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Name Pack
Nero Daniels Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 8 mos.)
0 SP
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Character Information

Born October 1st.

36” | 120 lbs

Though he’s still young and in the lanky, leggy phase of his development, Nero’s already a very tall, stout youth. He’ll grow to be taller still, with a brawny, stocky physique when he fills out.

His eyes are a warm shade of chocolate brown, light enough to stand out against the darkness of his coat.

He was born a standoffish and dominant child, quick to bite and snap to get his way. Despite feeling a rivalry with his two littermates early in his days, his demeanor was tempered somewhat in the almost constant company of his younger, mellower half-sister, Kyra. Although confident, proud, and more than willing to take charge, he’s proven circumspect and even sensitive in some respects. His mother was loving and a constant source of encouragement, and his father, while often strict, was nonetheless an affectionate and instructive parent. Nero knew that he was loved, and loved in turn.

The scars from his parents’ murders have not yet manifested, but bitterness, anger, and disappointment are currently his foremost emotions.


Height Build
Very Large Stocky
Fossil Butte, Horizon Valley
Father Mother
{Elliot}† {Manson}†

{Cerys}, {Saelys} (littermates)

{Kyra}, {Althea}, {Kato}, {Akira}, {Aethon} (half siblings)

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet