is a red-phase wolf, not overly tall but rather burly and powerful, with a thick full coat, especially in winter. Having come fully into her adult colours as yearling, Nat sports a rich, ruddy red with pale beige underparts and a striking black saddle and topline. Her face is a blend of all three colours, sometimes intersecting, with beige under her chin and along her cheeks and the sides of her muzzle, red striping the top of her muzzle and around her eyes, and a darker mask covering the top half of her face.
Her eyes are a lovely clear grey, stormy when she's angry and silvery when in the right lights.
Natasha moves with a subtle but unique sort of poise, especially when she's using faster gaits. She's really too heavy and stocky to ever be called "graceful" but she's exceptionally aware of her balance and where she's putting her paws, an ease of motion that has developed from growing up in the uneven, rugged terrain of Falter Glen.


Nat is a gal who likes her gal power. She's a bit of a control freak, not liking situations outside of her own understanding or capability, challenging herself and others to do more, and do it better. She is often thoughtlessly bossy, annoying her siblings by issuing orders, turning everything into a challenge and teasing them when they can't achieve her standards. She's willing to tackle just about anything, win or loose, and sometimes comes across a bit rude. She can be very softhearted and even kind though, it's just not normally her go-to attitude. When it comes to complex emotions Nat struggles, but anger seems to become more predominant now, as she enters her teen months.

Did You Know?

Sharp sense of smell and hearing, average eyesight. Never forgets somebody she despises. Has a mild dislike of heights after getting stuck in a tree as a puppy. Demands a wide personal space bubble from strangers and wolves she knows alike. (Puppies and oddly Castor seem to be exempt from the bubble). Values respect but moreso via actions than words in others. Fond of standing up for her own beliefs. Does not readily trust any adult male.


America - Father dearest. He abandoned her family and came back to bite her mother's face. She wants to return the favour six or seven times.
Emmalynn - Supposed to be her sister but forgot how to act like it. - left list after dying, which fyi is the only way anybody has even gotten off the list
Klass - murdered Jeremy and put the blame on him.
Holly - mate of Klass. Called Aunt Val a bitch.
Sonya - Tried to discipline Nat by pinning her after she explained she wasn't a child.
Kamaal - Intruded into the Guarded Falls uninvited then treated her like a kid.
Eden - Pathetic excuse for a mother. Thinks she's hot shit. She's not.
Violet - Decided to ignore Natasha when she went to the Alliance to seek Castor's missing sisters. Bitch.
Neomiizana - Spread rumours the Brotherhood were murderous savages. Hopes to make the rumour come true when she catches her.

Nat and Stark hunting, by Jeames!


Natasha was born to Marzena and America in Early spring year 3, birthed as a brother into the pack of the Firewing Brotherhood.
America was an absentee father for their first few months of life but Natasha was content with her mother, 'Aunty Val' and her siblings, among whom she established herself as somewhat of a leader. (Stark often disputed this).
She decided early on she was going to be the most outstanding member of the Brotherhood anyone had ever seen and set to work doing border patrols and learning to hunt.
At eight months old she went with Valentina and Seeker to investigate the murder of their Brother Jeremy, and the coverup the murderer's pack the Emerald Union. Tensions ran high but Jeremy's sister Laura secured a peaceful ending, if with little resolution for Natasha.
One of the most stable presences in her young life, Valentina, who had been aunt, mentor and pack leader passed away shortly after they got home, devastating Natasha.

Nat by the awesome Atari <3


Height Build
Average Stocky
Guarded Falls, Falter Glen
Father Mother
{America} {Marzena}



He'd better put on his balls of steel if he wants to occupy this spot
She has stated that if she has pups she wants to name one after {Valentina}.
Other Relationships
{Rota} - Friend her age.
{Zelda} - Awesome lady.
{Castor} -?? Something?
{Eyja} - Highly protective of
{Athena} - respected ally
{Cygnus} - starting to get a bit proud of
{Effie} - Has a lot of time for
{Xanthos} - favoruite pack puppy, trying to teach to talk.
Accurate Nat:

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Raise Your Glass
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