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Name Pack
Orion Vedi
Sex Status
Male Dead
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 10 mos.)
6275 SP

Character Information

Orion died in Late Spring, HY4 from a rattlesnake bite

Orion has a thick brown coat that, matched with massive paws, makes him look a bit like a bear. If you take a look at his subtlety-pointed ears, however, (and the fact that he cannot rear up on his hind legs and also looks almost nothing really like a bear), it is clear that Ori is wolf indeed. Paired with a lovely pair of teal eyes, he is a handsome wolf indeed.

When Orion overexerts himself, he tends to suffer from a mild cough after a nasty cold left his lungs with lasting damage.

Orion mostly considers himself fine. He had bouts of anxiety that he simply internalizes, as he has very few wolves that he feels able to speak with. Coming to appreciate the monotony of life, he is attempting to embrace the Evergreen lifestyle by being kind to most everyone he encounters (and trying to forget about the shitty things he has done).

Born southward, in a pack called Crux Grotto, Orion led a mostly normal life with his siblings and friends and family. However, when a fire took his home, leaving him lost with his sister, Josalyn, and friend, Darin, the trio were left with little choice but to find somewhere new to go. Orion would have preferred that they find family, but Darin's feet had other plans. After a short time in new lands, Orion felt as though he needed to mature on his own and left without saying a word to Darin or Josalyn. It was not until ten months later that he dared show his face again.

arts by Kori, by Raylee, by Anna

voiced by: Troy Baker


Height Build
Very Large Muscular
Crux Grotto
Father Mother
Datorris Azalia

{Josalyn} & {Nephilim}

{Sorrel}, {Mintaka}, {Azalea}, & {Aster}
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet