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Name Pack
Nayomi Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 5 mos.)
380 SP

Character Information

Appearance- Nayomi is a mixture of browns, black, tans, whites, russets, and greys. She currently is an average sized she-wolf for her age. However, she will grow to be a bit large at 32 inches and 4 feet long. Voice: Melissa Benoist Personality- +Kind +Gentle +Strategic +Beautiful on Inside and Out +Elegant +Empathetic +Courageous +Loyal +Humble +Determined +Silver Tongue +Compassionate -Shy -Wild -Stubborn -Wild Tongue -Energetic -Proud -Cocky -Easily Trusting Note- Nayomi is conservative. She was raised by certain standards when she was young (will be revealed in RP). Since her parents died when she was young, she holds these beliefs close to her heart and follows them. Note #2- Nayomi is an abnormally dominant female. She can't stand having another female above her, if she was there or in power first. This girl also believes those who qualify to get the job... should get the job. Therefore, she will have strong opinions and be easily made jealous. History- Nayomi was born in the northern part of Alaska to a loving mother and father. She was the only pup to survive the harsh winter she was born into. Therefore, she did not know her siblings. Her father was a role model for the young she-wolf. Her father, Marcus, was a strong and independent male. He could have been a great leader if he wished to, but he was to humble to attempt. Her mother, however, taught Nayomi how to use quick wit and smarts to get her way. Nayomi, as she grew, became a beautiful female with enough smarts to capture the intelligent eye of any male. However, due her family not being in a pack, Nayomi had little to no communication with other wolves besides her family. Therefore, the young she-wolf did not care much for capturing the eye of any other wolves besides her mother and father because she wanted to please them, and make them proud of her. One day, Nayomi's parents told her that they were going to hunt, and that they would be back soon. It was a normal daily routine for them, so Nayomi thought nothing of it. However, hours went by, then days, then weeks, and Nayomi had to scavenge off of lizards and small rodents in order to survive. Nayomi then realized her parents were never to return. Therefore, she knew she had to find a new home. The she-wolf knew she was still young, and her trials would be hard, but her determination was greater than her fears. So she began her journey in search of a new pack. It took Nayomi two months to reach areas where many packs made their territory.


Height Build
Average Average
Northern Alaska
Father Mother
Marcus- Dead Laura- Dead
Thoughts On Others

{Icarus} ~ We don’t mix. I thought we could fix this, but we can’t. You and Ross don’t see things the way I do… probably aksel.
Until y’all grow up and get a brain. I’m not staying. Bye… I’m gonna be my own, fair… leader.

{Aksel} ~ A shy kid. Poor soul… I wish I could help you.
{Tiberius} ~ An evil wolf. You abused my kindness! I despise you, yet why did you attack me?

{Ross} ~ You are more dumb than I thought. I thought you would be smarter and mature, but apparently you have the brain of a pea as well.
I don’t want to see you again. Bye.

{Jethro} ~ I’m so glad you found me! I’m sorry for leaving you. However, we are back together again, and I’m never going to leave you again. I promise.
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