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Name Pack
Nomad Rangers Adunati Rangers II. Councilor
Gender Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
4625 SP

Character Information

Całuski Pastora - Beltaine
Art by JinxgleAdopts! <3

Voiced by Chris Evans
- Nomad Rangers
- Timber wolf
- Born Mid Summer
- 33 in, 112 lbs
- Bisexual
This guy hasn't let a difficult past get him down. He loves fiercely, laughs freely, and finds wonder in little things. There's only one wolf he trusts with his innermost feelings, the wolf he grew up with – otherwise no matter how tough things are, all anyone else will see is his ready smile. At heart he has a lot of doubt – his birth pack left him for dead, thinking he would never amount to anything, and even though he's no longer a sickly little wolf, part of him is afraid they are right.
When he was a cub, Nomad was abandoned by his pack for being small and weak - they prized great size and strong fighters, and nobody believed he would grow into a worthy addition to the ranks. They didn't even name him – Nomad chose his title himself. For a few moons, he clung to life – often plagued by attacks of asthma, he didn't have the stamina to hunt much more than berries and bugs. As the seasons swung towards winter, the cold season certainly would have finished the slowly starving pup off had fate not intervened. Perhaps Nomad had been alone for long enough – perhaps somebody, somewhere, knew that the wolf washed into a river would need the cheer and heart of the abandoned pup just as much as Nomad would need him.

The wolf Nomad managed to rescue from the water, nearly drowning himself in the process, had no memory. Nomad was patient with the male, a cub barely older than he himself was, tending to his injuries and reassuring him at every turn. Since the stranger couldn't even recall his own name, for the second time, Nomad took the duty upon himself. He called his new friend Bucky, and the pair became inseparable.

Bucky recovered – but Nomad's health remained a constant strain. Bucky was always frantic with worry when his best friend was laid up for days at a time, coughs shaking his skinny frame. And so, since Nomad had saved Bucky, he swore that he would do the same. They began their journey, questioning any pack who would have them for clues about how to best help Nomad. Moons later, encompassing the best of the advice, the strange little pack of two settled by the ocean.

Here, Bucky taught Nomad to swim. He ran with him, every single morning. In the clear ocean air, Nomad began to grow stronger. He coughed less and less, and he finally started to catch up in growth to his robust friend. Hunting together they made a fearsome team, communicating with the barest expression or swish of a tail. They were happy.

For a year, they had few hardships. They had one another, and that was everything to them.

The early snowstorm caught them by surprise. Nomad alternately sheltered and searched for Bucky, but when the blizzard cleared he was far from the coast, completely lost – and once again, alone.

Art by PhearFluff! <3

They have been apart for 189 days, and finally reunited at the coast!

Art by Tay! <3
{Bucky}, {Caesar}, {Casscade}, {Pace}, {Yuna}, {Tidus}, {Fawn}, {Efeon}, {Cypress}, {Pike}, {Kaete}, {Jay}, {Jeremy}, {Magnus}, {Shade}, {Neomiizana} {Nikolas}, {Kendyl}, {Fray}, {Pierre}, {Charcoal}, {Starlia}, {Hunter}, {Sam}, {Mako}, {Vex}, {Klass}, {Tobias}, {Kara}, {Pharaoh}, {Stark}, {Valentina}, {Chaos}, {Atta}, {Orain}, {Natasha}, {Clint}, {Marcellus}, {Giedrius}, {Laura}, {Zaan}, {Ororo}, {Comet}, {Marchioness}, {Atlas}, {Jingo}, {Seeker}, {Sonya}, {Zeniba}, {Bali}, {Ryd}, {Luciel}, {Esmeralda}, {Sienna}, {Nanook}, {Saskia}
UnsureScared of
{Randy}, {Beauregard}, {Flit}, {Regent} {Talisha}, {Lorenzo}
Herbal Knowledge
  • Yarrow:
    Treats infections, make a poultice out of it by chewing it into a pulp, then apply it to the wound.
  • Lavender:
    Is used to calm nerves or to sleep better. Can be used to treat small wounds but is rather used as a calming remedy.
  • Peppermint:
    Soothes muscle aches, needs to be eaten.
  • Comfrey:
    Common in Emerald Labyrinth. Heals cuts, open wounds, bruises, damaged muscles and broken bones. Needs to be chewed into a poultice and applied to the wounds/sore area. Roots are stronger and for bigger wounds, can be stored more easily, especially during winter. Leaves are used for less severe wounds.
  • Marigold:
    Treats open wounds and rashes. Chew it into a pulp for a poultice and apply it to the wound. Patient has to be kept still to give it a chance to work.
  • Iris:
    Treats very severe infections (red, swelling and pus often involved). Chew it into a pulp and apply the poultice to the wound. Do not swallow iris while chewing it; it causes bad tummy aches.
  • Salt water:
    Can be used to clean out wounds.
  • Lemon balm:
    Can be used to sooth pains from sores and crater-like wounds on the body or in the mouth.
  • Vervain:
    Tastes very bitter, can be used on small cuts and scrapes to prevent infection.
  • Dandelion:
    A laxative when eaten, can be used to decrease swelling and bruises. Tastes really sweet.
Art by Jill! <3

Nomad art
Nomad and Bucky photos + art!

Art by CharJeon-the-Second! <3

Art by Anna! <3

Art by Aeon! <3

Art by Fluffers! <3

Art by thesiegeworks on DeviantART! <3


Height Build
Large Muscular
Father Mother
(abanoned him)
(didn't protect him)

{Bucky} (best friend and brother in the whole wide world)

{Eliseo} (hateful brother)
Mariella (okay sister)

Other Relationships
{Bucky} - Adopted brother and best friend.
{Shade} - Crush?
Visited areas
Eastern Wasteland
Verdant Hills
Cloudmirror Lake
Willowed Glade
Harlequin Meadow
Firefly Woods
Sundown Coast
Hidden Cove
Strongwind Range
Falcon Rise
Falter Glen
Shadowed Dell
Emerald Labyrinth
Guarded Falls
Western Plains
Wormwood Grove
Skyrise Pass
Moonglade Springs
Thunder Creek
Because I can
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet