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Name Pack
Pace Aekyr Silu Tribe I. Halcyon
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
(5 yrs, 3 mos.)
7165 SP

Character Information

rough. genuine. determined. honest.
bold. headstrong. self-centered. friendly.
dismissive. dominant. reckless. joyous.

6 feet. 33 inches. 102 pounds

Pace is a black phase wolf, with a dark pelt and white slips of fur on her back and amber hues in her guard hairs. She's rather striking in her own opinion, and easy to remember, given her size--which is about as large as a lady-wolf can get--and her eyes. She earned her Aekyr emerald right eye from her mother's blood, and her golden left eye from her father's, her mismatched gaze her only clear connection to her estranged brother.

Voice acted by Jennifer Hale

"I suppose I've lost a lot, though I don't really think about it like that. I've got the ocean, and that's more than a lot of wolves have."

The daughter of Rebel rogues from Taiyae, Pace didn't know her father, and when her mother brought her from that place to Horizon, she lost her, too. In the end, she was left alone with the ocean, and perhaps that is enough to explain her peculiar obsession with the body of water that she has lived alongside ever since.

Given the task of responsibility from the late {Nianki}, Pace formed the Silu Tribe to her own preferences. She's had many friends come and go, from {Cree} and {Eerik}, to the greater sting of her family, {Vincent}, {Shark}, and {Carl}. She thrives on the familiar and ignores the losses. Her estranged brother {Iscariot} has come and gone from her life again, and though she doesn't know it just yet, she's lost {Chai} and {Dante} now as well.

She left for a time, hoping to find some of what she'd lost. But in the end, the ocean still calls her, and she longs to rejoin the Tribe and make sure nothing ill has befallen her remaining daughters and her dear friend, {Yuna}.


--by Kori, who is brilliant


Height Build
Very Large Lean
Gateway Barrens, Taiyae
Father Mother
Brazen [d] Aevyn

{Dante} (half)
Maestro (half)
Tomahawk (half)

HY3 litter:
HY4 litter:
Other Relationships
{Verin} (Uncle)
{Roman} (Uncle)
{Aleron} (Nephew)
{Eden} (Niece)
{Valerian} (Nephew)
Spirit Symbol