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Name Pack
Octavia Velt Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
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Young adult
(2 yrs, 7 mos.)
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Character Information

Subspecies: Great Plains x Southern Rocky Mountain wolf.

Appearance: Short in stature with light, feminine features, Octavia is what would traditionally be classed as 'pretty' by the standards of most (and she knows it). Her pelt is a clean white, with very - almost unnoticeable - subtle shades of cream concentrated along her muzzle, down her legs and along her sides and spine. Her youth is evident, not only in her mannerisms but the lack of scarring; she has not seen many hard seasons yet, and some may misinterpret that to think her soft (spoiler: she is). There is not much variation in her summer and winter coat when it comes to colouration, but the latter is far denser, becoming almost uncomfortably heavy towards the end of the season. Her most striking feature - or so she would say - are her vibrant blue eyes; a physical trait she inherited from her father. 22 in, 72 lbs, 4.7 ft.

Personality: A true product of her upbringing, Octavia - on the surface - can seem like a bit of a pampered princess. Before her birth pack disbanded, she enjoyed the luxuries of being the only daughter of the Alpha pair; so yes, spoiled indeed, although she would rather phrase it as 'doted on'. The warmth and security of her little bubble was the perfect environment for her to blossom in; in her youth she was an attentive student, well-versed in hunting, herbology and the art of politics. The young she-wolf is charming, precocious, and understands how saying the right thing can get you whatever you want - but perhaps not the fact that her manners may well end up rubbing someone the wrong way. Before, she had her pack to protect her; now she's going it alone, and she hasn't quite picked up the street-smarts she'll need to thrive. When wronged - or even just mildly inconvenienced - it's easy for Octavia to descend into a 'mood'; in that respect she's rather childish. All the same, she has a good heart, even if she can seem a little selfish and shallow on the surface - the girl is still young, and has plenty of growing to do.

History: Her copulation was a blessing to her birth pack; they had endured a particularly hard year, and their member count was plummeting drastically. As he was coming to the end of his days, Destan - the pack's Alpha, and Octavia's father - truly thought that he would never successfully procreate. His previous litter with his mate Kiri had died two years previously; they'd all succumbed to a vile illness that had taken out almost all of their ranks. So the news that Kiri was pregnant again, followed by the arrival of little Octavia, seemed like the beginning of something promising for the small group. The princess - while she herself was an only child - was the first of many pups born that season, and finally it seemed as if things were looking up for the family. By the end of her first year she was already betrothed to the Beta's son, and while she didn't like the guy very much - acted way above his station and, honestly, was just an all-around bore - Octavia didn't have much else to complain about. As she grew she only gained more attention, not only from the males in the pack (much to Destan's chagrin) but outsiders; one rogue in particular was so overcome by desire that he challenged Octavia's father. The younger male won, killing Destan in the process; in the chaos, most of the pack - those most faithful to their old Alpha - scattered. Octavia lost her mother, and has been wandering ever since.


Height Build
Small Average
Outside of Horizon.
Father Mother
Destan Velt Kiri Velt


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