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Name Pack
Ozias Rogue
Sex Status
Male Injured
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(3 yrs, 9 mos.)
890 SP

Character Information

There's something teenage awkward about Ozias despite being in his third year. He's a bit too tall to be as skinny as he is, with oversize paws and smoky coloured fur. He's a bit self conscious over his looks, and only likes his teal coloured eyes, which are caught somewhere between blue and light green.

Ozias tends to be a quiet male who doesn't always put himself forward enough. He's always the best friend and never the hero of his own story. And he knows it - he just doesn't know what to do about it.

Ozias never got along well with his father due to his somewhat passionate nature - apt to spill exactly what he was thinking, which was often too emotional for York's approval. Ozias carried a lot of hurt over not ever being able to impress York, written off instead as a crybaby. He never seemed to have the memory for his mother's herbs either, though the sensitive young man never minded sitting with any of her patients, listening to their stories and cheering them up.

As a yearling his parents informed him of the custom to send young males of the pack out into the world. He was not impressed, not having much of a nose for adventure - he was happy at home, where he knew everyone. Cian, his brother, was much more eager to explore and encouraged Ozias to come with him, but he stayed reluctant until and eventually the yearling was ordered by his father to leave. York thought it would toughen up the gentle Ozias. Ozi stuck with Cian, who never gave up on him - even though Ozi knew very well it was Cian who set the pace, Cian who attracted friends and attention and naturally assumed the leadership position.

Ozias returned home with Cian at the start of his third year. But Cian wanted more now, however relieved Ozi was to be home. Ozias was secretly heartbroken when his brother, the member of the family he was closest too, left the pack for good this time - without telling him.

Hurt and betrayed, he left their natal pack as well, determined to track down his brother and demand to know why Cian left him behind. Ready, perhaps, to stand on his own four paws at last.


Height Build
Large Lean
East of Horizon
Father Mother
{York} {Effie}

{Cian}, brother.

Ivina, sister.

He'd actually have to relax to attract one of those
Other Relationships
{Felicity} - ??? Something?! {Gareth} - Ally who saved his life
Spirit Symbol Emblems
None yet None yet