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Name Pack
Neomiizana Rogue VII. Aspirant
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 1 mos.)
1185 SP

Character Information

Appearance: She is quite small compared to many other wolves but that doesn't stop her from rolling with the big kids. Her eyes are emerald green. Her coat is of mix Autumn colors. Currently has no scars or marks of any kind

Main personality traits:

Heart of the wild!: Her spirit simply can't be tamed by anything. She has the uncontrollable desire to be free to do as she pleases. Being free is the best!
Highly confident: Her faith lies within herself. It doesn't matter what others say. Life is just great!
Happy spirit: Knowing how to surround herself with the good fun stuff keeps her happy all the time. It was never hard to do!
Childish: Maybe old enough to be an adult however she never lost that childish nature to have fun and be curious and impressed by everything!
Wanderlust: It's difficult for her to stay with the same place with the same wolves. If things get old then it's time to move on!
Hunter of fun: If there is any opportunity to have fun or something exciting to do she will take it!
Loving: Deep down she is a woman who wants to love and be loved. Often shows when tired or in heat.

History of Neomiizana:

Mostly Unrevealed!~

Neomii seemed to have been raised in a forest.


Height Build
Petite Lean
Unnamed place
Father Mother
Segin (Status Unknown) Vivi (Status Unknown)

{Kinoshi} (Status Unknown)

Other Relationships
vThe opinion she has on others!v
{Nomad}: She got to ride him! He's so awesome! It's only too bad that he has more Important wolves to be with. And he has a special relationship with another male.

{Makki}: A guy slightly bigger than her own size. He's adorably shy and sweet, even innocent. Neomii finds him very lovable, who knows where this will go!
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet