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Name Pack
Ororo Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(4 yrs, 3 mos.)
3310 SP

Character Information

Voiced by: Zoe Saldana


Timber wolf. 21 inches, 55 pounds.
Ororo is small in stature and quite lean, though not without a certain litheness - when in good health. Her coat is a mesh of white and silver, the amount of each colour varying from season to season. She tends to be paler in winter and more silvery in the warmer months. Her ears and the bridge of her nose usually stay the darkest part of her body.
Ororo's eyes are a deep sky blue - an apt colour given how often she gazes at the sky. She has quite a distinct face, with a wide cheek ruff for her small size, giving her a look that is sometimes a bit intense.
Her left rear ankle has a noticeable puncture-mark scar, devoid of fur that has never grown back.


Ororo is a spiritual, loving, and dedicated wolf. She believes in wolves having a higher purpose and carries a strong duty of care towards others - if she can help somebody, she'll go the extra mile to do so. This is contrasted by a shaking of her faith in the nature of other wolves after being attacked by somebody she believed was her friend - so that those who react defensively or suspiciously will have a hard time winning Ororo over.
Underneath her sweet smile is a core of strength that she relies on in difficult times, sometimes burning bright, sometimes needing sufficient stirring to catch aflame.
With Comet at her side Ororo has no longer been so vague about taking care of herself and aside from the scar on her leg, she has never been in better health.
Though she doesn't speak of it often, she worries by setting aside her quest to find answers about her potentially prophetic dreams she is straying from her purpose, and will suffer periods of guilt over this, fearing she is being selfish.
She can still be a distracted dreamer at times, and still cares a great deal about the world around her. She and Comet have gone back to a largely nocturnal lifestyle as her vision during the daytime has worsened.

Commissioned by the amazing Jill and drawn by the awesome Jade!

Did You Know?

Average sense of hearing, keen sense of smell, poor vision that is noticeably failing, especially if she happens to be up during the day. Favourite food is raspberries. Scared of bears. Enjoys climbing, quite agile. Loves fireflies. Loves shiny stones and collected them as a puppy. Fascinated by echoes.


Ororo was the firstborn of a second litter to uncaring parents. She was followed by a brother and a sister, making her the middle child in five between older brother and sister from a previous litter. Though her abusive father and neglectful mother paid the children little attention, Thunder and Pierce helped with their three young siblings as much as they could. However, Ororo as a young pup strayed too close to an enraged bear wounded by a hunter, and was attacked. Thunder came to his beloved little sister's defense. Though only a young wolf himself, he managed to save her when he threw himself at the bear and knocked it into an icy river, filled with meltwater from the mountains - and going in himself. Pierce searched for him for over a moon, but he was never found, and the remaining siblings mourned his loss dearly.

Ororo never blamed herself, instead choosing to believe that her brother saved her for some higher purpose neither of them understood. She devoted her life to others - to her family at first, and to any wolf in need. Now that she has chosen to leave her familiar packlands in search of answers - this may not benefit her - being so rare to anger, more used to aiding a stranger then regarding them with any sort of suspicion. Despite her care for others she has retained a largely introspective nature, content in her own company for days at a time, studying some new flora or fauna that had caught her eye. She was often to be seen watching fireflies - still a great fascination to her.

Her pack grew up hunting by night and she knows no other way - surefooted over the mountain rocks, trusting to the fleetness of her paws in the darkness. She is sharp in night vision though winces in the bright of day. Her small stature means she has difficultly hunting anything larger than a rabbit, and her knowledge of where to find berries, tubers and the like is extensive.

The dream began just after her first birthday. At first it was indistinct and troubled her little, but as the foreboding threat of disaster became more defined she realized it was a warning, one she didn't yet understand, and with sadness she set out from home to seek answers.

What a journey she went on.

Entering Horizon Valley in early spring, year 3, Ororo began to take steps closer to what she sought. And not just answers - the desires she had long since buried, accepting some things would never be accomplished.


Height Build
Petite Thin
Colorado Springs
Father Mother
Storm Lady

{Bucky}, {Pierce}, {Casscade}, {Benjamin}.

{Comet} - ❤
Please hold the line
Other Relationships
{Nomad} - Adoptive brother
{Maia} - Sister in law
Ororo's dreams:


Kings and Queens
In a world like this
Romantic Flight (HTTYD)
Spirit Symbol