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Name Pack
Ori Olympia Rogue
Sex Status
Male Healthy
Age Skill Points
(0 yrs, 8 mos.)
50 SP

Character Information

Kenmochi Hidefumi – Alice
Kenmochi Hidefumi – Sakura Mentos
Kenmochi Hidefumi – Falliccia
Kenmochi Hidefumi – Ashra

Playful, kind, helpful, energetic, sweet, caring, lovable, philomath, tolerant, forgiving, optimist, modest, loyal, cuddly.

Sees good in everyone. Gives everyone a second chance, or more chances. Hates violence. Loves to share, and to give. Loves to learn. Forgives easily. Although an innocent outlook on life, it’s hard to break him. Can endure long lasting torture, and still not give in. Loyal and strong minded, as well as strong willed. Loves making friends but can be clingy to his older sister.

A large, fluffy creature, average built. His coat is a silvery white, very pretty. There are a few smudges of grey here and there, mixing into his white coat. His eyes are a bright honey golden, full of life. His paws are still a bit big for his body, as well as his ears. he’s still growing, and will eventually reach a height of 33 in and a weight of 114 lbs. The male always has a friendly face.
Ori was born in the Kingdom of Elohim, as the descendant of a family of royals. He was the only one of his litter to survive, and was born weak. But due to his parents’ babying, he grew up bigger and stronger than he probably would have, had they not looked after him this well.
Incest was something considered normal, and to keep their ‘pure’ bloodline in tact, families would mate together to produce offspring. Hence the many dead off spring, and Ori having a bad immune system. It’s become quite complicated, over time. His mother was his mother, as well as his… father’s cousin? And all his uncles were blood related to him, instead of one or two joining the family by ‘marriage’.
He grew up into a pretty happy life, babied and cared for, loved to no end. But didn’t know his family was build on lies. And his older sister Talia did not seem happy with the way things were run. Since the few females in their family only birthed males, Talia was supposed to mate with her own brother and litter mate, Maximus, to continue the ‘pure’ bloodline of their family. This was what did it for her, and she ran away from home, taking Ori with her, because she didn’t want her younger brother’s head to be filled with lies or horrible ideas which their family considered normal, anymore.

Sometimes has a cough, can become sick a bit quicker. Might experience seizures in the future, though not often.


Height Build
Large Average
Kingdom of Elohim
Father Mother
Drago Olympia Adina Olympia


Other Relationships
Drago - Important to him.
Adina - Important to him.
{Talia} - Important to him.
Maximus (up for adoption!) - Bossy brother, but respects.
Visited areas
Eastern Wasteland
Family tree
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet