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Oberon Rogue
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Male Healthy
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(1 yrs, 8 mos.)
1925 SP

Character Information


By all accounts, Oberon is an almost perfect mirror image of his father. In fact, if not for his black coat, he would be nearly indistinguishable from Lysander. Standing roughly thirty-three inches at the shoulders and weighing in around one hundred and ten pounds, he has inherited both his sire’s tall stature and his svelte, lean-muscled build. And unlike his biological siblings, he was blessed with those same blue eyes, as pale and as sharp as shards of ice.

Of course, the boy’s coat comes courtesy of the mother he’s never met: ranging from pitch black to at its darkest to lighter, dusky hues scattered here and there. The rich chocolate undertones of his puppy fuzz have dulled with maturity, with much of that warmth fading to cool gray; however, his fur will always bear traces of brown. The contrast of darker and lighter shades forms a distinctive mask on his face, which also bears his father’s mark — namely his pretty-boy looks. If Lysander possessed the splendor of a god in his youth, then Oberon is surely a dark Adonis.


Oberon began life as most pups do: wide-eyed and curious, ever-eager to explore the world around him. The world is a big place, though, and he quickly learned that it can be incredibly harsh, too. The death of the female he knew as his mother forced him to grow up long before most children would. From an early age, he traded in childlike wonder for a more realistic — and ultimately bleaker — outlook on life. With this seed already planted, taking root like a persistent weed, it could only grow and spread when he lost the only father he’d ever known.

Grief has molded Oberon into what he is today. Between the pain and emptiness of loss and the blame he assigned himself for his parents’ demise, he has all but lost the playful, mischievous side that once defined his character. Guilt still weighs heavily on his shoulders, although he’s become adept at ignoring it, covering it up with an air of aloofness. Every now and then, one might catch a glimpse of his more lighthearted side; however, this facet of his personality is generally only reserved for when he feels truly comfortable around someone — which is exceedingly rare. Past experiences have made Oberon hesitant to trust and slow to let his guard down. It’s something that happens when your true parentage is kept secret from you for much of your life.

While he has always possessed an introverted nature, Oberon has grown into something of a loner. What was once a merely reserved, independent spirit went woefully askew somewhere along the way. The trauma of his early childhood has left him emotionally stunted, often uncertain of his own feelings and incapable of expressing them freely. As much as he longs to connect with others, he doesn’t really know how — and when it comes down to it, he’s frightened by it. As far as Oberon is concerned, having less loved ones in his life means less chance of him disappointing someone or driving them away. Not to mention less chance of losing someone.

Granted, his surly attitude doesn’t win him many friends in the first place. While he can be pleasant enough company when he’s not brooding, he’s also known to be sharp-tongued and quick to anger. At his age, one could easily attribute it to run-of-the-mill teen angst, but the truth is that it runs far deeper than that.


Oberon owes his existence to a brief tryst one cold winter’s night. Lysander and Kiara had only just met, and afterwards they would not meet again — due in part to the latter’s regret for having involved herself in such a foolish and fleeting encounter. With her guilt steadily mounting, Kiara eventually asked Rhydian and Veerle, her friends and pack-mates in the Stormborn Alliance, to take the pups when they were born. Being new parents themselves and wanting the best for their friend and her children, the couple agreed to do so without hesitation.

Kiara went into labor during a cold snap in spring. Three perfect, healthy pups entered the world. And once it was done, their mother left them to another family and vanished. Thus Oberon, Titania and Demetrius came to be raised by Rhydian and Veerle alongside his two older, adoptive sisters: Maeve and Maaike.

Early in their first summer, the three blood-related siblings met their biological father, Lysander. Granted, he was introduced as merely being a friend of the family. At first Rhydian was not especially receptive to the male’s attempts to be a part of the pups’ lives. In time, however, he began to drop his guard, allowing him the title of uncle. Although “Aunt Kiara” also appeared in the Alliance territory around that same time, she came and went before Oberon ever had an opportunity to meet her.

During midsummer, Veerle decided to go for a walk and didn’t return for several weeks. Ostensibly suffering under the stress of parenthood, she took to wandering the valley, and in the meantime Oberon began to blame himself for her absence, convincing himself that he was a terrible child despite his father’s insistence that she merely needed a “break” from her family. Still, even after their mother finally returned, telling Maaike and Titania a tale of being attacked by a strange male, Oberon refused to go to her. Instead he waited, hoping that she still had some semblance of love for him despite his awfulness and that she would seek him out. During the meteor shower, by his Uncle Lysander’s suggestion, he made a wish on a falling star. His deepest longing was to be close to his mother again, and so he picked a star and wished with all his heart.

By late summer, however, Veerle had yet to come to him — and thus, despite his reservations, Oberon ventured to Thunder Creek to find her.

But he would never see her alive again.

He found her there at their home, already far gone. She had ingested some sort of toxic plant, his father said. An accident. Overcome by grief, Oberon nestled against his mother and reveled in the closeness he’d yearned for while he felt her body grow cold.

After the funeral, Oberon refused to return to the creek, instead taking to Falcon Rise and the surrounding hills. Because of this, he lost contact with his siblings for a time. Eventually he reunited with Demetrius, and after coming to terms with one another, the two brothers embarked on a trip to see the fabled ocean. In time they were joined by their “Uncle” Lysander, who traveled the coast with them until their eventual return to the Alliance territory.

Puptatoes by Jade
Titania & Oberon by Hal


Height Build
Large Muscular

Falcon Rise
Horizon Valley

Father Mother

{Titania}, {Demetrius} (Biological)
{Maeve}, {Maaike} (Adoptive)

Other Relationships
Human Play-by

Kit Harington

Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet