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Name Pack
Norna Morokei Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 11 mos.)
60 SP

Character Information

She hears them. The whispers come to her. The All-Maker speaks to her, and she listens. She listens and obeys, as best as a daughter can, but Fenrir is always there, too, lurking, waiting. The path of a shaman is hard. Norna has struck a difficult balance between the two deities, walking a narrow line, heart cold, mind sharp. Forged in the cold winters of the north, shaped by betrayal and misfortune, Norna believes in survival as much as she believes in religion. The All-Maker has the mercy she lacks; she has no need for it. What must die will die, and it will be so. Those who fall to Fenrir are to be punished by the All-Maker's children, and it will be so. She has come south after her banishment to begin a new life, to establish a new pack, one that would continue the traditions of the Skaal of the north. Her white fur is like the snows of her home, her build imposing, her teal gaze hardened...a true warrior woman. The scars under her thick coat serve as reminders of battles won and lost. Her eyes mark her as a shaman of the Skaal, their odd color making her otherwise mundane appearance stand out. The All-Maker has blessed her with strength and intelligence, and she uses these gifts to her advantage. However, her inability to relate to most other wolves could serve as her downfall.


Height Build
Large Muscular
Skaaland, The Far North
Father Mother
Caldyr Morokei Anska Morokei

Virva Morokei
Kirsa Morokei
Hjalti Morokei

Other Relationships
Cousins: Kyr Morokei, Brynjolf Morokei, Valeska Sorensen
None as of yet None as of yet
NBN= Not by name
{Beauregard} NBN, {Eden} NBN, {Makoa} NBN, {Django}, {Janus}, {Ashe}, {Lysander}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet