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Name Pack
Paige Hayle Rogue
Sex Status
Female Healthy
Age Skill Points
Young adult
(2 yrs, 8 mos.)
310 SP

Character Information

Paige is average in both size and build, possessing a rather feminine appearance. Her coat is made of browns and white, paired with a set of cool blue eyes. Her voice is warm and soothing.

kind. loyal. slow learner. determined.

Tomas † - Daddy. Trusted, loved and hero-worshipped to no end. misses him incredibly. Most important wolf in her life besides Esme.
Charles † - Annoying older brother, but loved. Also misses and mourns death.
{Esme} - Younger sister, her sister. Wants to protect her. Most important wolf to her as of now.
Raiden † - Uncle, Tomas’ brother. Dead unknown.
{Makayla} - Aunt, Raiden’s mate. Fate unknown.
Lucretia † - Makayla’s sister, lead healer. Incredibly generous and helpful. Helped her sister, forever grateful. Mourns death.
Joshua † - Cousin, Daniel’s older brother. A little bit of a punk... but kind of misses, if she has to be honest. Doesn't know he's dead.
{Daniel} - Cousin. Lucretia’s “student”. Misses a lot. Fate unknown.
{Vixen} - Youngest cousin, seeks a lot of attention, moody thing. Fate unknown.
{Lestat Aderly} - Mysterious guy, interesting. What was going on his head? Fate unknown.
{Damien Aderly} - Lestat’s younger brother. Bit of a short tempered guy but taught them hunting. Misses. Fate unknown.
{Valley Aderly} - Youngest Aderly. Doesn't know her very well, personality. Tomboyish behavior was annoying. Fate unknown.


Height Build
Average Average
The Haven
Father Mother
Tomas Hayle


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Skyrise Pass
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