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Name Pack
Nima Daniels Hellmaw Empire I. Empress
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(6 yrs, 4 mos.)
4155 SP

Character Information

Queen of the Trash Heap

"A dashing goddess with empty power, settling an Empire as a self-defense mechanism." -- Igbo Black

Art by Jill <3

Height 33 in | Length 6 ft | Weight 110

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Her imposing stature is not the only thing about Nima that can make other wolves cower: One cold glance from those haughty brown eyes is enough to silence most anyone. It's an effect she puts frequently to use.

The she-wolf never speaks of her past, preferring to be coy and mysterious. Those who push too far will swiftly find themselves at the end of her sharp tongue or, if pushed, her teeth. She has no qualms with hurting or killing those who get in her way, so long as the effort feels worthwhile. She won't waste her time on someone who is unworthy, and she certainly won't put herself in danger unnecessarily; she's far too cunning for that.

Art by Madeline

And there’s a pain you can’t imagine
A special kind of torture you can feel
A cut that bleeds from somewhere deep inside you
A past regret you can not heal
And no one guesses all the while you’re praying
The little screaming stranger in your arms
Might just grow up and save you after all
Might just grow up and save you after all

Although the history of her patronage is a mystery, it's evident that she was born from fine bloodlines. She's an attractive wolf, with thick mottled fur and a striking facial marking - twin lines drifting like charcoal tears from the outside corners of her eyes, bisecting the white fur of her cheeks.

In turns haughty, powerful, cunning and flirtatious, Nima has the sort of magnetic personality that inspires loyalty and obsession in those around her. She thrives on this attention. Beneath her cool exterior, though, is a wolf deeply affected and irrevocably damaged by her past.

Art by Iridescent

History - Pre Horizon

Nima was born to a medium-sized, militaristic pack far east of Horizon, a pack that spent most of its time preparing for war with their neighbor as both vied for control over a fairly small strip of verdant territory surrounded by less hospitable land. Her parents were alphas, and raised her with proper manners befitting her position; but it also became clear very early on that there was no future for her in the pack as there were several siblings ahead of her in line. This always tended to rub her the wrong way as she felt she was more deserving, being both stronger and smarter (in her eyes at least) than her siblings, and believed life should be a meritocracy rather than titles being handed over through tradition.

She got it in her head to challenge her oldest brother, first in line for the throne, and suffered an embarrassing defeat. The defeat was inevitable, seeing as she was much younger and less experienced, but the humiliation stung and she fled the territory. Traveling west, so as to avoid her pack’s enemies, she landed instead in a desert wasteland. Young and suffering from untreated injuries, she nearly succumbed to the conditions, but was found and nursed back to health by a gentle wolf named Darius Daniels. He took her as mate, and the two lived alone for some time until the birth of their four pups.

Tragedy struck early in their lives, however, before the pups were even two weeks old. A particularly severe drought meant that prey was hard to come by, and Darius struggled to hunt for both of them while she whelped. He ran afoul of a small pack, fought with them over a kill, and ultimately returned home empty-pawed but severely injured. Nima saw quickly that there was no chance of recovery; she also quickly filled with outrage at what she perceived as an ultimate betrayal and unforgivable weakness. She killed him - putting him out of his misery, to be honest - and vowed that she would never be in such a position of weakness.

Knowing well that she would not be able to survive with four pups in these harsh conditions, she chose the son who seemed largest, strongest, most promising. She snapped the necks of the other three. She fed on the remains of her family until her son was old enough for them to move on, and knows that if she hadn’t, she likely would have starved due to drought. She has never told anyone this story, and likely never will.

From then on, she began to spin the identity of Empress Nima, using charm when she could and force when charm failed - whatever it took to surround herself with powerful wolves who could keep her and her child safe. By the time her surviving pup was old enough to understand what was happening, she had gathered a small gang. They were misfits, of course, but they were loyal, and when they weren’t…well. After you’ve done what she had done to survive, you had no qualms with taking the life of someone who disappointed you.

Though she would never admit it, Nima was a young, inexperienced mother, and the trauma of the way she’d lost her pups (though she would never admit that it bothers her, even to this day) made it difficult to bond with Elliot. Fortunately, one of the wolves in her gang was more experienced and had recently lost pups of her own; she took to the pup and began to raise him. Her name was Naomi, and for a time she was the closest thing to a friend that Nima had ever had.

Together, they spoiled the boy. Nima filled his head with ideas about his royal lineage, as much to convince herself of it as him. Naomi was soft on him. Under their care, the boy started to become a monster - entitled, self-confident, rude, foolish. And yet Nima loved him with an obsessiveness that only one who has lost everything can have. She became paranoid of losing him, but even more paranoid of losing her position as the queen of the trash heap.

She heard rumors that Naomi wanted to run a pack of her own. Nima feared that Naomi might try to kill her in her sleep, de-throne her, take her son as a mate and take over everything she had worked to achieve. The fear of this drove her to killing the nurse-wolf in a fit of jealousy. She justified it to herself, and does not regret it…but deep down, she mourns the loss of her only friend.

In his adulthood, Elliot eventually left. Nima let him go. At first, it was a relief, knowing that he would not challenge her for power; it was a relief that she didn’t have to watch over him any more. But as time passed, it became obvious that he would not be coming back, and she began to get anxious. She wanted to find him, not precisely because she missed him but because he belonged to her and she could not abide the idea of his independence. Besides - if he was to venture out and find something better for himself, then didn’t she deserve the same? She deserved better than to settle for the title of Empress of the Wastelands.

And so, two seasons after his departure, Nima set out to track down the boy, knowing in her heart that this was a quest she might never return from.

HY3 - First Year in the Valley

Nima arrived in the valley in early autumn, crossing through the barren wastelands of the desert and quickly encountering {Beauregard}, whom she took an immediate liking to despite the way they tended to push each other's buttons. Feeling a certain fondness for the desert that reminded her so much of home, the Empress lingered close and was relieved to learn that Elliot had chosen a territory at nearby Fossil Butte. There she waited for him to return, hearing hints from wolves like {Pierce} what sort of fellow her son had become. It quickly became clear that Elliot did not have a good reputation in the valley, and Nima feared that he was bringing shame upon the family name.

Beauregard eventually was able to provide her with Elliot's whereabouts, and their reunion was surprisingly poignant. Though she'd had thoughts of claiming the Butte for herself, seeing her boy reignited latent, guilt-fed maternal instincts, and she offered to rule by his side, build the kingdom that he wished to head. But the project was doomed to failure from the start.

Elliot did not listen to her advice as closely as she wished. He seemed obsessed with a female named Eden, going so far as to bring her back to the Butte under false pretenses; Nima, enraged at his audacity to lie to her face and his childish infatuation, chided him firmly and Eden escaped. Meanwhile, Elliot set about impregnating every female in their new Kingdom, leaving the task of recruiting up to Nima.

One such recruitment turned out to be especially fateful. On a journey into the desert, Nima met {Wayfarer}, a large and mysterious male who captivated her. When he returned to the Kingdom bearing Nima's scent, Elliot became immediately jealous and defensive. He told his mother that he wished to take her as a lover himself, and grew insistent when she tried to raise criticism of his plan. Nima went so far as to consider the idea, even submitting to try it -- but discovered quickly that she was unable to feel for Elliot the way the boy wanted her to. When she told him as much, it resulted in a bitter fight. Not long after, he attempted to rape her.

Nima called for a pack meeting, informing the others of the Kingdom what her son had done. She announced her intentions to banish him forever, and for her and whomever wished to follow her to leave this now-tainted place and start anew. Nima hoped Elliot would have the sense to stay away; she still loves him enough that she does not want to kill him, but she fears that she must soon admit responsibility for raising a monster.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Wayfarer deepened, and Nima found herself at a place of odd opportunity: A chance to start over and rebuild her life, with a new mate, new children, new pack. She is committed to doing better this time, though the monsters in her closet may threaten to tear it all apart.

HY4 - SecondYear in the Valley (Ongoing)

Lingering at the Butte, Nima grew paranoid for the future of her pups with Wayfarer. She decided it was best to leave, and traveled to the desert to bid farewell to Beauregard and, perhaps, invite him to join her. The conversation did not go well, however, and she left embittered by the end of what she had considered a friendship. She was caught in a bitter storm upon her return, and was separated from the pack in the process. She sought shelter in the mountains south of the butte, and there tried to rebuild her strength.

She was fortunate to quickly find {Belarus}, a large-bodied and capable male who shared a hunt with her and was amenable to helping her search for her loyalists. Together, they slowly began to reassemble those she cared about from her old pack. Idemoni, Igbo, and Igbo's mate Lux found their way to the mountain. Wayfarer, too, was reunited with Nima, and Belarus made a friend of Maia, a sweet-natured girl. Slowly, they were reunited and formed the beginnings of a new pack in the mountains, The Hellmaw Empire.

Not all was smooth, however. Wayfarer ventured to the valley to seek an old friend and instead encountered Elliot and two of his bitches, Misaki and Manson. The three pursued him and would have killed him if not for the interference of {Scotch} and {Whiskey} from the Evergreen Wolves. When he returned, Wayfarer was eager to put his past behind him and start over, turning a new leaf and changing his name to {Kiel}, a shortened form of his birth name.

Relieved that her mate had returned in time to see the birth of their children, Nima welcomed him -- but some distance seemed to have grown between them, and she grew too preoccupied with the minutiae of parenting and pack-running to do much to fix it. In addition to their own three children, Nima had adopted a fourth, {Amelia}, after Idemoni gave birth. Idemoni's other pups were stillborn, and -- terrified that she might hurt the survivor in some way -- Idemoni offered the girl to Nima to care for.

Life at the newly formed Hellmaw Empire was far from domestic bliss. Kiel sought friendship from {Rocco}, furthering the distance between himself and Nima, and the tensions ended explosively in a fight between them. Nima broke off their relationship and demoted him in the pack, but not without heavy regrets. Meanwhile, Idemoni's misery grew ever deeper, and the pack's attempts to get through to her were fruitless. In the end, Idemoni begged Nima for a final end to her suffering, and Nima consented, snapping her neck in an act of mercy.

{Scotch}, concerned about the threat of Elliot in the valley, approached Nima with a plan to take him down. She agreed, seeing the wisdom in it. However, there was some dissent within the pack, with Igbo and Kiel opposing the decision. Before a thorough discussion could be had, however, Kiel left the pack with Rocco in tow -- insisting that their attachment was not romantic, and citing a desire to protect his children from his own inner demons. Scotch, devastated by this betrayal by both his mate and friend, found common ground with Nima in the wake of the shock. The pack, now short two capable hunters, was no longer in a position to attack the Kingdom.

Shocked by the fate of Idemoni and made nervous by the threat of war, Maia fled the Empire without explanation. Belarus disappeared soon after, presumably to follow her. Their loss rocked Nima to her core, stripping her of nearly every wolf she could trust. Desperate and in a dark place, Nima at length confessed her life's sins to Igbo and {Tomas}, a newer recruit and former soldier.


Art by Spry :)

Nima & the kids by Sierra <3


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Father Mother
Insignificant Weakling
Gif Set

Bad Terms
{Elliot} - Her boy. Her love for him blinded her to what he had become. But he has crossed a line, and there is no coming back from it.

{Kiel}—The Wayfarer. When things get hard, he runs. He said he wouldn’t return this time. She doesn’t know if she believes him.

{Beauregard} - She considered him a friend, but their final farewell left a bitter taste.

{Belarus} - Once her bodyguard and a trusted follower. He left without a word of explanation, and the betrayal cuts deep.

{Maia} - A sweet girl. Nanny to her pups. But she, too, abandoned Nima without explanation.

{Rocco} - You’ll learn the truth about the Lord of Smoke soon enough, foolish girl. Your idiocy will be your undoing.

{Wintermute} - A fool and a coward. A messenger boy who never returned.

{Scotch} - A deserter. He has forgotten his place. 

Good Terms
{Idemoni} - I saved you in the only way I knew how. I hope there was kindness in my mercy; I hope you are in a better place.

{Igbo} - The only wolf to remain from her tumultuous escape from the Kingdom. A valuable advice-giver and friend

{Lux} - Igbo’s partner

{Tomas} - A gentle soldier; knows her secrets.

{Kara} - Ambitious mother.

{Makoa} - Kara’s mate, a capable male.

Never again
{Elliot}, three others who died in infancy †

{Kopec}, {Naga}, {Tychus}

{Amelia}, adopted


{Akira} {Kato}

{Saelys} {Nero} {Cerys}


{Althea} {Kyra}

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet