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Oliver 'Qui Rogue
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Male Healthy
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Young adult
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3550 SP

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tbcTom Holland

Oliver — ol-uh-ver

'Qui — kee


Oliver wants to make his father proud. He also wants to make {Mikazaru} feel comfortable and happy in the Alliance.

Somehow keep Mika feeling good by being there for him.

Species:Rocky Mountain x Great PlainsEye Colour:Amber
6.1 ft. // 100 lbs. // 32 in.
Oliver, much like his parents, has always been large in stature, and as an adult, will continue to grow to be the size of his father, if not larger. His coat is full of tans, beiges, and creams, filled with golden undertones. Markings of dark brown and black shades align his back, sides, legs, and face. His eyes are a bright amber, always filled with a spark of joy and excitement. Much like his father and aunt, his paws are a little too big for his body, as are his ears. His tail is rich in golden colours, but ends in a black tip. Much like his mother, his fur is on the thin side, making his fur a lot less fluffy and helpful during cold seasons.


Rarely does Oliver, often called “Olli,” act without kindness in his heart. He approaches matters with sensitivity and gentleness, as well as a high regard for others’ feelings. He has seen plenty of tragedy in his own lifetime, most notably the death of his sister, Ida, whom he was extremely close to, and tries to avoid tragedies with other wolves, but is compassionate should there be one. Olli is genuinely patient and openly friendly and kind to others, both to see others happy and to avoid conflict.


Oliver desires praise, especially from his father, Atlas. He likes to be reassured that what he is doing is “right,” especially when it is considered that Olli is extremely eager to please. It is highly obvious from his actions, that frequently represent his desire to make his father (or both fathers, really) proud, that he is eager to please. While he likes being praised and, ultimately, wants it, he does not expect it, nor does he think that it is the end of the world if he does not get it. He is not the type to have a strop over it.


Olli does not usually go looking for strong friendships or relationships, preferring to sit back and let others come to him, more often than not. However, he has also been known to form fast bonds with those he sees similarities with (see: {Mikazaru}), but otherwise Oliver prefers to stick to himself, family, or those he has close relationships with (perhaps even nature, which he appreciates greatly), rather than strangers. Oliver can, at times, struggle to form deep attachments without the other party’s dedication to it, but it can happen through time.


With a tendency to listen and to trust, as well as be highly compassionate, Olli can be quite easily manipulated by those with the wrong intentions. However, when faced with those with the correct ones, Oliver can be a force for the greater good, which he would definitely be proud of. If he were to realise that he were being used for bad, though, then Olli has learnt the hard way that life is unforgiving.

Oliver was born in the Late Spring of HY2 to {Tala ‘Qui} and {Rowan ‘Qui}, alongside his sister {Ida}, and his two brothers {Diederik} and {Xander}. His parents had joined the Stormborn Alliance in the hopes of taking refuge and building a stable life for their children.
in horizon history

After Ida’s death, Tala, Rowan, and Diederik decided to leave the valley. Oliver, unable to leave behind everything he had come to know and love, decided to remain with the Alliance. Xander, who had gone missing a while before, did not leave, either, but Oliver did not know where he was, at that time. He found his brother and was turned away the first time, but he went back later on. Between this time, he grew close with Atlas, eventually taking him in as a surrogate father. He discussed this with the male, who agreed that it was okay to feel that way, and then accepted him as his son.

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Height Build
Large Lean
Father Mother

Litter Mates; HY2:

Younger Siblings; HY3:
Eli, Fitz, Abilene.

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Other Relationships

{Mikazaru} ♂
You are my best friend. I formed a close bond with you quickly because of what you told me about your parents. I hope we continue to remain close and you can find your place in the pack.
Fractured Relationships
Close With
{Atlas} ♂, {Veerle} ♀ †, {Rhian} ♀, {Mikazaru} ♂
Kinda Cool
{Rhydian} ♂, {Kasadi} ♀, {Ryd} ♀, {Echo} ♂, {Rabbit} ♂, {Vaska} ♂, {Pace} ♀, {Maeve} ♀, {Titania} ♀, {Alessandro} ♂, {Maaike} ♀, {Marzena} ♀
{America} ♂, {Eden} ♀, {Arrow} ♀, {Mordecai} ♀, {Argus} ♂, {Bucky} ♂, {Shallow} ♂, {Bane} ♂, {Apollo} ♂, {Athena} ♀, {Catalyst} ♀, {Genevieve} ♀, {Bianca} ♀, {Siberia} ♀, {Adalia} ♀, {Charlie} ♂, {Rolland} ♂, {Tytus} ♂, {Valentina} ♀ †, {Pharaoh} ♂, {Sam} ♂, {Alec} ♂, {Dresden} ♂, {Inigo} ♂, {Natasha} ♀, {Violet} ♀, {Poet} ♂
{Iscariot} ♂
Hoof, Late Spring HY2.
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